Top 20 Economic Restaurants For Students In Pune




This popular south Indian restaurant has been around for many years, at prime location in Pune and is a huge hit among students and others as well. The place provides nutritious and healthy food on all days of the week, and the restaurant maintains good standards of hygiene.




A little push of the envelope for Rajasthani provisions, this restaurant will require you roll back the days to the worthy nation with the affluent ambience and trustworthy Rajasthani cookery. The restaurant serves excellent quality of food and at a very affordable price.




Having a desire for Punjabi food in Pune? Then Papaji’s is the place to be! The place is full of Punjabi flavors and environments. What they lack in flamboyance, they make up in provisions. Butter Chicken, Tangri and Gaajar ka Halwa are the ones you should never miss here!



Hyderabad House

If you’re a fan of the Hyderabadi culinary art and face for some altruist fragrant trim-smack looker, this is where you should issue be!. The Dum Biryani is highly advised for one and all. Do visit here if you are a fan of spicy, Nawabi cuisine present to you at an affordable rate.




FC Road in Pune has a long line of popular restaurants. One of these crowd pullers is Shabree which subserve popular and authentic Maharashtrian cuisine. There are both stamps of settlement- AC and Non AC, making seating options ample and comfortable.



Brews N Perks

One for those willing to experiment, the café is a perfect place to be. It is a pocket friendly choice which offers excellent options for people having all sorts of taste palates. The cafe has the might of endowing one with a keen sense with a virtuous cupful of Coffee. The Pizzas and Pasta and Salads are all powerful, leaving a fine first appearance.



Central Perk 7

As the name suggests itself, the cafe is made with a general theme of the popular TV show FRIENDS. Not only does this restaurant serve one of the best sizzlers in town, all barbeque and steak fanatics must visit this place for some of their finest cups of tea.



Cream Centre

A pure vegetarian restaurant, this place has a beautiful ambiance. The restaurant provides a great cup of tea, along woth Chole Bhature, Ragda Chaat and other delicacies from Mumbai.



Thank God 4 Pizzas

This one is for the Pizza lovers. Among one of the best pizzas in the town, and definitely one of the most affordable. Additionally, they have a very special Cup Pizza. Take your friends along and have a great time.



I’m Lion Strictly Non-veg

This is one such restaurant where you can experiment with your cuisine and tastes without worrying a lot about your bill. The solemn ambience may faze you, but the delightful cuisine is sure to lift your mood. Just because of the fact that it is pocket friendly, and that they have a large range of options to choose from. Try the Bombil Fry and the Surma Curry.



R Bhagat Tarachand

As a restaurant having started in Mumbai many years ago, this is now one of the oldest joints. Although parking might be trouble, the fact that it attracts so many customers is a tribute to its popularity. They have a beautifully decorated restaurant with an amicable ambience. The service is quick and efficient. Their special Cordon Bleu is prepared with Desi Ghee and is definitely worth a try.



Chung Fa

An iconic pub, Chung Fa is regarded as one of the largest Chinese destinations in the city, provide good food at affordable prices. Choose any dish, and you will not be disappointed. Usually, it is packed during the weekends, it is recommended to pre book.



Wholly Crepes

This small café might not be the smartest looking in Pune, but goes a long way to serve the purpose. The decoration is beautifully executed with an enchanting French setting. As the name suggests, they provide some of best choices of crepes in the city. With the prices not pinching your pockets, enjoy your charming array of crepes and seals. The Galette is perfectly recommended, and a mention to Lulu as well.



Crazy Noodles

As the name suggests, the restaurant offers a wide range of enticing dishes, noodles, soups and other such food. The Iced Tea is also a popular choice here, however the Money Bags is their most popular creation



Malwani Naka

A popular eatery among Pune residents and an affordable choice as well. Even if it tantalizes you with the methodical decoration, the food is completely enticing. The most popular dishes are Fish Patra and Solkadhi.



Tiranga Non-veg

Although this restaurant serves only ten types of dishes, it is still hugely popular due to the frequent visits by the biriyani lovers.



Pagdandi Books Chai Cafe

This is a genuinely amazing cafe, where you come across one of the largest revelries of color with an affordable budget. The food here is delicious, which oblige us to give it a try.



German Bakery

A well-known and high spirited bakery popular for serving German delicacies that are consistently baked to perfection. Must try the Red Velvet Cake and the Keema Pav here!



Delhi Downtown

Delhi Downtown is given for specializing in a knockout cuisine that is very famous in Delhi! For those swearing by North Indian cuisine, this is the place to be, as they serve the best Butter Chicken.delhi-down-town


Le Plaisir Patisserie & Bistro

A cute joint which is one of a kind, this one is a secret story. It has intricate interior decorations and can seat 20 people at once. They strike a variety of preference from Pizzas and Pastas, to Salads.le-plaisir-platisserie_Bistro