Top 20 Dosa Eateries In Bangalore

Top 20 Dosa Eateries In Bangalore

“Ma, what’s the breakfast today?” The answer to this question in most of the South Indian households is ‘Dosa’. It is a staple food of every home you visit, down south! The addictive taste has gradually taken this dish all over India!

So to guide you to savour the unique flavour of dosas, this article presents the top 20 Dosa eateries in Bangalore.


Shri Sagar

Shri Sagar was earlier called the, ‘Central Tiffin Room’, and was started by Y.V.Subramanyam &Brothers in 1920s. It was further renamed in 1950 by Mr.Raghavendra & from then on, it has climbed the ladder of success with no setbacks at all! People of all ages, from kids to their grandparents visit here to relish the unmatchable taste. The glistening dosas are served with a dollop of Butter and Potato Curry, which peeps from inside. Their Mangalore Bondas & conventional coffee- tea will complete your meal, but be mentally prepared to stand in the never- ending queue, which is definitely worth the taste. The vintage style clock & rosewood furniture are retained.It is a vegetarian restaurant. The approximate cost is 100 rs/ 2 people.


7th Cross, Margosa Road, Malleswaram, Bangalore.


Vidyarthi Bhavan

This hotel was founded in 1943 by Venkatramana Ural & now it is 73 years old. Famous personalities like Masti Venkatesh Iyengar, who was a literary star, used to always make it a point to pack two rave vadeys from this place, which is one of the high points here, on his way to the Basavangudi club. It is told that superstar Rajinikanth used to disguise himself &come here to grab his hands onto those attractive dosas. In a nutshell, the taste here is a lifetime experience. No modern looks have been adapted, to maintain the originality. It is a vegetarian place. The approximate cost is 150rs/ 2 people.


32, Gandhi Bazar, Basavanagudi, Bangalore.


Janatha Hotel

This hotel was started in the early 70s. As you enter inside, the only thing you get attracted to are the bright golden-brown Dosas waiting to be gobbled up. The walls & tiles are painted with unsynchronised colours, oh, but that does not reduce the taste factor even a little! There are both Self- service & the Service-room, which you can choose as per your will and fancy. It is a vegetarian food place. The approximate cost is 150rs/ 2 people.


27, 8th Cross, Malleswaram, Bangalore.


Asha Food Camp

It is the sister concern of the famous Asha Sweets Centre, which was first established in Bangalore by Late Shri Kantha Prasadji Garg in 1951. With the gradual success of the sweet centre they moved on,to open the big family restaurant,Asha food camp which serves both North Indian & South Indian cuisines, but the Dosas steal all the attention showing up their confidence, look-wise & taste-wise! They are crispy and lip-smacking. It is a vegetarian food place. The approximate cost is 600rs/ 2 people.


They have two branches

1) 89, 1st Main, 10th Cross, Temple Street, Sampige Road, Malleswaram, Bangalore.

2) 52, 50th Cross, 3rd Block, near Bashyam Circle, Rajajinagar.

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The late father of K.N.Vasudev Adiga, the chairman of Vasudev Adiga’s, entered into the restaurant industry in 1965 with the Brahmin’s Coffee Bar. In the due course of time, Adigas was opened in 1993 in Bangalore’s Basavanagudi. Their success story echoes in their work. The service & food will give every customer complete satisfaction. They offer North Indian, South Indian & Chinese cuisines but the hero of the show, are the Dosas, which are uncontrollably mouth-watering. It is a vegetarian food place. The approximate cost is 300rs/ 2 people.


They have over 26 locations across the city, pick the one closest to you!



ShivSagar is a famous outlet for Dosas & was opened in 1990 by N.T.Poojari in Kemps Corner, Bangalore. From then on they have been opening their branches all over the city, implying their success in this field. The Dosas are flawless & you might tend to ask for more and even more! They also partnered up with Mahesh lunch home to establish a seafood branch in big cities like Mumbai, Thane & Pune. They also present North Indian, Chinese & Fast Food. It is a vegetarian food place. The approximate cost is 500rs / 2 people.


They have 6 locations spread across Bangalore, making it easier to access them.


Airlines Hotel

It was started by S.N.S.Rao in 1968; he wanted to incorporate the concept of drive-in restaurants in Bangalore. As heard from many, M.F.Hussain, a well- known artist, used to visit here regularly, especially to spend some time in the gorgeous gardens & for the awesome dosas. The open air restaurant & the food served under trees, makes it a must visit place to lift up your stressed moods. The menu consists of both North Indian & South Indian cuisines. It is a vegetarian food place. The approximate cost is 400rs/ 2 people.


4, Madras Bank Road, Lavelle Road, Bangalore.


Om Sai Skanda Dosa Camp

Like the statement, ‘Being simple is the best ornament’, this hotel signifies the importance of staying grounded to your roots. The proprietor and his 12 boys serve you with utmost humility & do offer the best taste. The smell of the Benne Dosa as you pass by will definitely make you stop and have at least one of them. They are made live in front of you, so fresh and so clean! May the showers hit or the sun scorch out, you will be served with the Dosas right under the tree outside the hotel. From rich to the poor, from the old to the young all of them have to stand on their feet & relish the taste as there is no seating facility. The do-try dish is, the 35 Bath Masala Dosa! It is a vegetarian food place. The approximate cost is 50rs/ 2 people.


114, Near Sai Baba Temple, Cambridge Layout, Ulsoor, Bangalore.

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Dwaraka is a very old hotel, maybe older than the city! It was originally opened in Bull Temple Road but later on was moved to NR colony, though that did not alter the taste. The hygiene is very carefully looked upon and service is excellent. As you munch on their ever special ‘Khali Dosa’, there is a boy always behind you keeping an eye on your Chutney, the moment the quantity reduces, he is there to serve you more than you actually require! There are both sitting and standing facilities for the customers. It is a vegetarian food place. The approximate cost is 250rs / 2 people.


Near Katte Balaga, NR Colony, Basavanagudi, Bangalore.



Halli Mane

It has been in the city for more than over five years. The tiled roofs, high ceilings, brick setups personify the rural feeling. If you are bored of the city life, this place might give the change you want!The hygiene quotient is very high as the water they use for cooking purposes is made to go through the reverse osmosis process to ensure zero bacteria and chemicals. Also, steam cooking is employed to retain the vitamins. The exquisite Dosas they make adds to their excellent quality. It’s a vegetarian food place. The approximate cost is 200rs/ 2 people.


3rd Cross, Sampige Road, Malleswaram, Bangalore.




Parameshwara Maiya & two of his brothers ventured into this industry in 1924. They began with a small restaurant, serving Coffee and Idlis in Bangalore. Later on, after the death of the eldest brother, the second sibling, Yajnanarayana Maiya went on,to continue the legacy & to improve the standards he went on a Europe tour in 1951 to learn their hygiene practises. On coming back to India, he incorporated all possible health measures like sterilization of utensils, regular scrutiny by customers and so on. It was then renamed MTR-Mavalli Tiffin Rooms, owing to the place it was located in; from then on the growth has only been in leaps & bounds with no looking back. As already spoken about the quality, there is no second thought about their dosas, but be prepared for the long queue. It is a vegetarian food place & the cost approximately is 250rs/ 2 people.


14, Lalbagh Road, Mavalli. Basavanagudi, Bangalore.


Sri Krishna KafÉ

It is a very pocket friendly restaurant & serves authentic South Indian food, especially the dosas. The quality-check is continuously monitored by the owner sitting at the cashiers place. If you are missing home, do visit here, the atmosphere is nothing less than your own house! They serve every Dosa with three kinds of Chutneys, which will definitely activate your taste buds. It is a vegetarian food place. The cost approximately is 200rs/ 2 people.They accept Sodexo meal coupons.


5th Main, near Muni Reddy Kalyana Mantapa, Koramangala, Bangalore.



Slv Swadishta

It is one of those famous hotels people keep discussing about. The hotel is located centrally, which is the reason for many office-goers& students to be always spotted here to hog on quickly on those sumptuous plates of dosas. The always seen crowd speaks enough about their quality. They have two floors of service, with one of the floors Air-conditioned. It is a vegetarian food place. The approximate cost is 300rs/ 2 people.


76, 21st Main Road, 2nd Stage, Banashankari, Bangalore.

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Sidappa Hotel

This is a 30 year old hotel with no change in the looks or the taste, after all these years. There are no sophisticated tables & chairs, no interior decors, no well -dressed waiters serving you, it’s just a single storey space covered in between two Peepal trees. The stone benches are your thrones, sit as comfortable as you want but your hands are your tables! Once you relish those Dosas served on steel plates with two Banana Leaves, you are definitely going to repeat visiting here till infinity! After the eating session is over,you have to meet Sidappa the owner who sits as the cashier also, go pay the right amount of cash to him or you will have to hear a mouthful from the grumpy stout uncle! The long queues outside the place are really long and this will not change even for the biggest power! It is a vegetarian food place. The approximate cost is 150 rs/ 2 people.


38, 7th main, 5th Cross, SR Nagar, Richmond Road, Bangalore.




Konark was started in 1985 in Bangalore. The unique quality of this place is that they use spices and masala mixes which are only prepared at home. This is an age old practisc and they have kept it alive till date. If it’s the end of the month, your pockets feel lighter & you want refreshing Dosas, go visit this place, they are really pocket-friendly and have Air-conditioning facility too! They serve Jain food as well. It is a vegetarian food place. The approximate cost is 500/ 2 people. They accept Sodexo meal passes.


50, Field Marshall Cariappa Road, Residency Road, Bangalore.



History of Maiyas is traced back to the owners of MTR. After selling their division, MTR Foods to a Norway-based mining-to-food union, named, Orkla the next generation of the Maiyas family, Sudarshan Maiya opened the first Maiya restaurant branch in Jayanagar, Bangalore, in 2009. From then on their journey has been the perfect one any person in this industry would wish for! They serve overwhelming South Indian food, especially Dosas, in addition to North Indian cuisine too!It is a vegetarian food place. The approximate cost is 200rs / 2 people.


They have over 6 locations in Bangalore.


Mysore Mylari Hotel

Every native of Mysore or anyone who has visited Mysore would definitely know the Mylari hotel. If you are not aware of this, then please do go visit Mysore thoroughly again! This place was started by Harish TP, a relative of Chandrappa. The owner of the original one! The cooks here were given three months training to deliver the exact replicas of those only-their kind of Dosas. A point to be noted is, only Chutney is served her and no sambar, but you will not miss it at all, as the dosa in itself is yum! It is a vegetarian food place. The approximate cost is 100rs / 2 people.


26/1-1, Bugle Rock Road, DVG Road Cross, Basvangudi, Bangalore.


India Coffee House

It was started as early as in the 1940s. To be precise, it was established by the ‘COFFEE CESS COMMITTEE’ in 1936. In the 1950s, the board started closing down all the Coffee Houses due to change in policies. This was when, a great communist, A.K.Gopalan supported the disheartened employees and started the ‘Indian Coffee Board Workers Co-operative Society’ and inaugurated the 1st new generation coffee house in 1957 in Delhi. From then on, the legacy has continued and they even finished celebrating their Golden Jubilee. Moving to the food part, not only coffee but the entire menu content is simply awesome & of course the dosas, oh nothing less than a lavish treat! It is a Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian Place. The approximate cost is 400 rs/ 2 people.


They have 3 Locations in Bangalore.



This is quite an old hotel with the regular visitors coming often! Located right behind the bus stop, it is convenient to identify and access the place. The entire place is beautifully soaked in white paint merges with the sky and spreads the word of peace! Service is commendable & so is the taste of the food. It is a vegetarian food place. The approximate cost is 500rs/ 2 people & they accept Sodexo meal coupons.


48, 17th Cross, MC Layout, Vijaynagar, Bangalore.

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99 Varieties Of Dosa

This is not that rich vibrant place which you are looking out for, it is a very simple place with only the Dosas pouring the colours out! It was started by a couple, Prakash and Padma Prakash two years ago. In every variety of dosa, different vegetables area added to maintain the health factor! The menu card is not available physically; it is available virtually, as the owner lists it out! The dosas are served on plastic sheets and you can wash your hands off with the water cans kept there after you finish licking of the remains of the Dosas on your fingers. The cost ranges from 25rs-125rs depending on your order.