Top 20 Economic Places To Eat Around Bangalore


Do you want to savour delicious and exquisite food without burning a hole in your pocket? Take a look below to find out the various places in Bangalore which serve heaven in a plate

1. V.V. Puram Food Street

The pleasant aroma of the street food gives any passerby immense joy and happiness. The Pav Bhajis and the Bene Bosas (butter dosas) of V.V. Puram Street Food are to die for. This street is undoubtedly the convenient and accessible places to eat, in Bangalore.

v.v puram

2. Shivajinagar Chowk

Another place for a quick meal is at the heart of Bangalore in a small locality called Shivajinagar. This place is a paradise for all the meat lovers out there. One can find various delicacies that are available at this locality and dishes varying from chicken, mutton, and beef. The food here is irresistibly delicious, and we assure you it will become one of your favorite places to satisfy those sudden chicken cravings.


3. Airlines

This place is the all time favorite of most Bangalore citizens and is a common household name among young college students. They are famous for their double sugar coffee and Chana poori. If you are looking for a peaceful, happy place to chill and chat with your friends, then this is the place to go.


4. Al-amanah Rolls And Café

This place is situated a small locality called Kammanahalli. This place serves some of the best rolls in Bangalore, like falafel, and kheema rolls. The rolls are light on the pocket and heavy on the fillings.


5. Juice Junction

Another great place around the city of Bangalore would be to try the sandwiches and the fresh fruit juices at a well renowned go-to place in and around the city, Juice Junction It serves one of the most amazing sandwiches and beverages in the city. The ingredients they use are 100% fresh and this makes their sandwiches and juices even more tasty and healthy.


6. S.K. Bakery

This place is famous among college students and even the office going crowd. It is most famous for its Oreo milk shakes and also its cold coffees. Ultra-lime and other such drinks are the signature drinks that the bakery has to offer.  So what are you waiting for? Go and try these flavor some drinks already!


7. Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR)

The Tiffin room serves authentic Kannadiga food such as the hot plate of Bisi Belle bath or the heavenly and crispy Masala dosa with various authentic chutneys. This is also a very famous place in and around Bangalore, and it serves such savory food that you’ll probably have to wait in lines to get your order. But hey, anything for a crispy hot Masala dosa!


8. Connie’s Steaks And Sizzlers

Another renowned place, famous for its steaks and the stomach filling portions they serve, is Connie’s. It is a recently opened venture in the locality of Kamanahalli, and the food that is served at this place is hearty and you are definitely not going to regret it. A perfect evening at Connie’s would be beef steak with a glass of red wine. If heaven is anywhere, it’s right here.

connies steak

9. Shankar Bhel House

Shankar’s one of the city’s famous places dating back to time that serves authentic tasty and delicious chats in the city. Shankar’s stand out to be the place that has still got an authentic punch and flair to the food they put out for the common public to see. This is also one of the most customer friendly places in Bangalore and serves its food fresh, clean and old school. This is one of Bangalore’s favorite places to go to for a quick snack.

shankar bell

10. Raghavendra Stores, Malleswaram

Another important place to try those aji made idlis and vadas, fresh off the stove, is a shop in Malleswaram called Raghavendra stores. Appetizing aromas and freshly cooked food – it is hard to resist going inside when you’re around this shop.


11. Truffles

Famous for its burgers and desserts, this place has been an all-time favorite of the people of Bangalore. The burgers are juicy and delicious and will not leave you without a smile on your face. Burgers are always served with a portion of hot potato chips along with the house made mayonnaise. Therefore this is another place that tops the list of the all-time economical places in Bangalore to eat.


12. Chickpet Donne Biryani

This place is home to one of the tastiest biryanis that are ever found in the South of India.  The biryani is made with a house-made blend of spices and they use locally farmed rice in the state of Karnataka that gives the biryani its unique taste. This biryani will leave you tearing in the eye because of the robust spices used and it is surely worth given a try.


13. Meghana Foods

This is another famous spot for all different kinds of biryanis that are available at the place and also for its mouth-watering Andhra gonkura chutney, which is house made. The chutney is sweet and sour at once. They serve authentic Andhra cuisine that will surely leave you speechless. Yes! The food is that good and it is worth all the money.

meghana foods

14. China Pearl, Koromangala

This place is famous for serving authentic Chinese cuisine around the city of Bangalore. Some of the heavenly dishes never to miss at this food haven are the crab chili soup, the dragon chicken, spicy red pepper. Therefore this is another outlet that makes the cut for the most customer friendly places to go around the city.


15. Holige Mane

This is for all the Vegetarians out there. Holige mane is famous for all kinds of delicacies such as Badami Holige, Coconut Holige, Khova Holige and Dal Holige.


16. Munchies, Brigade Road

This place is located right in the middle of Bangalore and has been a favourite of Bangaloreans, for the past ten years serving bakery items such as egg puffs, fish burgers, vegetable rolls, freshly made bread and other such bakery products. This is another place that people of all generations would love to go to for an evening snack or a quick chat with a friend over a cup of coffee.

) Munchies, brigade road

17. RR’S Blue Mount

This place is an age old business that was started 25 years ago run by this middle aged yet enthusiastic couple that serves continental dishes with their own unique twist that makes everyone’s taste buds happy. This place since it is located near a college gets their daily dose of business. The Mexican chat, the chicken boat, and other such yummy meals are to die for and this turns out to be an economical way of spending money in order to quench hunger.

rr’s blue mount

18. Mosque Road

This is another famous locality that is always famous in Bangalore for serving some of the most authentic and traditional non-vegetarian dishes and are easy on the wallet. The famous dishes are the Pathar ka Gosh which is actually meat cooked on a granite stone and also the Hyderabadi Haleem which is slowly cooked meat with a lot of ghee and other exquisite ingredients.


19. Brahmin’s Coffee Bar

This place is famous for its homemade idlis and vadas served with irresistible chutney. Famous for its strong coffee, this is a popular breakfast destination.


20. Corner House 

For all people that have got a sweet tooth, this ice cream place serves it all. It is one of the city’s best ice creams selling places. Death by chocolate, or DBC as it is known, is the best amongst the plethora of heavenly ice-cream flavors available at this place. The place has a cozy ambience and you’ll find it houseful during the weekends.

corner house

So there you go. This was our list of the Top 20 economical places, to eat, in Bangalore. If you haven’t already tried these places, then it’s a crime against your taste buds. So, call your friends and give your taste buds the savory heavenly pleasure which they deserve. You’ll thank us later.