Top 20 Dishes You Must Try At Chinatown, Kolkata

Top 20 Dishes You Must Try at Chinatown Kolkata
Top 20 Dishes You Must Try at Chinatown Kolkata

Kolkata is a land of culture, art, and heritage. It is diversified, and one of the testimonies is Chinatown in Kolkata. It is home to traditional Chinese people who work and stay here. This place is occupied by approximately 2000 people. It is one of those places that sell conventional Chinese dishes. The market remains open from 6 am to 9 am. Please visit this place on the weekend because on the weekends the number of stalls here is more and you can try more varieties of dishes.

1. Chicken Siu Mau 

A thick covering of refined flour with good chunks of flavored chicken with seasoning of salt and pepper. It is like a giant fried momo. It is very juicy and able to hold the juices of the chicken which makes it worth trying.

2. Spring Rolls 

Spring rolls are something everyone enjoys. A thin wrap with a stuffing of minced chicken, vegetables, spring onions served with a variety of sauces. It is either fried or steamed. It is one of the most popular starters here in Chinatown. It is not like a regular spring roll but something traditional and tasty.

3. Chicken Satay

Marinated chicken applied over sticks and grilled. That bright red color is something everyone craves for. It is succulent and juicy. It tastes better when eaten with onions and lemon. It would be best if you visit early or you might not be able to taste this outstanding chicken preparation.190418-chicken-satay-horizontal-300-1556573740

4. Fried Chicken

This fried chicken is like any other fried chicken, but what makes it stand out amongst the rest is the crispiness. It is not stained with oil. It appears to be healthier. It is like an advanced version of KFC chicken and healthy.

5. Green Chicken 

It is one of those dishes that have impressed me the most. Chicken wrapped with mint and coriander. The freshness they add is incomparable. The chicken is so tender and not chewy at all. It is something not purely Chinese but with a perfect mix of Indian and Chinese ingredients.


6. Chicken Sausages

It is either fried or steamed with seasonings and fresh mint. It is tender and not stiff like any other street-style sausages. It is served with chutney made of garlic and onions, which increases the taste to a different level.

7. Steamed Momos

Momos are something that has taken India to storm in recent years. People enjoy this simple, beautiful piece of happiness. It is worth trying here, too, because you can taste the tradition here. The chutney with which it is served is out of this world and enhances the taste efficiently.Easy-Steamed-Vegetable-Dumplings

8. Sticky Rice

Soft, sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf and cooked for four to five hours. It is something very unique and everyone might not like them in the very first attempt but will surely develop a taste gradually. It is nostalgic because earlier we use to watch it in cartoons like Doraemon, Shinchan.

9. Pork Meat

It is one of the trademark dishes of Chinatown. Soft juicy meat pieces slowly cooked in gravy with lots of red chilies in them. It will blow your mind on the first attempt but if you are a spice lover, you will enjoy it to the fullest.braised-pork-belly-featured-image

10. Fish momos

Ever heard of fish momos? This is what Kolkata does to a dish. Fish is something everyone loves in Kolkata and so it is inculcated in various dishes. Fish momos are one of them. It is seasoned with salt and wrapped in flour

11. Chicken Bau

It is like a pav stuffed with lots of chicken and finely chopped vegetables. It is fermented bread with a large piece of chicken and chopped vegetables. It is served with momos chutney. The texture and flavor are unique and worth trying.chicken-bao-hk

12. Meatball Soup

Undoubtedly the best item on the list. Soft and delectable meatball cooked in stock seasoned with salt and pepper. It tastes like broth and is a wonderful breakfast option. Bright cold winter and hot meatball soup are a match made in heaven. rigatoni-meatball-soup_thecozyapron_1

13. Club Kachori

It is purely Indian but prepared well by the Chinese traders. Puffed kachoris with spicy thick potato curry are what everyone craves. It is one of the handiest breakfast options not just in Chinatown but in the whole of Kolkata. It is quite filling and finger-licking good.420px-Club_Kachori

14. Chicken Ball

Small pieces of minced chicken seasoned with lots of spices tossed in red gravy primarily made of garlic, onion, and tomatoes. It is very close to chicken Manchurian, but the sauce is slightly different and a unique experience.chicken-balls.jpg.image.845.440

15. Crispy Chicken

It is similar to fried chicken, but it is not fried chicken. The outer covering and texture are completely different. It will make you remember the traditional cutlets you find in the streets of Kolkata. It is common here, but you should try this.Crispy-Fried-chicken-10

16. Prawn Chips

Crispy, flaky chips made out of prawns. It is like a non-vegetarian version of papad. It is a beautiful concept and gives a unique dimension to prawns. It is sold in abundance here and while going back you should pack some of these and enjoy this wonderful creation.R01878_Prawn_Crackers

17. Nan Khatai

It is like Indian cookies. It is made with refined four and powdered sugar. It is a very straightforward preparation but very tasty. It is one of the desserts you will find here. This place is known for starters, but this dessert is something you should not miss.Nankhatai-500×375

18. Pork Dumplings

Pork as an ingredient is used widely in this part of Kolkata. Pork momos are one of them. It is soft, tender and its texture is different from that of chicken momos. If you want to try this hot and fresh, then be there at around 7 am or else it would be finished. It is very popular and rated very highly.fried-pork-dumplings-fp.jpg.optimal

19. Chinese Desserts

It is one of the striking features of Chinatown. We know how much Kolkata is obsessed with their sweets but to maintain the separate identity amongst Bengali sweets is remarkable. You should try some of these.chinese-desserts-recipes-1160-1200×720

20. Noodles

Indo-Chinese dishes are love. Noodles are prevalent in the streets of Kolkata but, the different thing is the sauces they use. They are traditional sauces and are not generally used by local