Top 20 Rajasthani Dishes

Top 20 Rajasthani Dishes

Rajasthan, land of Maharaja, gave rise to the royal cuisine. Rajasthan is known for its traditional and authentic food. Rajasthan’s food is combination of Marwari, Mewari, Rajput and many other different cuisines. The 20 favourite are listed below.

1. Dal Baati

It is on top of the list of Rajasthani cuisine. Dal is made with mixed lentils and spices purely cooked in Ghee. Round Baati is baked on firewood or gas. This delicious combo of Dal and Baati is mouth-watering.




It is one of the special Rajasthani sweet, also known as Meetha Samosa. It is available all over Rajasthan and considerably consumed by locals. Its outer cover is made with all-purpose flour (Maida) dough filled with roasted dry fruits and Khoya. It is fried in pure ghee and served with sugar syrup. Its shape and texture give it a unique design.


3. Ker Ki Sabzi

It is one of the authentic dishes from Rajasthan. This dish is essentially made with 5 ingredients – Ker, amchur, spices and oil. Ker is found across Thar Desert only. It is considered a main dish for any traveller in Rajasthan because of its shelf life. It can remain fresh for 2-3 days without any refrigerator. It is mostly served at room temperature with Makai ki Roti.

ker-sangria-ki sabzi


Gatte Ki Sabji

It is a very famous traditional and royal recipe of Rajasthan made from chickpea flour’s small balls cooked in spicy tomato and curd gravy. At time of marriages and festivals, Mava and lots of nuts are stuffed in Chickpea’s balls.


5. Kachi Haldi Ki Sabzi

Kachi Haldi means Raw Turmeric. It is a Rajasthani specialty and cooked on special occasions and festivals in winters. Its made with peas, curd and lot of ghee to balance hot nature of turmeric.


6. Mirchi Vada

It is also known as Mirchi Bhajia. Mirchi Vada is a street side famous snack, often eaten in morning or at evening time. Full long green chilli makes it a unique snack and it is covered with potato and chickpea flour paste.


7. Bafla Baati

It is another version of Dal Baati. In Bafla Baati, potato mesh is filled in Baati and then Baati is boiled instead of baked. It is one of the heavy dishes of Rajasthan cuisine and served directly with Daal.



Mawa Kachori

This sweet is also a street side food, sold at snacks shops. Jodhpur’s Mawa Kachori is world famous, consisting of lots of Mawa, raisins and nuts. It is crispy and crunchy and turns soft when hot sugar syrup is poured.



Lehsun Ki Chutney

It is an essential Rajasthani chutney; without it any Rajasthani food is incomplete. Garlic when mixed with herbs and species gives a great aroma and taste to tongue.


10. Pyaaz Kachori

It is a variant of Kachori, available at every namkeen’s shop in Rajasthan. It consists of crispy besan covering with spicy potato and onions filling. For locals, it is a desi sandwich, when served with bread and mint chutney.


11. Methi Bajra Poori

One of the tea snacks, enjoyed by families in Rajasthan. It is favourite among health conscious people because less amount of oil is used. It mainly consists of Methi and Bajra only. Tastes good when served with curd.


12. Dal Ke Vade

Another street food of Rajasthan, but it is healthiest among all. Its made with mixture of lentils, pulses, beans and lots of spices. It is crispy from outside and soft from inside. It is served hot with chutneys.



Laal Maas

It is the most popular non vegetarian dish of Rajasthan. It is made of lamb meat with thick spicy gravy. It is considered one of the royal Rajasthani cuisines. It is red in colour due to the use of red chilli powder and herbs. In typical Rajasthani villages, it is also known as Jungli Laal Maas.


14. Papad Ki Sabzi

Another great dish from the colourful state of Rajasthan. Papad ki Sabzi is a unique instant sabzi which can be cooked with papad and also with yogurt based gravy. It can be served with roti, parantha, or plain rice. It is a less time consuming dish with yummy taste.


15. Ghewar

Ghewar or Honey Comb desert is one of the favourite Rajasthani deserts traditionally associated with Teej festival. It is made with flour, sugar syrup and lots of ghee. Pouring the batter in hot ghee is tricky part to get the correct texture of this dessert. It looks like delicious Honey Comb desert.
16 Kadhi Rajasthani Kadhi is light but provides satisfaction to stomach. It is made from buttermilk and chickpea flour with green chilli and coriander’s powder. It is served with Roti or Jeera rice.


16. Goondh Ke Laddu

Goondh are gum crystals, provide heat to body in winters. It is a royal dish and served in marriages and festive occasions. Its cooked with dry coconut, dry fruits and nuts in pure ghee, then shaped in Laddoo.




It is the most famous and favourite sweet dish of Rajasthan. Rajasthan thali is incomplete without it. This simple but delicious sweet can become anyone’s favourite. It consist only wheat flour roti, sugar or jaggery and lots of ghee.



Kebab Pasanda

This is another famous non- vegetarian dish from Rajasthan. Prepared by outer coating of chickpea flour with delicious soft but spicy mutton leaves an amazing taste on our tongue for a long period of time.


19. Bhuna Kukda

Bhuna means well cooked with spices and herbs, and Kukda means chicken. This dry chicken dish is everyone’s favourite and served as side dish with main platters.



Kadhi Rajasthani Kadhi is light but provides satisfaction to stomach. It is made from buttermilkand chickpea flour with green chilli and coriander’s powder. It is served with Roti or Jeera rice.

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