Top 20 Dishes Using Strawberry


Spring season is on the way, and so are strawberries. Strawberry has been a favorite fruit of many people across the globe. You will find fresh strawberries in Egypt, Germany, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Mexico, and Poland. Henceforth, you can bring as many strawberries as you want from these places. Technology and other available facilities have made it simple to transport this fruit safely and sound. You can transport them from wherever you want to wherever you want. But the question is, will you eat them bare every time? Obviously not!! Hence, we have come up with the top 20 dishes using strawberries. Try all of them this spring season.

1.Strawberry Cake

Spring brings many festivals along. There are many days to exchange sweets and gifts in this festive season. Furthermore, you can embrace this festive season with a homemade Strawberry cake. It is easy to make and super delicious. Hence, we bring it first in the top 20 dishes using Strawberries.

2.Strawberry Slushie

We all know what a slushie is. It is a favorite summer dish for many people. Also, slushies don’t require many ingredients. Making ice slushies is a matter of minutes. A Strawberry slushie is the cherry on the cake. Henceforth, you can enjoy your summers with a chilling Strawberry slushie.

3.Strawberry Bites

Strawberry cookies might not sound that good. But how about Strawberry bites? These are bite-sized cookies. They include Strawberry jelly in them. Also, these are sweet and a little messy. However, you will enjoy its flavor in every bite. Hence, number three on the top 20 dishes using Strawberries is Strawberry bites.

4.Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam is similar to a mix of fruit Jam, banana Jam, or apple Jam. It goes well with almost all kinds of bread. Plus, It is sweet and delicious. Usually, you can buy a readymade one from the market. Also, you can make it at home with your granny’s help. Some grannies have an excellent recipe for good Strawberry Jam.

5.Strawberry Ice Cream

Basically, a simple Strawberry ice cream does not taste great. You can customize it with your favorite toppings or add other flavors and ingredients. Strawberry ice cream tastes good as a mixture of different ice creams. Henceforth, it is the best option for ice cream for cocktails, sundaes, etc.

6.Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry cheesecake is a recent trend. Basically, a cheesecake tastes good all by itself. However, the addition of flavors to it increases its taste. A Strawberry cheese tastes similar to Strawberry ice cream. It is a go-to dish for today’s hungry generation.

7.Strawberry Trifle

You can ask your boyfriend to make you a Strawberry trifle. It is a trendy dish on Instagram these days. Making a Strawberry trifle is not as easy as said. However, you can try it this spring season. It is a good dish for festivals. Children and adults love it a lot.

8.Chilled Strawberry Soup

Many will be drinking hot soups during the spring. But you can try something else, something unique. Henceforth, Chilled Strawberry Soup is your answer. It is creamy, tasty, sweet, smooth, flavorful, and easy to make. Do give it a try and let us know what you feel.

9.Cinnamon Rolls And Croissants With Strawberry Fillings

Cinnamon rolls are a favorite dish for many people. Cinnamon rolls go well with chili. Also, they taste great with Strawberry filling. It adds to the taste of cinnamon rolls. Similarly, Strawberry filling in Croissant is a great combination. Hence, we add them to the top 20 dishes using Strawberries.

10.Strawberry Salsa

Now, we will look at some unique dishes using strawberries. One of them is Strawberry salsa. Strawberry Salsa is a side dish for your tortilla. With that, you can eat it all by itself. With Strawberry, Strawberry salsa has cilantro, lime syrup, red onion, and Maple syrup. It is a good dish for nachos too.

11. Strawberry Punch

Strawberry Punch is more of a hot summer dish. This dish is famous in the tropical region. Basically, it is similar to mango Punch, lemon Punch, etc. Strawberry Punch provides a good refreshment and chills during hot summer days. Furthermore, a Strawberry Punch becomes a showstopper when we add a tinge of lemon to it.

12. Strawberry Daiquiri

Daiquiri is a liquor cocktail with rum, citrus juice, and sweetener. Strawberry Daiquiri is the same Daiquiri with Strawberry. Basically, this is an alcoholic drink. It is tasty and refreshing. Furthermore, you will see it in different clubs and bars. Do give it a try with other fruits too.

13. Strawberry Pudding

Don’t tell me you don’t like pudding. It is a great sweet dish. Majorly children love pudding very much. Strawberry pudding has a similar case. Some people add chunks of Strawberry to the pudding. Personally, a smooth pudding without pieces of Strawberry is better.

14. Strawberry Sandwich

Basically, Strawberries can go in almost every sandwich. Here we are talking about the Strawberry cake sandwich and Strawberry ice cream sandwich. They are two mouth-watering sandwiches. Precisely, a Strawberry cake sandwich has cake, cream, bread, and strawberries. The Strawberry ice cream sandwich has a thick pile of ice cream and cookies on both sides.

15. Strawberry Pie

Strawberry Pie is another festive dish. It is similar to a usual pie with strawberries in it. Here you can be decorative and innovative. Some people play with the crust and make it taste like Strawberry. You can add Strawberry Jams and jellies to it. Furthermore, you can make your customized Strawberry pie in many ways.

16. Strawberry Mousse Cake

Do you like chocolate mousse cake? If the answer is yes, you will love Strawberry mousse cake. It is similar to the chocolate one. It has a Strawberry cake on the bottom. The cream on the top is Strawberry cream. Henceforth, it achieves its mildly sweet flavor from fresh spring strawberries.

17. Strawberry Cereal Breakfast

Strawberry goes well with your maybe boring cereal breakfast. Many parents around the world are switching to flavor cereals. Strawberry cereal is a famous one among them. Furthermore, the nutrients in strawberries add to the ones in the cereal. They prefer it as it provides more taste and nutrition. It creates the ultimate nutrition bowl.

18. Pickled Strawberry

Pickled Strawberry is next on the top 20 dishes using strawberries. Basically, they need white balsamic vinegar, sugar, salt, and a lot of strawberries. The pickled strawberries rest for around a month. After that, you can enjoy it all by itself. It is mildly sweet and salty to the taste. It is a good topping for your French toast.

19. Strawberry Frappuccino

Frappuccino has been in trend for a long time. How about adding Strawberries to it? Strawberries give it more taste, nutrition, and a great look too. Every kid will love this Frappuccino. Plus, A Strawberry Frappuccino is without coffee or caffeine. Hence, it is a great blended beverage for kids.

20. Strawberry With Chicken

Strawberry and Chicken might be a disturbing combo for many of them. However, several dishes mix Strawberries and Chicken in a way that soothes your taste buds. Check out recipes like Strawberry basil Chicken, barbecued Strawberry Chicken, and Chicken with Strawberry balsamic sauce. Let us know what you feel.