Top 20 Eateries In Kasol And Tosh

Top 20 Eateries In Kasol And Tosh

Located in Parvati valley of the picturesque Kullu district, Kasol has emerged as a popular tourist destination.  This sleepy town comes to life during visiting season. Due to the influx of tourists, many cafes and eating joints have sprung up in the town. We give you a list of cafes you must visit in Kasol.

1. Little Italy

Situated on the main road of Kasol, Little Italy serves what Italy is known for Pizzas and Pastas. Little Italy is perfect if you want to have a lazy day, soaking in the music. The Israeli dishes served here are very popular. Our Pick: Trout served with salad and fries.


2. Shanti Cafe

When in Shanti Café, grab a cup of coffee and indulge in their delicious pies. This place is a must-must visit if you are up for some good music to lift your soul.


3. Evergreen Restaurant 

Evergreen Restaurant serves a wide array of dishes at affordable prices. It’s not only a place that’s a treat to your taste buds but also to your ears as it plays some really great music. The café has both an indoor and outer sitting facility.  Their egg preparation is exemplary as is their English and Spanish Breakfasts. If you are a big time food lover you cannot afford to miss their Chicken shipu dim (skewers) served with chips and hummus or the Israeli dishes and Pizzas and Lasagnas. Our pick: Pancakes & Omelettes, Falafel, and Grilled eggplant.


4. Shiva Shanti Cafe

Among one of the best cafes in the town, Shiva Shanti café, has a lot to offer. The place has some excellent sitting arrangement with low-rise wooden desks and colourful lights. Besides this, the cafe has a large front yard where few tents in different hues are pitted. On top of it, the menu offers some exotic dishes like Shwarma, Tabouleh salad, bow-tie penne pasta, green-olive oven roasted pizzas.


5. Oh, Magic View Cafe          

Situated a few kilometres away from Kasol, Oh Magic View Café provides a breathtaking view of the valley. The food served here is good and affordable as compared to Kasol. For one’s who are aficionados of Indian food, this place is a must visit as it serves the best hot parantha’s.

magic view

6. Jim Morrison Cafe

Before I delve into the details, we tell you this one important thing – Jim Morrison only offers vegetarian food. Yes, you heard it right!  But needn’t worry as the vegetarian food it serves, won’t disappoint you either. Our pick: their shakes. The cafe also plays some rocking music.


7. Bhoj Restaurant  

One of most sought-after place in Kasol, Bhoj Restaurant is the only place in this dusty town that stays open all night. Its ambience will remind you of the Israel of 1960s. The food served here is nothing more than an exotic culinary experience. Our pick:  Israeli Platter and the Tuna sandwich! This place has the power to transform you into another world


8. Moon Dance Cafe – German Bakery

When you enter this eatery you just get into a Himalayan trance. But even as life seems to slow down at this place, the food will not fail you at all. From their juices to Israeli delicacies to desserts, everything is simply beyond perfect. The Coffee and Watermelon-Papaya juice served here are totally satisfying. It also offers Pancakes/Waffles and houses a German Bakery where you have some of the best escargots, cinnamon rolls and brownies.

moon dance

9. Stone Garden Café

This place is full of hippie vibes. The set up of this café, neon lights and trance music will take you into another world. The food served here is amazing. Their Chicken Lafa and Sheesha is a must try.


10. Shambu momos Corner

Situated just opposite to the Moon Dance café, Shambu momo corner serves some of the best smoking hot momo’s, both fried and steamed, accompanied by a red chilli and yoghurt based dips. The momos are both, spicy and succulent. Our pick: Chicken Momos


11. Mama Cafe  

An ideal place to spend time with friends, Mama Café, has much to offer on its platter.  Besides food, the cafe also offers recreational activities. You can play the card, board games and billiards here. The food is good and on Saturdays it serves a typically Israeli food. Our pick: Pizzas, Chilli Cheese Toast.


12. Rainbow cafe

Run by a group of youngsters from Shimla, this place is a must visit for all those who are on a budget. The place is heaven for those who are into old school trance kind of music. The café has a lot on its platter, including Israeli food, but one thing that’s a must try when you visit Rainbow café is Nutella pancakes. Our pick: Chicken Thukpa and Chicken Fried Rice with semi-dry Paneer Chilly.


13. Buddha Place 

The whole aura of this place is mystic and mesmerising, the Bob Marley and Che Guevara painted on their walls, we just fell in love this place. Buddha Place is not a regular restaurant. A quaint place, this cafe is worth visiting. The food is an absolute delight. The Nutella Banana Crepe, Maple and Lemon Crepe, Omelette and Mutter Mushroom Paneer with naan will satiate your taste buds.

buddha place

14. XXL Cafe

Run by a German man, XXL café serves the best trout in Kasol. The café have a captivating aura. Best for some hearty talks with your friends while you enjoy the treats they offer.


15. Tosh

Situated 90 km from Kasol, is another emerging tourist destination, namely Tosh village. Mostly visited by backpackers from Israel, UK and Italy, Tosh is more rustic, naive and not so commercialized, unlike Kasol. Since Tosh is fast booming as a backpackers’ hub, hence, you will not find many cafes here like Kasol. But, you needn’t worry as we enlist some of the best cafes in this beautiful village.



Hill Top Cafe, Tosh Village

Situated on top of a hill, Hill Top café provides a panoramic view of the Valley, dotted with towering mountains and dense forests. The café serves Israeli dishes, Sizzlers, Lafa, Nutella Milk and Pancakes. If in Tosh, this is place is a must visit.

hill top

17. Pizza Hut, Tosh

It’s not the usual Pizza huts we find in cities but a small café run by a local in these sleepy alleys of Tosh. This place is a blessing for the hungry trekkers. Pizza Hut offers to some of the delicious cakes.

pizza tosh

18. Pink Floyd Cafe

A dim-lit eatery, donning Bob Marley posters on its walls, Pink Floyd is one among the best among the few cafes in this beautiful village. This café serves all kinds of food, including Israeli Food and plays the best archetypal music. Do try their Schnitzel (Israeli food). If in Tosh, do try local wine named ‘Grappa’.

pink floyd

19. Raju’s

Raju’s café serves the Bolognese pasta and the vegetable pizza on a tava. Yes, you heard it right! And it should be definitely on your must-try list. You surely will forget Dominos or Pizza Hut once you had the Pizza they serve.  


20. Ashwin Cafe

A small and cosy place, Ashwin café serves the best Hummus and Falafel. Do try their Nutella Banana Pancakes. You’ll find best Israeli food here at Ashwins. This place is Heaven on Earth for all the food lovers!