Top 20 Famous Food Spots In Dharamshala

Top 20 Famous Food Spots In Dharamshala
Top 20 Famous Food Spots In Dharamshala

Dharamshala is a famous winter spot in Himachal Pradesh, India. It is the location for the administrative headquarters of Kangra district. Its name is derived from an old Hindu sanctuary called Dharamsal, which stood there once. It also has many tea gardens, which are prominently around Shila chowk. Now, it produces all teas, including black tea, green tea, Oolong tea, and popular Kashmiri kahwa and masala chai. Also, this place is a favorite vacation spot, and every year, many people visit this hill station. While traveling, people love to explore beautiful places and tasty food spots in the city. Here, we have the top 20 recommendations of the famous food spots in Dharamshala.

1. Namgyal Café

This café is situated near temple road, and the first imposing thing about this place is the comforting and cozy ambience. The momo and pizza are exceptionally delightful and of good quality. The veg Thukpa is pretty famous here.

They also have a vast variety of green teas and other types of tea available on their menu.

Namgyal Cafe

2. Vinod Chat Bhandar

This place provides excellent service in Indian, Punjabi, and Chinese cuisines. All the items available are delicious and budget-friendly. In chat items, the Tikki and samosa served with spicy chole are lip-smacking and worth it. The hygiene and cleanliness are well-maintained on the premises. You can visit this outlet with family and friends for quick bites.

Vinod Chat Bhandar

3. Kyizom Himalayan Eatery

It is located at Jogiwara Road, Dharamshala, with a beautiful interior and ambience and soothing live music playing on the site. The staff members of this place pay attention to every detail of your order and bring you exactly what you asked for. Momos and veg thukpa are a must-try and offered at reasonable rates.

Kyizom Himalayan Eatery

4. Four Season Café

They have a variety of Tibetan vegetarian food recipes with authentic tastes. They also have types of fruit juices and cocktails available. The steam momos and white sauce pasta are the two must-try items on your visit to this place. It is a small café with limited seating; hence it is better to book a table in advance.

Four Season Cafe

5. Norling Restaurant

There are many cafes in Dharamshala, but no café matches this in terms of hospitality and home-like food preparations. The menu of this place is not much different from most of the other cafes. It also has Tibetan cuisine on its menu, which is good in taste. The butter tea is a must-try on your visit o this place.

Norling Restaurant

6. Crepe Pancake

This place is a hidden gem opposite Mt. view hotel, McLeod Ganj, with calming vibes. It is not a fancy place, but the pancakes are delightful and sweet. The timings to visit this place is 8:30 AM -8 PM.

Crepe Pancake

7. Tibetan Tea House

It is a vibrant café serving fresh, warm, and tasty food. The outlet is clean and has a casual atmosphere. The thenthuk and Tibetan butter tea are must-try. Everything about food, from presentation to portion, is palpable. This place has many people visiting this place from all around the world.

Tibetan Tea House

8. Ride And Rolls BBQ Village

This food spot is near the city Library, Ram Nagar serving tasty sandwiches and burgers. Apart from that, the hospitality and the cleanliness maintained are also impressive. The delicious Barbeque paneer tikka pizza is a must-try. It is a perfect spot for fast food or breakfast options.

Ride And Rolls BBQ Village

9. Moti Mahal Delux

It is a classic restaurant in Sudher, Dharamshala, offering perfect preparations in North Indian cuisine. The seating arrangement is excellent and comfortable. It is best known for the famous dal makhani along with Naan. The sweet desserts offered are mouth salivating and must-try.

Moti Mahal Delux 1

10. Illiterati

It is a highly recommended place for book lovers as this plays consists of a book corner and piano. This place has very peaceful vibes along with great hospitality. It is a bustling place but if you visit at the opening time, then you might get a seat. If you plan to visit this place then the coffee and cakes are worth tasting.


11. Chef’s Farmhouse

This is an excellent place if you want to enjoy your meals with the beautiful view of the mountains. The interior, as well as the view from this place, both are splendid. All the food items made are healthy and tasty at the same time. You can ask the chef for a recommendation as per your liking. The chef’s Farmhouse salad is fantastic and deserves to be tasted.

Chefs Farmhouse

12. Peace House

It is located in Gamru village, from where you can get one of the best views of the whole of Dharamshala. The interior and ambience of this place are very calming. Also, you will be able to read good books in the clean and relaxing atmosphere of this place. You can try thenthuk and fried rice from this place, along with some herbal tea.

Peace House

13. Anonymous Café

It is a must-visit place if you are a pancake lover. They will not only impress you by the taste of their pancakes but with presentation too. Everything is freshly prepared with a burst of unique flavors in the mouth. Also, the ambience of this place is soothing to the eyes.

Anonymous Cafe

14. Food Safari

This restaurant is located near Dharamshala cricket stadium and has an elegant interior and view. They serve many items like momos, burgers, wraps, all of them being amazing in taste. The specialty of this place is the hand-beaten coffee, and it is a must-try if you are a coffee lover. You will have a great experience at this place.

Food Safari

15. Jimmy’s Asian Kitchen

It is situated on ladies’ venture, McLeod Ganj, and is well known for its heart-warming hospitality. On your visit to this place, the sushi is a must-try, as they have the authentic taste and reasonable price as compared to other restaurants with the same menu. Apart from that, the ambience of this place is pretty decent and relaxing.

Jimmys Asian Kitchen

16. The Clay Oven

This place offers the best wood-fired pizza in the entire city. The pizzas are loaded with cheese and have a soft crust, making every bite worthy of tasting. They also serve amazing dessert; the Choco Mousse Cake is the best among them. You can visit this site with your family.

The Clay Oven

17. Lung Ta Japanese Restaurant

This place serves the best home-style Japanese food in the entire city. The site is cozy and has a casual atmosphere. This outlet is owned by a couple and filled with good hospitality. Tuesday and Friday are celebrated as sushi days here, which are available at a very pocket-friendly price.

Lung Ta Japanese Restaurant

18. Shiva Drink And Dine

It is located in Palampur, Dharamshala, having a cozy sitting arrangement with peaceful music playing in the background. They serve delicious Italian and North Indian recipes, all of which are freshly prepared. They also have the facility for free internet. You can also book the place for small celebrations, as they accept reservations.

Shiva Drink And Dine

19. Kala Momo Point

This place costs Rs.100 per plate of momos, and each bite is worth the price. The veg momos from this place are unbeatable in taste, and they serve it along with a complimentary soup. It is a good spot for evening cravings and can visit with friends.

Kala Momo Point

20. Takhyil Peace Café

It is a must-visit place, especially for breakfast. This is a small place with homely vibes and delightful recipes. For breakfast, you can try Banana chocolate pancake and Ginger lemon honey tea. Apart from that, you can try veg thukpa, which is served in good quantity.

Takhyil Peace Cafe