Top 20 Famous Dishes Of Indore



Poha-jalebi is the perfect combination when you are hungry and on the streets of Indore. It is the most famous snack. The dish is mostly eaten in breakfast and as refreshment in the evenings. Both the dishes are eaten together to balance the taste. The Poha is made up of ingredients like poha, potato and tomato. And the Jalebi is made up of maida, sugar and oil. The combination is just tempting when served with the slice of lemon.

poha-jalebi2.Bina Tala Samosa

The normal Tala Samosa is famous all over the country. But in Indore the Bina Tala Hua samosa is very famous. The Samosa is made like the Tala one but it is not deep fried in the oil it is roasted or grilled. The Samosa is served with fresh green chillies and green Chutney. It is the dish preferred at any time you are hungry.


Momos is a famous Chinese dish which is also famous in Indore. Different type of Momos are available at the streets of Indore. The dish is served with the Red Mirchi Chutney and white Sauce. The stuffing is made up of the ingredients like seasonal vegetables. The Momos can be fried as well as steamed. The traditional Momos are steamed only.


The Gajak is a sweet crispy snack. This famous sweet dish is made up of flour and sugar. The dish is eaten after dinner and lunch. The Gajak consists of a special ingredient which is Gud. It is equivalent to the sugar but it keeps the body warm in winters. The dish is loved by all Indories.


Faluda is an Indian dish served with combination of Ice cream. It is also very famous at the streets of Indore. The dish is served as a dessert. The different flavors of the Faluda are served with different flavours of Ice creams. Then the flavoured syrup is poured into it to make it more tasty and sweet and tempting.


Sandwiches are the famous dish or snack which is loved by all. It is a western dish which is very popular in Indore. The sandwiches are made up of ingredients like all the seasonal salad and Masala Aloo. Then it is served with tomato ketch-up.



Pyaaj-Ki-Kachori is a well-known snack which is very popular on the streets of Indore. The dish is made up of ingredients like pyaaj, maida and moong daal. The dish is served with different types of chutney. The dish is mostly preferred as a refreshment in the evening. The snack is very crispy as well as appealing.


Kesar-doodh is a well-known Indian dessert which is served after lunch and dinner. The dish is made up of ingredients like milk, sugar and Kesar. The milk is boiled and stirred till it becomes thick.. And it is served at hot as well at the room temperature.


Chaat is the most important street food of Indore. The AlooTikki is served with chole and chutney to make the dish interesting. The dish is served with sliced onions. The Chaat is garnished with fresh green corianders to make it more inviting. The dish is served hot in the paper plates to give it a desi taste.

chaat10.Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi sounds boring but in Indore the Khicdhi is made very interesting and tasty. The dish is mostly made on the days of Navratris. The dish can be eaten on the days of fast also. The Sabudana Khicdhi is made up of ingredients like sabudana, potato and green chillies. Then it is served with masaledar curd.


Imerti again is a sweet dish famous all over India. The dish originally originated from the regions of Madhya Pradesh. The dish is made up of ingredients like maida, sugar and water. The dish is served with combo of curd at some places. The sweet dish Imerti is mostly served at the Indian marriages, it is a shahi dish.

imerti12.Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken is roasted bone chicken which is very popular in Indore. The slices of lemon and onion are served with it. The crispy chicken is eaten as refreshment. The tempting dish is so delicious that no one can resist eating it.

tandoori-chicken13.Kaaju Curry

The Kaaju Curry is a main course dish served with tandoori or butter roti. The dish is made up of 70% kaaju which is a famous dry fruit. The dish is very rich in the Indian spices. The puree is made up of ingredients like tomato and roasted onion. Then it is served hot with the grated Kaaju.

kaaju-curry14.Daal- Bafla

The famous and well-known dish of Madhya Pradesh. The Bafla is made up of flour and then it is fried and dipped in desi ghee. And the daal is made normally and both the dishes are served together. It is mostly served in traditional marriages.


This is the famous snack or street food which is mouth watering. The Puri is served with the masaledar aloo, curd and Indian spices like dhaniya and mirchi. The Puri is garnished with the Patle Sev and served on the paper plate at the road side.


The Malpua is a traditional dessert which is generally made on the festivals and served hot with the garnished dry fruits. The dish is made up of ingredients like maida flour, sugar and the sugar syrup. The dessert is also served with moong green daal to balance the taste of sweet and sour. It is the perfect dish for the breakfast.



The Shikanjee is a soft drink which is available at the streets of Indore. The Shikanjee is made up of lemon juice, sugar and pudina. The sugar is melted in the water and lemon juice and then the pudina is mixed in it to make the drink refreshing and cool. Then it is served with the masala. The drink is mostly preferred in the summers to keep the body active and cool.



The Paan flavoured Kulfi is very famous in Indore. The refreshing taste in the Kulfi melts the heart. The Kulfi is filled with Gulkand and Paan Patte which gives tempting taste to the dessert. The dish is very well known at the streets of Indore.

paan-kulfi19.Chocolate Chai

The Chocolate Chai is world famous in Indore. The chai consists of the flavoured chocolate which is grated and put in it. The people are attracted towards the flavour. The texture is thin as the normal chai but the taste is far different. It is available on rare stalls.


20.Flavoured Pani-puri

Pani Puri is a famous street food but in Indore the flavoured Pani Puri is popular. The different type of pani is made up of the masala and served in puri. The flavours which are generally available are jeera, adrak, pudina etc.