Top 20 Dishes You Can Make Using Apples

Top 20 Dishes You Can Make Using Apples
Top 20 Dishes You Can Make Using Apples

Apple is a very nutritious, edible fruit that are cultivated worldwide and is the most widely grown species. It is a deciduous tree, generally 2 to 4.5 tall, and is available in almost every season of the year. It is said that a raw apple contains 86% water, 14% carbohydrates. You can consume it in various, different ways like juice, as a natural fruit, in cooked state, or many others. Though, we have always eaten it either in raw form or in the form of juice, so to help you enjoy more creative dishes made of Apples. So, if you want to try unique recipes of Apples, then try the below-mentioned ones.

1.Apple Cake

It is a healthy and sweet flavour cake with the goodness of apples. It is made using flour, apples, vanilla, and other essentials required for baking. You can make it on birthdays as this is a highly nutritious and flavourful cake.

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2.Apple Granola

It is a crunchy recipe that you can make in bulk and store for a week. They can be added as toppings on cake, ice cream, and mixed with yoghurt. To prepare them, you need apple juice, rolled oats, walnut, honey, dried chopped apples, and some nuts like walnut, nutmeg, and raisins.

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3Apple Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

To start your day with a healthy and filling meal, prepare yourself an apple quinoa bowl with cinnamon-laced. The ingredients required to prepare it are two cups of milk, uncooked quinoa, butter, one tart apple, cinnamon, and brown sugar. It takes only 30 minutes in its whole preparation.

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4.Apple Cider

Now you can prepare this trending recipe at your home yourself. It is made using simple and readily available ingredients like apples, warming spices, water, and your choice of sweetener. It is a vegan, gluten and alcohol-free recipe.

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5Snickerdoodle Apple Bread

We all have enjoyed banana, papaya, and many other kinds of snickerdoodle bread, but now, you can enjoy even the one with apple flavour. It is topped with sweet cinnamon sugar, and can be enjoyed at breakfast. You have to bake it in an identical way as the regular one.

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6.Apple And Cheddar Quiche

It is a savoury recipe that is delightful and pleasing, which can be eaten in brunch. For the filling, you need cream, kosher salt, nutmeg, cheddar cheese, peeled and chopped apples. For the crust, you need purpose flour, salt, olive oil, thyme leaves, and grated cheddar.

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7.Apple Bacon Gouda Grilled Cheese

It is a highly delicious recipe, which is made with sourdough bread, smoked applewood bacon, sweet honeycrisp apples. It is a blend of various flavours like sweet, savoury with a cheesy combination in a grilled cheese sandwich. You will love the delicious flavours of these sandwiches.

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8.Apple Crisps

This recipe called apple crisp is lovely, delightful and buttery, having oats crumble on top of it to give it crunchiness. This dessert does not take a lot of time in its preparation and can be prepared and enjoyed at any time of the day.

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9Salted Caramel Apple Pie Bars

This apple pie is the perfect combination of sweet and savoury combination. It consists of a soft and buttery shortbread crust, apples soaked in cinnamon and sugar, a crumbly topping, and salted caramel sauce. It is a straightforward recipe to prepare, which you can serve to your kids.

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10Apple Cobbler

These are moist, soft, and crisp cobblers having a sweet taste and are perfect for dessert. You can enjoy them any way you like, but if you try them with ice cream of your favourite flavour, you will surely be mesmerized by its taste.

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11.Apple Fritters

This recipe is prepared using apples and cinnamon. It is a deep-fried sweet dish, which only takes 30 minutes in its preparation, and has a very addictive taste. They are flavourful and have excellent texture.

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12.Apple Cider Doughnuts

Yes, you read it right; you can even prepare doughnuts using apple cider flavour. They are moist, soft, and tenderly prepared by combining two essential ingredients readily available. You need apple cider vinegar and cinnamon nutmeg for its preparation.

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13.Caramel Apples

If you like apples and the flavour of caramel, then you should prepare a sweet recipe by combining them. It is a creative, unique, and easy recipe that you can serve to your kids as it is mesmerizing and pleasing.

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14.Apple Cheesecake

What can be better than this delicious cheesecake, which has the flavour of delicious, sweet apples into it? If you are a cheesecake lover, then we recommend you to try this recipe. You have to use cinnamon graham crust and then fill the cheesecake with cream and apples.

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15.Apple Cheese Danish Bars

If you are looking for a cheesy dessert to satiate your taste buds, then we would recommend you to try this. It consists of a simple crust topped with crescent dough. The filling of the crust consists of creams cheese and apple sauce.

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16Apple Oatmeal Bars

It is a wonderful recipe with excellent texture and colour. They are chewy, soft, and contain the goodness of apples. The oatmeal gives this recipe crunchiness and a perfect beautiful texture.

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17.Baked Apples

Have you ever tried or heard about this recipe of Baked apples? If not yet, then you should at least give it a try now. They are oozing, and have a sweet and spicy texture. You can even top them with ice cream, caramel sauce, and some crunchy nuts.

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18.Honey Roasted Apples

As the name suggests, this recipe includes only two main ingredients. The one is apples for sure and the other is honey, which is added for sweetness. You only have to roast these apples in a pan, followed by mixing then with sweet honey.

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19.Caramel Apple Crumb Bars

You need three essential ingredients to prepare this recipe, which is easily accessible and available in the market. Take cinnamon apples, crumbled brown sugar, caramel sauce, and prepare this delicious recipe.


20.Apple Cider Cupcakes

Probably, you can add apple cider into any recipe of your choice, but you must try this one recipe, which will surely be loved by kids. They are fluffy and soft, and are difficult to resist.

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