Top 20 Restaurant In Gariahat, Kolkata

Top 20 Restaurant in Gariahat Kolkata
Top 20 Restaurant in Gariahat Kolkata

Gariahat primarily consists of areas of Tollygunge, Ballygunge, Garia. It is one of the wealthiest areas in Kolkata. The beautification on the street and good quality restaurants are some of the striking features of this area. This area is also known for some of the top Durga Puja pandals. There has always been a sweet rift between North and South Kolkata, but deep down, we all know Kolkata as a whole is a wonderful experience. This place has to offer a wide range of restaurants.

1. Chilekotha

It is located in Hindustan Park, Gariahat. It is well known for its Bengali cuisine. The owner of this place is lovely and has a lot to discuss regarding food. Mutton Kosha is one of their signature dishes. If you are looking for something traditional, then Chilekotha is a must-try.5c86165ec5eecc309bcae5e1_1552291422911

2. Saptapadi Mach Magic

Situated in Golpark, this place is best known for its fish preparations. The surrounding is cozy and the ambiance is lively. Basanti pulao and Chingri macher malai curry are their must-try dishes.2019-05-24

3. Aminia

This place is a also located in Golpark. This place is mainly known for its Biryani. You can take Chicken Chap along with it. It is a fine dining restaurant and is one of the famous franchises in Kolkata. It has various branches in different parts of Kolkata.


4. Ballygunge Dhaba

It is located on Gariahat Road. It is one of the old street joints in this area. They serve good quality north quality food. The food pricing is worth enough. It is a must-try Dhaba, particularly in this part of Kolkata.2019-01-08

5. Bedouin Roll Centre

This place is trendy among the locals. This place is known for its rolls. Chicken Cheese roll is one of their best sellers. This place is not very hygienic, but what more can you expect from street-side food joints.unnamed

6. Mitra Café

Who does not know about Mitra Café? It is one of the oldest and most popular street food joints in Kolkata. Their Fish Kabiraji, Fish fry is world-famous. It has many branches in various parts of Kolkata. It is undoubtedly one of the highlights of Kolkata street food.mitra1-1580347881

7. Koshe Kosha

It is located in Golpark. This place is famous for its dark-colored Kosha mangsho. The site has a very homely ambiance. The food quality and service are excellent. It is one of the prime locations in Kolkata to try authentic Bengali cuisine. The various other dishes are also very delicious.koshe-kosha

8. Biryani by Kilo

It has been a unique concept in recent times. They sell food in terms of weight 250, 500, 750, and 1000 grams. Their food is exceptionally delicious. A special mention has to be given to their garlic naan. Their galauti kebab is also very fresh and delectable.Biryani by Kilo

9. Das Cabin

This is also one of the oldest shops in Kolkata, selling good quality starters like fish fry, fish kabiraji, veg chop. Pure vetki coated in breadcrumbs and served with mustard sauce. It is a supremely nostalgic experience. It would be best if you tried these cabins. There are various cabins as well.das-cabin

10. 6 Ballygunge Place

It is located in Amiya Bose Sarani Road. It has one of the best Bengali caterers. Their dab chingri is their signature dish. Succulent chingri and rich coconut-based gravy are a match made in heaven. It is one of the finest restaurants in the whole of West Bengal.ABM_7520

11. Tero Parbon

Tero Parbon means 13 festivals. As a Bengali calendar year celebrates 13 festivals, it is named accordingly. It is located on Purnia Das Road. It has a good variety of food. Their sorshe ilish and steamed rice are rated very highly. The strong flavor of mustard is one of the key features of this dish.tero-parbon

12. Kasturi Restaurant

It is located on Rash Behari Avenue. It is also famous for traditional Bengali cuisine. Their key dish on the menu is paturi. Paturi is bhetki or ellish fish marinated with mustard paste, green chili, and then wrapped in banana leaf and steamed or fried. It is one such restaurant that has done well in the recent past.kasturi

13. Petuk Rajar Hesel

This place is located at Fern place near Ballygunge. This place is very happening and known for its combos. Its Basanti pulao and chili chicken combos are super hit. Their drums of heaven feel like absolute heaven. The ambiance is also very authentic and gives you a feel like a rajbari.images

14. Shankar

This place sells top-quality fish fry, fish finger, chicken pakoras, fish butter fry. This place is very lightly packed during the evenings. The owner is quite friendly and cooperative. This place is quite close to Gariahat more.shankar-chat

15. Campari

It is pretty famous for its rolls, fish fry, and fish fingers. The shop is quite iconic and famous among the locals. You can easily visit this place as it is quite near to Rash Behari Avenue. If you are a street food lover, then you should probably try this one.campari1-1584520731

16. Radha Babu

This place has an old age charm. It is a very old shop. It is pretty famous for the tea, but in recent times, people like fish fry here as well. They use pure Bhetki fillet. The place is small and packed tightly but there is no compromise in hygiene whatsoever.radhu-babu-s

17. Apanjan

This place is iconic and nostalgic. Many top actors and directors like Satyajit Ray have visited this place. There is always a lot of rush but it is worth all the hype because of the quality and taste they have been able to maintain.samosa-feat-apanjan-^

18. Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullic

This place has initially gained its popularity from sondesh but now sells a wide variety of desserts. Their variety is mind-boggling. Their signature dishes are the baked rasgulla, baked mihi dana, and makha Sandesh. It has around 12 shops in Kolkata.balaram-mullick-radharaman

19. Maharaj

This place is quite famous for its Hinger Kachuri and potato curry. The kachoris are flavored with asafetida and onion seeds. The potato curry is very spicy and delicious. This place also serves cold lassi which is a deadly combination with kachuris.maharaja-bar-restaurant

20. Chowman

This place serves traditional Chinese dishes. The ambiance of this place is top-notch. The wok-fried rice, Manchurian and garlic chicken are their signature dishes. It is one of the must-try food joints if you love desi Chinese dishes.Chowman_0