Top 20 Dishes You Can Make Using Jowar Flour

Top 20 Dishes You Can Make Using Jowar Flour
Top 20 Dishes You Can Make Using Jowar Flour

Jowar is a healthy gluten-free flour, which is readily available in India and has good properties and nutritional value. In urban areas in India, the jowarrotis are made, which are soft and rich in antioxidants. Also, it provides you with high content of protein and can be consumed by the person who wants to lose weight. It is also called ‘Sorghum’ in some regions of India. It has a creamish white appearance and absorbs the flavour of the food well. You can probably make any dish using this ingredient, and if you want to know some of them, then look at the list below where we have mentioned some of them.

1.Indian Oats Pancake With Jowar

As this jowar is a highly nutritious ingredient, starting your day with this excellent recipe will give you good nutrition. You can make these pancakes with jowar flour, oats, and some veggies of your choice to make them even more delicious.

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2.Cabbage Jowar Muthiyas

The cabbage jowar muthiya is a Gujarati recipe which is flavourful and high in nutrition. They are soft, tasty, and easy to prepare as they do not take lots of time in its preparation. You will get high fibre in your diet with this recipe.

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3Jowar Banana Sheera

In this recipe, we use jowar flour as the substitute for whole wheat flour. The addition of bananas adds an extra flavour and smoothness to this recipe. To enjoy the best taste of this recipe, you should have it warm as it will become lumpy later on.

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4.Jowar Roti

It is probably, the most straightforward recipe you can prepare using jowar flour. You have to make a dough out of this flour, and then make soft, fluffy rotis that you can enjoy with any vegetable or dal of your choice. You can include it in your diet and enjoy at least two times a day.

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5.Jowar Chocolate Sponge Cake

It is a gluten-free, moist, and spongy cake having chocolate flavour in it. You have to prepare this cake with jowar flour instead of all-purpose flour. You would require jowar, butter, sugar, cocoa powder, curd, and milk to prepare this recipe.

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6.Jowar Methi Paratha

We all have eaten parathas stuffed with methi into it. So now, you should try methiparathas made using jowar flour, and enjoy them either with Makhan or curd. It is best to eat them hot and add chopped chillies to parathas.

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7.Bhakhri Pizza

It is a simple recipe, which consists of a small flat Bhakhri made of jowar flour. Thisbhakhari are then topped with sauce, vegetables, and lots of cheese to make it like pizza. These are incredibly cheesy and delicious recipes which is an alternative to regular pizza.

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8.Jowar Upma

You all might have eaten Sooji or Ravaupma, but now you should try this recipe of Jowar Upma. You only have to use the Jowar flour and roast it in ghee, followed by cooking it in water and some vegetables and spices.

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9.Jowar Golpapdi

It is a sweet dish made using flour, famous in Gujarat. To prepare it, you have to roast the jowar flour in ghee until it turns brown, then add jaggery to it for sweetness. Let it cool down and set it in the shape of a barfi.

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10.Jowar Dosa

This flour has found its place even in South Indian recipes. You can even make your favorite dosa with this one healthy ingredient. To prepare it you have to make a batter of jowar flour with curd and spices, and the make-out crispy and flavourful dosas of it.

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11.Jowar Bread

As you make delicious bread using other kinds of flour, you can make delicious, moist bread using jowar flour. The recipe is simple and similar to regular bread. You can top it with nuts and caramel and enjoy its flavour for breakfast.

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12.Jowar Baked Kachori

You would not have tried any recipe of kachori healthier than this one. First of all, it is made of jowar flour, which is rich in fibre and secondly, it is a baked recipe instead of deep-frying them in refined oil. You can make this with numerous different stuffings.

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13.Jowar Palak Appe

Appe is a traditional south Indian recipe traditionally made of rice flour or Rava. But, you can now prepare it with a slight twist. You have to use jowar flour instead of the usually used ones and add blended palak. After baking them, you will be able to enjoy this healthy recipe.

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14Methi Na Debra

This is a Gujarati recipe, which you can easily find in the cities of Gujarat. It is a high-fibre snack made with fenugreek leaves and bajra flour usually. But as we are discussing jowar recipes, so you can even prepare them with jowar flour. They are delicious and healthy with no compromise in their taste.

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15Multi Flour Chakli

This chakli recipe consists of different flours to create this crispy, crunchy, and tasty snack dish. You can prepare a healthy version of it by baking it instead of deep-frying them. It consists of many flours like bajra, jowar, whole wheat, and other flours.

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16.Mini Jowar Pancakes

Earlier, we discussed pancakes made by mixing jowar and oats flour together, but this time you can prepare them only with jowar flour. To make them more delicious add veggies to the pancakes, and then enjoy them with green chutney and a warm cup of tea.

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17.Jowar Banana Bread

Adding banana to the jowar flour to prepare this bread will make it even moister and delicious. Though it is naturally sweetened by banana; you can still add sugar as per your taste. You can even use dates to increase the sweetness of this bread.

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18Til Jowar Puri

It is a recipe having a high amount of iron and is gluten-free, obviously.  You have to mix til and jowar flour, and make crisp, white, and delicious,puris by frying them in hot oil. They are crunchy and can even be enjoyed as a snack along with tea.

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19.Jowar And Tomato Chilla

After jowar paratha and dosa, we bring you the recipe to prepare jowar chilla. To prepare this recipe, make a batter for chilla, and add chopped tomatoes and chillies to it with some spices for flavour. Spread it on the pan and cook till they are ready.

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20.Jowar Methi Thepla

Thepla is a famous Gujarati recipe, you all might have heard of. They are skinny, and are made of spices and methi mixed by flour. Make this thepla with mixing jowar flour with a slight amount of ragi and bajra flour to make them correctly.

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