Top 20 Famous Food Items In Hisar, Haryana

Top 20 Famous Food Items In Hisar, Haryana

Hisar is a city located in Haryana. Hisar is known as “The city of steel” because of its steel industry. The last name for Hisar was Hisar Firoza which means ‘Fort of Firoz.’ There are so many restaurants and dhabas in Hisar where you can have super delicious food.

If you want to explore Hisar as in the case of food, then this article is for you, here you can find the location of the particular place, price, and affordable food items.

Here we go!


South Indian Fast food

South Indian Fast food restaurant is also known as Laxman Dosa Wala. They serve famous fast food of south, but one thing that is popular of this particular restaurant is their Dosa. Hisar citizens love their Dosa. Starting price for Dosa is just 80 rupees.

siff 22.Chaap Junction

Chaap junction is situated near a shopping complex, near Jain jewelers, Hisar. Here you can find other
fast food items also, but Chaap junction is famous for its variety and taste of Chaap. Their hot-selling
Chaap is Afghani Chaap and malai chaap. And the starting price of Chaap is just 80 rupees.



Salesh Riya Real food

Salesh Riya Real food is situated near Gulab Singh Chowk, city thana road, talaki gate. They have a variety of fast food but their hot dogs are finger-licking. Home delivery is also available here and this restaurant is also referred to as ‘Hot Dog wala’ in Hisar.

salesh real food


Shyam Kulfi

Shyam Kulfi is situated in sector 14, Hisar. The variety of Kulfis, but their Falooda is very popular, and the price is just 80rupees. The falooda is made with khoya, milk, vermicelli, sugar, and Ice. Hisar citizens find this place great to have chilled stuff like Ice cream and falooda.

shyam kulfi


Bikaner Misthan Bhandar

There is plenty of Bikaner sweet shop, but here I am talking about that sweet shop which is situated in the red square market. Though it’s a sweets shop they are famous for the onion kachori also known as “Pyaaz ki Kachori.” One kachori is for only 15 rupees.

bikaner misthan


Ram Chaat Bhandar

Ram Chaat Bhandar is situated in Rajguru market, Hisar. They have started from a tiny stall and now opened a restaurant with four floors, but still, their Golgappe has been famous for so many years now. You can get tasty, tangy Golgappe from just 20 rupees.

raam chaat


Jagat Restaurant

Jagat Restaurant is situated in Bhagat Singh Market, Hisar. Jagat restaurant is famous for its sweets and Indian fast food items, but especially kachori and samosa. They make a small samosa with a filling of potatoes.



Geeta Panwadi

Geeta Panwadi shop is situated near Nagori gate, Radha Bazaar, Mehta Nagar, Hisar. The Panwadi shop is the most popular  in Hisar for their Paan. Hisar citizens love eating their Paan and are pretty addicted to it. They make delicious Paan which you want to eat again and again, and the price is just 20rupees. The shop is 80 years old.



Kalu Lahssi Bhandar

Kalu Lahssi Bhandar is situated in Mehta Nagar, Hisar. It is one of the popular food/drink points in Hisar. They serve only Lahssi, and that is made of curd. They add sugar and Ice to it and whisk it for a while and serve it cool. They do make sweet and savory Lahssi, and the starting price is just 40 rupees per glass.

kalu lassi bhandar


Amritsari Foods

Amritsari foods restaurant is situated in Shastri Nagar, Hisar. Their Chole Kulche is very popular in Hisar. Their Chole Kulche has authentic Punjabi taste, and the best part is they also provide home delivery.

amritsari foods


Dip Sip

Dip Sip coffee point is situated in Hisar. They started their coffee point in a van, but now they own a restaurant especially for coffee. They have different types of coffee, and everything tastes fantastic.

dip sip


Raj Tea Stall

Raj Tea Stall is situated in Shanti Nagar, Shop no.1, Hisar. They serve good quality of Tea, but they are not famous for the tea instead they are famous for their samosa. The shop opens at noon and makes fresh samosa on orders. They maintain hygiene, and their samosa tastes fantastic. Not only all samosa but green chutney with it is the show-stealer.

raj tea stall


Kamal Bhelpuri-Sevpuri

They are situated on Rajgarh road, near congress Bhawan, shop no. 104, Hisar. They are famous for their Bhelpuri and Sevpuri. The shop is 30 years old, but the quality and quantity of their Chaat are excellent. Starting price is just 30 rupees.

kamal bhelpuri


Gohana Sweet

Gohana sweet is situated opposite the main bus stand, near Gujari mahal, Hisar. They have a variety of sweets like besan ka ladoo, motichur ladoo, etc. But they are famous for their Jalebi. They prepare jalebi in desi ghee and serve it hot. The shop is eight years old, and their hospitality is excellent.

gohana sweets


Banarasi Das

Banarasi Das Halwai is situated in Moti Bazar, Shastri Nagar, Hisar. They have different variety of sweets, but they are famous for their Rabdi Malpua. The shop is 43 years old and they are still famous for their quality of sweets in Hisar. Rabdi Malpua from their shop is a must-have if you are going to Moti bazaar and the price of Rabdi Malpua is just 40 rupees.

banarsi das halwai


Rangoli Namkeen Bhandar

Rangoli Namkeen Bhandar is situated on Rajguru market, Radha Bazaar, Mehta Nagar, Hisar. They are famous for their Tikki. Hisar citizens love eating their Tikki. Tikki is made with potatoes and served with chickpeas, curd, and masala.

rangoli namkeen bhandar


Jaipuriya Special

Jaipuriya Special stall is situated in PLA, Hisar. They are famous for their dahi balle, and the starting price is just 40rupees. They prepare dahi balle and also take care of hygiene. Their dahi balle is crisp and tasty.



Kolkata Roll Point

Kolkata Roll Point is situated in PLA, Hisar. They have various rolls like veg roll, egg roll, chicken roll, paneer roll, etc. They are famous for their delicious rolls, whether it is veg or non-veg. The price for the chicken roll is just 100 rupees.



Muchal Chacha

They are situated in PLA, Hisar, and they are famous for their sprouts-Chaat. They have a variety of healthy food items but famous one is Moong and Moth chaat. Their shop is six years old, and the starting price for the healthy chaat is just 50 rupees.

moong chaat


Hot N Spicy Fast Food

Hot N spicy food stall is situated in PLA, near town park Hisar. They have a variety of fast food like cream burgers, chowmein, pave bhaji, etc. They are famous for their Chowmein Burger, and the price is just 30rupees. The quality and taste of the food are fantastic.

hot n spicy food stall