20 Famous Gujarati Dishes

20 Famous Gujarati Dishes

The state Gujarat is very famous for food. The people residing there are fond of food. It is said that if you live in Gujarat and you don’t like food to eat then you are not true Gujarati. The special thing of Gujarati food is that in each dish there is some amount of sugar. Like the people of Gujarat the dishes are also sweet. There is huge variety of street food as well as the food which can be eaten all the time. The capital of Gujarat that is Ahmadabad is also very known about the food. The people of Ahmadabad love to eat food anytime and every time. In fact when the Gujarati travels they don’t eat the fast food they pack there homemade food and have it with them. Now let’s look at some of the well known Gujarati dishes.


Dhokla- by the name only it sounds Gujarati dish. As mentioned before the taste of Gujarati dish is mildly sweet and salty. The Dhokla is famous street food as well as most eaten snack by the Gujaratis. It is made up of besan ka aata and there is a special oven for it to be cooked. The Dhokla gets ready in 20 minutes and served hot with green and red chutney. It is garnished with the sliced coconut and fresh green coriander. It is also available in different colours as well as different flavours.



Khandvi the yummiest snack of all the times. It made up of besan and salt. It is the dish which is less time taken but it needs lot of handwork. You have to be very careful at the time to making batter for it. It is prepared at the stove only but you have to continuously stir at till it is not cooked perfectly. The taste of Khandvi is also sweet and salty. It is served hot with the garnishing of crushed coconut and fresh green coriander. Commonly it is loved by the kids. The rolls are very attractive and inviting. At last the tadka of green and red chillies is poured upon it.



Fafda again is a Gujarati snacks. You have heard about the the best combination of fafda Jalebi well known in Gujarat. The fafda is served hot with hot jallebies and the papaya chutney. It is made up of the besan flour and available at almost every stole of food. There are some stoles where it is available in very less rate and are much tastier. Fafda is sold out in huge amount on Sunday. The people enjoy there Sunday with Fafda jalebi in Gujarat.


4.Sev Tamatar Nu Shaak:

Sev Tamatar Nu Shaak is the Gujrati sabzi served in the main course especially in Lunch. The dish is made up of the puree if tomato and onion, it is stir for long time so that the flavour of Indian spices should get mixed properly. When the puree gets ready the sev which is available in the market easily, is dipped into it. And served with the Bhajra Roti which is a Gujarati bread made up of different type of atta. It is very famous and inviting main course dish of Gujarat.



Thepla the perfect combination of taste and health. The Thepla is a kind of Gujarati Indian bread which is made up of wheat flour and seasonal vegetables like onion, tomato, spinach, methi, green chillies, capsicum etc. The batter is ready with the water and yoghurt. They are fried in 1 table spoon oil just like simple roti. Then it is served with pickle or the homemade chutney. Thepla can be preserved for 4-5 days. It has the tendency that it can survive. The dish is majorly given to the kids because they love it and the amount of protein and nutrients essential for the body. It can be served hot as well as at the room temperature.


6.Gujarati Kadhi:

Every State in India make its special type of kadi. The Gujarati kadi is also famous all over in the world it is made up of dahi and spices. And the different thing about this is that it contains small pakora of besan. It also includes the ingredients like hari mirchi, kadi patta, laal mirchi etc. The texture of Kadi is medium so it is served with both rice and butter roti. And when it gets ready the hot desi ghee is poured upon it to make it more happening. In Gujarati homes this Kadi is made frequently.

gujrati kadhi


Khichdi sounds like the food of patients. But the case of Gujarat is different from this. The Khichdi made is Gujarat is so delicious that no one can say it is made for patients. The Gujarati Khicdi contains the ingredients like tamatar, pyaaj, kadi patta, mirchi and Indian spices. The special kadi is made like the shahi kadi. It is served with aloo ki kachri with is deep fried in olive oil.



Khakhra is a light snack which is served in evening snacks. It is made up of wheat flour and Indian dry spices. The texture of Khakhra is just similar to papad that means it is hard and crispy. It is just like cracker eaten with tea. It can be preserved for many days. It is kept in air tight container because it can be fresh in container.



Gathiya is also the type of Gujarati Crackers. It is served with hot Masala tea. Gathiya is made up of besan and there is special sancha to make the gathiya. It deep fried in the olive oil. It is famous  food served to the kids because it is strip shaped and kids are attracted toward it. It can be preserved for many days.



Dhabeli is the type of modern Vada pav. It consists of vada which is made up of aloo and besan deep fried in the olive oil. The bun of Dhabeli is easily available in the market. It is a famous street food in Gujarat. Usually all the student returning from school and collages eat dhabeli. It is very light to eat any time. The main thing in the dhabeli is that it is served with the fresh anar dana because the combo of sweet and salty is more interesting to eat.


11.Sev Khamni:

Sev Khamni is a traditional Gujarati dish which is very easy to make at home. It is originally from Gujarat. It is made up of the khaman dhokla. The khaman dhokla is crushed and shallow fried in the 2 table spoon butter and mixed with Indian spices and served hot with tea or coffee. The snack of Gujarat is so amazing that the demand of sev Khman is increasing day by dat. It is also served with the garnishing of sev means the namkeen.


12.Lilva Kachoori:

Lilva means peas and Kachoori is just like somosa. The Lilva kachoori is made up of the besan flour and the stuffing is made up of the pigeon peas and the potato. This lilva kachoori is the traditional dish of Gujarat. It is the snake served in the evenings. Mostly it is eaten in the winters because it is served hot with the different types of kachoori.



In other parts of India Ghughra is known as Ghujiya. Ghughra is the type of sweet dish served in all the Hindu festivals like Diwali, Holi, Rakshbandhan. The sweet dish is made up of meda and the stuffing’s is made up of khooya, mava, nariyal and many dry fruits. After the filling and the batter is ready that is deep fried in the desi ghee and then hot dipped into the sugar syrup known as chasni. It is very necessary for Indian families should offer Ghugra to their guests.



Shrikhand is a type of sweet dish which is served chilled in the desert. It is made up of yoghurt and sugar. The yoghurt is mixed with sugar and kept for the mixing. It is also available in different flavours but the most famous flavour of Shrikahnd is aam. In that the pulp of mango is poured and freezes in the refrigerator. It is loved by the people who like yoghurt. The texture of the dish is very thick and served cold with the garnishing of dry fruits.



Basundi is somewhat like Rabri. The sweet dish or the desert of Gujarat is very famous in all over the country. In the process of making basundi milk is boiled so much that it reduces to its half and the texture becomes very thick. The cream is on the top and the thickness is clearly visible. At the time of boiling it the Cesar and the dry fruits are poured into it and the flavour enhances. It can be serve hot as well as at room temperature.


16.Gujarati Samosa:

Gujarati Samosa is just like the normal samosa the difference is just that the Gujarati samosa contains some amount of sugar in it. The mildly sweet and salty flavour is the flavour of this samosa. It is also served with the chutney and tea. The famous street food of Gujarat is very delicious. On demand the samosa can also be converted into the samos chat in which the samosa is crushed and the yoghurt is poured up on it and some Indian spices to make it more tasty and happening.



Undhiyu is the well known dish of Gujarat. The Undhiyu is the dish which is very easy to make anytime. The dish is tasty and healthy as well. It is made of the ingredients like potato, sweet potato, brinjil, spinach etc. All the vegetables are boiled together and the Indian spices are mixed in it. It is served hot with the masala tea. The dish is traditionally originated from the Gujarat only. The Undhiyu is very god for the health because it contains the vegetable.


18.Dal Dhokli:

Dal Dhokli is the traditional dish of Gujarat. It is made up of dal and the batter of besan. The dal of this dish is thick-textured and also contain a large amount of minerals and proteins in it. The dish also contains the slices of the besan batter which is cooked with the dal. The dal used in the dish is chane which is very popular in Gujarat. The Dal dhokli is served hot with the papad. It is very healthy dish to eat.


19.Masala Papad:

Papad is the core snake of Gujaraties and Sindhies. In Gujarat the Masala Papad is in trend. It is made up of the ingredients like tomato, onion, green chillies, cucumber, carrot etc. The vegetables and salad is finely chopped and the papad is roasted or deep fried in the olive oil. Then in the salad the Indian spices and the lemon juice is added. And it is kept on the papad and served as a starter. In every restaurant or dhaba it is served compulsory.


20.Doodh Pak:

DoodhPak is a sweet dish made up of milk. The dish contains boiled rice, Cesar and the dry fruits in it. The dish is somewhat like Shahi kheer. The milk is boiled to the extent that it becomes half. It is served hot with the garnishing of dry fruits. It can be eaten at the room temperature also. The dhoodh pak is generally made at the time of festivals and distributed as Prashad to the people.doodh-pak