Top 20 Places To Eat Near Landour

Top 20 Places To Eat Near Landour

Landour is a quiet and pretty suburb 3.5 km climb away from Musoorie’s bustle and transports one into another world like time travel. On this way to Landour, the hubbub fades, and a friendly mountain dog accompanies you to the fine alpine weather, towering oaks, and snow-capped hills. Life here is slow, and to enjoy the scenic valley views, one has to stroll through the dense woods to unplug from the fast-paced city lives. All these eateries have a charming mountainous appeal and serve European delicacies. Majorly, locals run them.

1.Landour Bakehouse

As one of the main attractions of Landour’s Sister’s Bazaar, Bakehouse is a bakery of a kind with its classic charm of green paneled doors, wooden floorboards, and antique portraits hung up on the walls. It resembles the 20th-century vintage cafes of London and has its menu derived from the famous ‘Landour Cookbook,’ including grilled sandwiches, garlic croissants, Nutella chocolate crepes, scones, and chicken toasties. While sipping hot coffee, one can gaze at the towering oaks and pines sitting near the window and reading a book. Dig into the yummiest cinnamon rolls doused in warm caramel sauce for a perfect evening of English tea with fresh baked goods. Stop by here for coffee, cinnamon rolls, and their decadent tiramisu.

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2.Doma’s Inn

With authentic Tibetan decor and a traditional Asian household vibe, Doma has warmly lit hanging lights, posters, and paintings on the wall to add to its pleasant atmosphere. Sizzlers, Tiabo Momos filled with cheese, Thupka, Tibetan bread, and noodles give you the heavenly Bhutan bite. It also has room to stay. The flavors and presentation are classic with Wonton Soup and Cappuccino.

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3.Cafe Ivy

It is a trendy hangout spot for hippies because of its vibe and multiple cuisines. Three mountain lover friends run it. Minimalistic and rustic decor with a fireplace adorns its vintage charm. One can experience the Winter Line from the terrace here during sunset. Most ordered on the menu are Pepperoni Cheese Pizzas, Formaggi cheese Pizzas, Garlic Breads, Bruschetta, Aglio Olio Pasta, and Tea Cakes.

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4.Clock Tower Cafe

Situated next to the Clock Tower, this cafe harbors a young crowd in an exterior of red bricks and an interior of rounded archways, printed lampshades, posters of famous films, and personalities plastered across the walls, giving it a quirky vibe. And the delicious, freshly made food matches their ambiance. Pizzas, pasta, and Calzones are served hot. Milkshakes are the most ordered, accompanied by cheesecake and coffee.

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Emily’s is a restaurant in the Landour’s resident Rokeby Manor and serves Indian and Continental Cuisine. One can experience a colonial British Tea or dining experience. It has a countryside charm of brick interior, natural light getting through French wooden doors, and its rooftop setting with a scene of snow-capped peaks. They have Rokeby breakfast options with hashbrowns, eggs, grilled toast, tea, or coffee. Freshly baked bread, Kerala Curry, Mustard Chicken, and delectable pie and pudding desserts are their specialties.

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6.Devdar Woods Cafe

Set up in a classic Imperial-themed property with extensive dining halls and high wooden ceilings. You can stay here for an old British Bungalow experience surrounded by panoramic Himalayan views. You can gobble Wood-fired Pizzas from their old German oven. Their Mashed potato, Lasagna, and Coffee Walnut Cake are to die for. You can also relish your favorite coffee outside on their lawns, soaking in all greenery.

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7.Café De Landour (CDL)

Right across Char Dukan in Landour is Café de Landour, which offers stunning views of the sun setting on the snow-covered peaks. The place has a unique and phenomenal experience with good food and music. To witness nature incredibly from here, relish in a cup of delicious coffee and a warm donut. The café serves Italian, Mexican, and Indian food.

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8.Lotte’s Home Baked Goods Cafe

Run by Rohan, an Angelo Indian specializing in Dutch baking offers cupcakes, slices, coffee, and tarts. Their Chocolate Raspberry Tart is a must-try as they use high-quality European chocolates to make all baked goods. Another unique thing to try here is Poffertjes, small Dutch pancakes with iced sugar and molten butter. You can relish it with their freshly roasted coffee.

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9.Char Dukan Cafe

Adjacent to St. Paul Church lie four small shops established almost a century ago for tea and snacks. Run by their 5th-generation owners, all these shops serve similar items. Chaar Dukan Cafe works well for grabbing breakfast or a heartwarming cup of ginger lemon tea. With their waffles or a classic bun omelet with a soft and sweet bun, one can never go wrong to try it here with other delicacies.

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10.Anil’s Cafe

One of the oldest is Anil’s Cafe in Chaar Dukan, almost 50 years old, which oozes out the beauty of a small-town eatery. Some popular dishes on the menu remain pakoras for the chilly weather, lip-smacking Bread Omelettes, sinful Nutella pancakes, and delicious cheeseburgers. You can trust everything from a simple Maggi to a mouth-melting Cheese Toast anytime at Anils’.

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11.Himgiri Cafe

The cafe to look out for Chinese and Momos lovers at Char Dukan is the Himgiri Cafe. From varieties of soups to pancakes and waffles, this place with outdoor seating is a comfort spot in the Chaar Dukan setting while sipping your favorite milkshake. You can enjoy the valley view from their café.

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12.Tip Top Tea Shop

The oldest shop, set up in 1910 in Char Dukan, is a friendly eatery for a Wai Wai, Burger, or a shake to relish in an afternoon. Enjoy a cup of tea or spend time with your loved ones over food here at this cute and warm eating station. They also serve parathas, egg dishes, and mouth-watering waffles.

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13.Lal Tibba Binoculars Cafe

At walking distance from Chaar Dukan lies Lal Tibba Binoculars Cafe offering a 360° view of Himalayan peaks like Badrinath, Kedarnath, and Nilkantha, surrounded by Deodar trees making it quite scenic using a 1967 Japanese telescope fixed on its roof. Guests can relish the breathtaking views while sipping hot tea and eating piping hot fries. There are diverse food options to try in a welcoming and colorful ambiance.

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14.Landour Food Truck

Interestingly Landour also has a food truck. It serves all kinds of essential edibles along with a pleasant sitting experience. From beverages like Tea, Coffee, and Shakes to supreme Omelette varieties, Maggi and Burgers, Quesadillas, and pasta, they have it all under a small roof and the unforgettable hot steamy momos.

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15.Manisha’s Home-Cooked Indian Food

Tourists looking for traditional home-cooked culinary affairs can have them at Manisha’s. Her thali costs around Rs. 150 and has two seasonal vegetables, salad, rice, and chapatis, using less oil and spices. Manisha runs this eating establishment through her living room. One has to pre-inform them before going, as they don’t accept walk-ins.

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16.Little Llama Cafe

The Little Llama Cafe is a cozy Insta-worthy Tibetan Cafe on the Mall Road market near Landour. Being aesthetically beautiful, it serves delicious Red-Velvet Hot Chocolate. Devour their sumptuous wood-fired pizzas, mouth-watering burgers, and momos in the stunning views of the hilly weather. Relish their chamomile tea and freshly baked desserts. The cost for two here is around Rs. 200-500.

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17.Paprika Restro Cafe

With beautiful wooden furniture, this family restaurant specializes in Indian, Italian, and Tandoor delicacies. With everyday live music, Paprika is a cozy refuge away from the crowds of Mussoorie. Hot Chocolates and Pizzas are the most ordered items on the menu. You can experience Vintage Bakery vibes here with the daily menu written on a blackboard.

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18.Cliffe Cafe And Diner

This place is located on a cliff near the cantonment road and provides English, Continental, Indian, and Fusion dishes to tourists. Freshly prepared bites with smooth coffee and breathtaking views are the highlights of Cliffe. The place also has a built-in cottage with a great dining experience. The ambiance has an old rusty charm to it.

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19.Savoy Cafe

From Lattes to Mocktails, Continental and Italian Food, and Brownies to Cheesecakes, this place serves them in a cozy ambiance surrounded by the woods and sunshine peeping through their glass windows. It is the perfect place to relax on a solo date or chat with friends over good food for a good time.

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20.Mogambo Restaurant

Mogambo offers both colorful, comforting vibes and a friendly staff experience. It serves Tibetan and Chinese Food, popular beverages, sizzling appetizers, and breakfast options in the Landour Cantt area. It has a youthful charm and attracts hundreds of tourists every day. Their Non-Veg Starters are great to try any day.

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