Top 20 Family Restaurants In Redhills, Chennai

Top 20 Family Restaurants In Redhills, Chennai

Redhills, also known as Sengundram (original Tamil name which was later deduced to English form), is situated in the northwestern part of Chennai and is a beautiful place to live in. It connects various major parts of Tamil Nadu and is loaded by multiple highways that are indeed extending to Andhra Pradesh. It also contains one of the two main lakes responsible for water distribution throughout Chennai, the Puzhal Lake. A beautiful view of the lake can be achieved from this area which is a spot that attracts people. Redhills is an ancient place that is now gaining popularity due to the developments being made. Also, because of the transportation facilities and the highways, many family restaurants, highway dhabas, and small hotels are finding it as a hub spot for their business. Here is a list of the top 20 restaurants that you must consider to go with your family.

1.SS Hyderabad Biryani

Biryani lovers don’t need an introduction to this restaurant. This is one of the best biryani restaurants that has multiple branches all over the city. It is best known for Biryani, Seafood, and North Indian Dishes. If you visit this restaurant, then you must try Chicken Biryani, Chicken 65, Chicken Gravy, and Chicken Lollipop. The quantity of biryani provided is more than sufficient and easily serves two people. The leftover food is decently packed, which you can carry home. This is a hygienic and well-maintained restaurant that has both AC and Non-AC dining areas. This is one of the best family restaurants that is supreme and well-known for its biryani. Anyway, due to its popularity, it is usually crowded, so be sure to make the necessary arrangements when you visit the place.

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2.Fresh Dhaba

This restaurant is located on the Chennai-Srikakulam highway and is very nearby to the Redhills tollgate. If you get a chance to travel through the area, then you must try this amazing restaurant. It is well-known for its North-Indian and South-Indian foods. It justifies its name, “Fresh Dhaba”, since the food provided is also fresh. The food quality and the customer service are first-class. The specialty of this restaurant is the reasonable price for the food. Visit this restaurant with your family, and you will love it. It gives you the best dining experience, so be sure to visit if you have a chance.

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3.Hotel Sriram Bhavan

This is one of the best pure-veg restaurants available in the area that serves the pleasure of having a delightful banana leaf meal. It is best known for South Indian and Chinese items that will make you crave more. It is situated very near to the bus stop, which makes it the best choice for vegetarians who come from outside. It is a hygienic and well-maintained restaurant that gives you the best breakfast and lunch experiences, especially when you are in a vegetarian mood.

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4.Divya Chettinad

This is another restaurant located nearby to the bus stand that has a wide range of non-veg items. If you’re a non-veg lover, then this is a must-try restaurant for you. It is popular for its Chettinad, Chinese, and South Indian items that give you the feel of home-cooked food. The non-veg gravies are so delicious that if you try them once, you’ll want them again. Your first visit won’t be your last visit because you’ll keep coming back after you have tried this place.

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Who isn’t aware of this brand? The first thing that comes to your mind after hearing KFC’s name is its bucket chicken. It is best known for its burgers, fast-food and biryani. You can find a wide variety of bucket chicken and burgers. If you are visiting this place with your family, then try it during late morning or evening snack time, and you will be delighted.

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6.Aasife Biryani

This is a modern Indian restaurant that is popular for its biryani, North Indian, and Chinese varieties. The food items are delicious, and the restaurant is highly hygienic. Also, the food provided is more than sufficient, and the price is too affordable. It has an adequate parking space too so that you need not worry about your vehicle and enjoy your meal peacefully. If you visit this place, then you must try the barbeque. Overall, it is the best place to make special occasions a memorable one.

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7.Hotel Thangam

This is another best non-veg restaurant that has a great ambiance. It is situated exactly opposite to the bus stand. This restaurant is popular Chinese, South-Indian, and North-Indian food items. It is a small and economical place that is cleanly maintained. Chicken Gravy and Chicken Pepper Fry is a must-try if you visit the place.

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8.Hotel Ganga

It is another pure-veg restaurant that is famous for South-Indian and Chinese items. Apart from this, the beverages here are so popular that most visit the place only to have some of the wide range of fresh juices. It is perfect for breakfast, meals, and fresh juices items though other items are also worth trying.

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It is another premium restaurant famous for its mithai and street food items (chaat, sweets, and savories). It is a pure veg restaurant which is a good choice for having lunch or snacks with family. The chaat items are so well served that you will love them at your first impression itself.

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10. Sri Krishna Veg

It is a pure-veg restaurant that is highly maintained with a clean environment. It is popular for its South-Indian and Chinese varieties. It is an excellent restaurant for family and business meets. It offers a variety of meals and South-Indian dishes for breakfast and lunch. The delicious food and the ambiance will make you fall in love with the restaurant and it will be one of your best experiences.

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11. Royal Biryani

This restaurant is popular for its Biryani, Chettinad, and Andhra meals that have the best customer service, ambiance, and huge parking lot. It is an affordable restaurant that is best suited for you if you are a biryani lover looking for an affordable place with a nice ambiance. Chicken Biryani and Chicken Grill are the must-try items when you visit.

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12. YSR Biryani Center

This restaurant offers you a variety of Biryani, Chinese, and Mughlai items. It is a simple and economical place that is best at Egg and Chicken Biryani. It is a good choice if you are looking for a small place that is not so crowded and offers you the best biryani at an affordable price.

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13. Milkyway

It is a restaurant-cum-ice-cream-parlor. It is a pure veg restaurant whose attraction is its desserts and ice-creams. It is the best place to spend the weekend with your family for quick bites and ice creams. Apart from these, the pizzas, burgers, and sandwiches are so good that you will like them and feel it is worth for money.

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14. Ambur Star Biryani

It is a biryani restaurant that also serves South Indian and North-Indian food. It is one of the popular restaurants and hence usually crowded, but the good news is that reservation is also available if you are pre-booking. Many non-veg varieties are available, which makes it a perfect spot for families that love biryani and non-veg. Also, it has a spacious parking lot that keeps your vehicles safe until you return.

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15. Hotel Sri Ganesh Bhavan

It is also a pure-veg and South-Indian restaurant that is connected to a lodge and a wedding hall. The restaurant is located on the ground floor, the wedding hall on the first floor, and a lodge on the second floor. This place is a good choice if you are looking for food and a stay.

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16. Dhoni Ka Dhaba

It is a popular North-Indian and Chinese restaurant that gives you the perfect dhaba feel. It contains a variety of both veg and non-veg items. It is situated near the Puzhal junction and has an open-space parking facility.

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17. AMG Aamiri Biryani

This restaurant is only dedicated to biryani lovers that serve a rich quantity of the best quality biryani. The taste is so good that if you eat this once, you will remember it for a long time. It has both veg and non-veg biryani at affordable prices that give you no chance to skip this place.

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18. Hafa Hut

Though this is added to the bottom of the list, it deserves to be at the top of this list for its great ambiance, hospitality, and hygiene. The food quantity is more than sufficient. It has a variety of fast foods, Chinese, and pizza items. It also has the facility of a safe parking system. Finally, it is a must-try place for shawarma lovers.

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19. Vattara 52

It is earnestly dedicated to the biryani. The quantity of rice is also more along with their good service and neat atmosphere. It is a good choice if you are looking for biryani, at an affordable price with a clean atmosphere.

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20. Barakath Biryani

It is not a regular restaurant but a small restaurant-type of place that is known for its Egg Biryani, Chicken Biryani, and Mutton Biryani. The taste is also good and a better choice when you are looking for not-so-rich-looking restaurants that offer you delicious biryani at an affordable price. The customer service is also good and you will receive maximum respect from the people serving there.

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