Top 20 Eateries Near Kavi Subhash, Kolkata

Top 20 Eateries Near Kavi Subhash, Kolkata

Kolkata, also known as City of Joy, is well known for its wide range of delectable cuisine. Most people associate Roshogollas and Sandesh when they hear about Kolkata but, Kolkata has so much more to offer. Kolkata is the only city from India that made its way to the list of top food destinations around the globe in 2023. Starting from authentic Bengali food, Kolkata also specializes in food items from other states and around the globe. This article will give you a list of the top 20 Eateries Near Kavi Subhash in Kolkata. So, if you live in Kolkata or plan to visit, make sure to check out the below-listed eateries.

1.Babumashai Restaurant (THE LAST METRO)

This restaurant has been in business for almost two decades. This is a great place to dine with family and friends in Kolkata. It offers quality food at reasonable prices and has a good atmosphere. However, this restaurant gets busy on weekends. Make sure to reserve your seats in advance.

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The only restaurant in Kolkata that encourages sports, art, and culture, as well as good food, is Cafe @THE SHED. Sports like DARTS and Carrom can be played and learned. Anything and everything related to art and culture can be appreciated or performed. The venue is also available for music video and book launches, birthday parties, and other events.

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3.Haji Ali Restaurant And Caterers

This place is very famous for its biriyani. Also, the amount of food does complete justice to the price. Their menu features juicy and tender skewers of meat that are a must-try, and it also offers catering for birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions.If you are a fan of Mughlai cuisine, you should visit this place.

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4.VIP Dhaba

Dhaba restaurants are the essence and an essential part of Indian cuisine. They are usually open 24 hours a day, offer local dishes, and found along the streets. VIP Dhaba at Garia in Kolkata serves regional food with a rustic taste and offers you and your family one of the best Dhaba experiences.

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5.Hatari Restaurant

Hatari is very popular in Chinese cuisine. Over the years, this company has established a strong position in the industry by providing outstanding customer service, contributing to the restaurant’s growth. The best part of Hatari is the amount of food they offer. It has a cozy and wonderful atmosphere. The staff are helpful and polite.

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6.Shiraz Golden Restaurant

Shiraz Golden Restaurant offers a fine dining experience. It is one of the most famous biriyani centers in Kolkata. The kebabs served here are indeed one of the best. Even the different rolls available are so large that one roll is more than enough for each person. Shiraz Golden Restaurant is a must-visit place for all biriyani lovers.

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7.Saptapadi Restaurant

Saptapadi is emerging as one of the most prominent names in the Bengali food industry. This restaurant has been serving some of the best Bengali food till date. Their all-day Bengali buffet is the hottest attraction right now, not only offering the maximum number of dishes, but each of their dishes is rigorously backed up through testing.

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8.Gossip Restaurant

This restaurant is a perfect place to relax with friends. It has a great atmosphere and is good for couples. The place is well-decorated and well-designed. The staff are very polite. The seating arrangement is also very nice. Food quality is excellent. Drinks are also delicious. In general, you can have an outstanding experience there.

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9.The Beanshot Cafe

The Beanshot Cafe is a spacious area that consists of both inside and outdoor seating options. With its freshly roasted coffee, Beanshot offers its famous illegal burgers, pizzas, and all-day food and drink menu. They provide a vibrant, welcoming environment. Their aesthetic is relaxed and inviting. Beanshot Cafe extends a warm greeting to you as a customer at any time.

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10.Café Tov

This is a beautiful Korean café that serves delicious, authentic Korean food. They have a wide variety of snacks and beverages. The prices are nominal, and the quantity of food is hefty. Kimbap Japchae, Dak-Galbi, Cream Bread, Korean Style Chicken, and Bibimbap are some recommended food items.

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11.Sigree Global Grill

Sigree Global Grill is one of the most promising buffet restaurants in Kolkata. They serve the best quality food. If you like appetizers, you must go. Chicken, fish, vegetables, all dishes are unique, fresh and they taste great. In the main course, the biriyani is terrific! They also have a live chat and a pizza counter.

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12.Red Bamboo Shoot

This is a nice, small, cosy, air-conditioned restaurant. Food quality and quantity are pretty good. It has a lovely interior with a curved bamboo pattern. Bamboo stairs lead to the first floor. Beautiful Chinese fans adorn the walls. Regarding food, this place is a household name for Chinese cuisine. However, they also showcase Indian and Mughal cuisine.

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This restaurant offers one of the best foods in North India, especially for vegetarians. A wide variety of delicacies are available. One may find the food a bit spicy on their first visit, but they can accommodate the food as less spicy as per their taste. It has a friendly atmosphere, and decent service. It is a quiet place to sit, eat, and talk with family and friends.

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14.Chef Alladin

Chef Alladin serves excellent North Indian food. Their biryani and tikka masala are worth drooling over. They also do home delivery via Swiggy and Zomato. Chef Alladin has a great selection of mouth-watering delicious dishes and the finest quality of food. This place is worth a visit.

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15.The French Loaf

This is part of the upscale bakery chain in Kolkata. They serve all kinds of cakes, rolls, sandwiches, sandwiches, cookies, etc. They offer good quality food items but at a bit higher price. Their chocolate cupcakes are amazing. The place has also got a seating arrangement. The staff is friendly and cooperative.

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16.Spring Onion Multicuisine Restaurant

It is a multicuisine restaurant that offers a wide selection of food. The restaurant features a serene atmosphere, lovely furnishings, and an excellent outdoor seating area. The prices are low, and the food is quite good. You can have your birthday party or any other family event here. In addition, Spring Onion offers corporate offices lunch.

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Posto is an authentic Bengali restaurant that serves a wide range of traditional food. This is the perfect location to sample some genuinely mouth-watering Bong specialties. You can sample a range of fish, vegetable, and Bhaja dishes. Celebrate deliciousness and have a memorable Bengali meal with friends and family.

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18.Himur Heshel

Treat yourself to delicious, home-cooked Bengali and Bangladeshi cuisine at Himur Heshel. Choose from a variety of delicious fish, prawns, chicken, mutton, and vegetarian entrees on their menu. You can also opt for well-known meal delivery apps to get a delivery to your door. They are experts at preparing classic foods using authentic recipes and delectable Flavors.

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19.La Foochka

La Foochka is a special Foochka Parlour for Foochka Fans! Not only can you sample the real Foochka here, but you can also imagine Foochka in an entirely new way. They are prepared to provide you with your choice of foochka. It’s recommended to sample their pizza corn foochka.

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20.Café Spilled Beans

This café offers delicious food and a welcoming atmosphere to some of Kolkata’s greatest food enthusiasts who enjoy visiting various eateries and café throughout the city. You should go to this café to improve your experience by sampling their specialty, wraps, and their signature sandwich, “Spilled Beans Chicken Sandwich.” The “Cappuccino” is practically everyone’s favorite drink, while chai lovers will adore their “Classic Tea.” Spend time with your loved ones while listening to slow music in the quaint, welcoming café.

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