Top 20 Sindhi Delicacies


Originally Sindhi’s belongs to the Sindh region, which is now part of Pakistan. Sindhi dishes are so much influenced by Arab’s, Mughal’s, Turks, and many other dynasties rulers there. Sindhi food mostly includes rice, flatbread (phulka), dal, and vegetables. They are famous for their unique food and their names. Sindhi’s covers a major part of India, but they have a separate state for them like Marathi’s or Rajasthani’s. Just like them, their food has also covered the whole of India.

Methods by which Sindhi’s cook their food are also unique; seyal method is one of them, in this the food is prepared in onion and ginger-garlic base with any vegetable. Another method is tamatemein(in tomato gravy) and they cook their food in sayemalasa in which we add coriander leaves and garlic for extra taste.

1Dal Pakwan

It includes chana dal or Bengal gram with chopped onions and lemon wedges and paired with fried flatbread, which consists of carom and cumin seeds, accompanied with green and tamarind chutney.


2Sindhi Kadhi Chawal

This is a signature dish. This mouthwatering curry is made from a mixture of gram flour and water, which also has drumsticks, ladyfinger, beans, and it is eaten with plain steam rice.



It is the best breakfast dish which is basically a wheat flour paratha only, but its dough includes chopped onions, green chilies, and it is not stiff dough. Koki can be paired with anything like pickle, curd, papad, chutney, etc.


4Seyun Patata

It is a breakfast dish, but it is sweet paired with something spicy. Seyun is sweet vermicelli, and patata is potato, which is fried and coated with some masala and then served with seyun.


5Sai Bhaji

Sai bhaji means spinach in Sindhi. This curry is a whole package of vitamins. This contains spinach, carrot, garlic, Bengal gram, and it is eaten with plain steam rice.



This is sweet dish consumed on special occasions. It is prepared with dried coconut, sauf, rice, jaggery, black raisins, and dry fruits.


7Dharun Ji Chutney

Dharun Ji chutney or Dhaniya chutney is chutney made from fresh coriander, chilies, and onions. It can be served with anything from pakora to bhel to samosa and kachori. It is freshly made every time it has to be served.


8Meet Lola

It is an Indian bread made from wheat flour and sugar. As the name suggests it is sweet, and it is served with papad and pickle to make its taste shine out. It is generally made at the time of Sindhi festivals and sometimes given as Prasad.

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9Bhee Patata

Bhee is a lotus stem and patata is potato. Since bhee is a seasonal vegetable it is not made throughout the year. It is made with tomato gravy and served with chapati or doda or koki.

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It is also called mithi short. It is only made up of two basic ingredients that are roti and sugar. Roti is crushed with hands and then sugar is added according to the taste, then it is stirred with ghee and served hot with dry fruits. It can be eaten as breakfast or evening snacks as it is so filling and provides energy.

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As the name suggests, it is a mixture of three dals. It contains all the three dals that are urad, moong and chana dal. It is so high in protein. All three dals are cooked together and served with roti or doda.



Kachaloo is arbi. It is a great side dish for Sindhis and so easy to make too, just boil, peel, deep fry and add some masala and it is ready. It tastes so good with curd.

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13Chola Chaap

It is Sindhi street food. It contains chaap that is cutlet made up of potato and chilies and deep-fried. Chole is made in a simple way. Then chaap is placed in a bowl and chole is poured upon it and it is served hot with onions, masala and imli chutney for a tangy touch.



Sindhis are popularly known for their love for papad. They can’t go a day without it. It is a great accompaniment and can complement anything. It can be roasted, fried, and can be served as masala papad. Earlier only Sindhis eat it but now the whole world is a fan of it.

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15Turi Bhaji

It is a vegetable made up of turi that is turai and tomato and other masala used in Sindhi dishes. It is rich in nutrition and good for health. It is served hot with roti.


16Sata Bhajiyu

It is a mixture of seven vegetables that are made in spinach gravy. It is mostly made on Diwali. It can include any vegetable of our choice.

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It is a Sindhi non-veg dish. It is Sindhi mutton curry cooked with less water and that’s what makes it unique from others.



It can be called as Sindhi jalebi. It is made like jalebi but with more strings.



It is a Sindhi sweet made with a lot of dry fruits in it. It has a special role in Sindhi culture as it is given to girls at the time of their marriage.


20Singhar ji Mithai

It is a Sindhi sweet made from sev, plain mawa, milk and sugar. It is low in fat and super yummy.