Top 20 Food Places To Visit In Naupada, Thane

Top 20 Food Places To Visit In Naupada Thane
Top 20 Food Places To Visit In Naupada Thane

Thane is considered to be one of the most popular hubs for not only street food but also aesthetic and good family restaurants. Here, you’ll find some of the old places that still have their taste intact and people love to indulge in it. Food isn’t just a word it’s an emotion. Exploring places with good food, cleanliness, and good staff will always be anyone’s priority. Choosing places to eat while you visit certain areas could be difficult. Here we are, providing you a whole guide on the places to eat when you visit Naupada, Thane.

1. Puran Poli Ghar 

It is heaven for anyone who loves to eat Puran Poli. Puran Poli is a sweet flavored flatbread. It originates from Maharashtra and the Southern states. This place was established in 2015 and is well known for serving a variety of Puran Polis’. It also serves handmade spices, snacks, pickles, Papads, dry fruits, and much more. The ingredients have a complete homemade feel. It is definitely a must-visit place.

Puran Poli Ghar

2. Mamledar Misal

Misal Pav is a very popular dish here and Mamledar Misal is considered to be one of the best misal serving places. Misal pav is a dish served with Misal and Pav. Misal is a spicy curry that is usually made from moth beans. Pav is a type of Indian bread. It is also served with Farsan or Sev, onions, lemon, coriander, and potatoes. Also, Mamledar Misal is one of the oldest places in Thane being launched in 1952 with one small outlet. It now has many outlets all over Thane.

Mamledar Misal

3. Darjeeling Hill Quill Momos

This place is well known for serving some  great and mouth-melting Momos. Momos are a type of Tibetan dumpling type of dish. It originates from Tibet and Nepal. Momos are found in the regions of the Himalayas between South Asia and East Asia. Momo is a type of dumpling with different types of filling. These can be either steamed or fried. It is served with Momo chutney and various other condiments.

Darjeeling Hill Quill Momos

4. Rajmata Vadapav

As the name suggests, this place is famous for a favourite dish of any Mumbaikar – Vadapav. This food item is native to the state of Maharashtra. Vada is a fried potato dumpling and Pav is an Indian bread. The Pav is cut from between and the Vada is put in and served with it. It is also served with yellow chutney, red (sukha) chutney and thecha (a spicy condiment). This place also serves potato pakoras, onion pakoras, samosa, and much more, which are also delicious and finger-licking. The yellow chutney and thecha are worth everything and people love to indulge in them.

Rajmata Vadapav

5. Durga Snacks

This place serves a lot of savory items but what people enjoy the most about here is the combo of Vadapav and Nimbu Pani. Vadapav is served with spicy yet delicious red powder (sukha chutney), green chutney and sweet chutney. Along with this, a Nimbu Pani to cool down your spice buds.

Durga Snacks

6. Nusta Kitchen

This place is also known as Nusta Shawarma. Shawarma is a popular Levantine Arab dish that consists of cutting meat into thin slices from a stack of chicken which is in the shape of a cone and is continuously roasting. It is cut into more and smaller chunks of meat; served in a chapatti (Indian bread) along with mayonnaise and other condiments as required.

Nusta Kitchen

7. Pooja Snacks

Starting from Pav Bhaji, Chaat, Chinese, Dosas, sandwiches and so much more; a wide variety of food items is available here. People love the South Indian dishes served here. Idli – a savoury rice cake that originates from the South Indian culture. It is fermented with a rice batter and is then steamed. Dosa is a thin pancake which again originates from Southern India. Both the dishes are served with white (coconut) chutney, red (garlic and tomato) chutney and sambhar.

Pooja Snacks


Balaji Paav Bhaaji

This is a place that serves a huge variety of food but is famous for its iconic pav bhaji. Pav Bhaji is an Indian dish and is very popular in Mumbai. This fast food consists of a thick vegetable gravy (Bhaji) and bread rolls(Pav) which are toasted with loads of butter. It is served with onions, lemon and some more butter on the Bhaji.

Balaji Paav Bhaaji

9. Family Tree

This is a pure vegetarian family restaurant. It provides all varieties of food. The cheese fondue here is a must try. Fondue is a dish that is served in a communal pot with a portable stove. In case of cheese fondue, the communal pot is filled with melted cheese and is served with bread.

Family Tree

10. Food Fusion 

This place serves amazing fusion food. Fusion food is a cuisine which is a combination of various forms of cookery that originate from different countries, regions and cultures giving it a unique taste.  This place is well known for serving amazing fusion foods; it consists of vegetarian and non – vegetarian dishes. The desserts are a must try as well.

Food Fusion

11. Prathamesh Fast Food

It is a pure vegetarian restaurant. This place serves finger-licking delicacies. It is a small outlet which has  good seating. They serve all kinds of food items and all at an affordable rate. They have a variety of food starting from Momos, sandwiches, Garlic bread, and their Chinese is a must-try. Craving for some really good street food and wanting it to be hygienic, you should definitely visit this place.

Prathamesh Fast Food

12. Shawarmaji

This place serves really good vegetarian and non-vegetarian Shawarmas. The taste of their Shawarmas is impeccable. The Chapati(Indian bread) is filled with a lot of stuffing along with very tasty condiments. Their chilly-milly chicken Shawarma is very popular and also quite tasty. They also serve salads which are again very delicious.


13. Samvene – The Bagel Cafe

This place serves quite amazing burgers, bagels, garlic bread, smoothies and whatnot. The bagels are something new and worth a try. Bagel originates from the Jewish community of Poland. It is wheat dough which is first boiled and then baked. It is shaped with hand into a ring shape. There are different varieties of bagels and every type is served here.

Samvene The Bagel Cafe

14. Kill No Kalorie

It is a small and cozy place that serves food at a decent price. It has a really great ambiance. The pizza here is a must-try. They have a variety of pizzas and it’s infused with a lot of cheese. It’s a paradise for cheese lovers. Their samosa infused Maggi is also a must-try.

Kill No Kalorie

15. Coffee By Di Bella 

It is an aesthetic place that is known for serving yummy coffee and hot chocolate. It serves other beverages as well. This place also serves other snacks to munch on while having your beverage. People truly love and enjoy this place as it not only serves amazing food and beverages but also have a beautiful ambiance.

Coffee By Di Bella

16. Gajanan Vadapav

This is yet another famous Vadapav place to indulge yourself in. This place is the oldest Vadapav centre and it started with one small outlet. Now, the outlets are spread all over Thane. Vadapav and the yellow chutney here are quite famous. The Vadas are served hot and of course, it’s crispy. A must-try for all the Vadapav lovers.

Gajanan Vadapav

17. Brownie Point

This place has the most delicious and gooey brownies. They serve a wide range of brownies, pastries, cupcakes and much more. Brownies can be taken in small as well as huge quantities, prices may change accordingly. All the brownies served here have a very unique taste and are a heaven to your stomach and mouth. This is a must visit place if you’re a sweet tooth.

Brownie Point

18. O – Cakes 

It is a cake shop where you’ll find all types of fancy as well normal cakes on go. You’ll find tasty pastries, cupcakes and much more here.

O Cakes

19. Creamchills

It is a must-try place that serves a huge variety of ice creams and is quite known for its various shakes and brownies. This place provides an amazing taste and at an affordable price. People love to indulge in the hot chocolate brownie with ice cream and death by chocolate. This place currently has many outlets and is planning on expanding more. You must give this place a visit and hog on their sweet delicacies.


20. Bhagat Tarachand 

This is the perfect place for all the vegetarians out there. This place serves some really good vegetarian dishes and you can see people truly relishing it. It serves all varieties of food but the North Indian food here is to die for. Their chapattis (Indian bread) consists of so much butter that makes people droll all over it. This place started in 1895 and now has launched multiple branches all over Mumbai.

Bhagat Tarachand