Top 20 Famous Foods To Try In Banaras

Top 20 Famous Foods To Try In Banaras

Banaras is particularly famous for its rich street food and simplicity. There are a variety of dishes that range from sweet, to spicy and especially the variations which are there. It would be less for anyone to explore the whole of Banaras and all of the different kinds of flavors and dishes that it provides to the people. A lot of associated cuisines are coming up along with the various old preparations originating in the place itself. Banaras observes the ethnicity and the continuation of these rooted desires and tastes from one generation to the other.

1.Aloo Kachori

Aloo kachori is one of the sweetest and most spicy snacks or rather a street food that is found in the narrow streets of Banaras. It originated in the Indian subcontinent and is common in places where there is a diaspora of heritage and history going back to the types of kachori. There are a lot of alternative names that are present for this. The main ingredients to make the kachori are gram flour and moong daal, although, the potato is the main ingredient.


2.Chena Dahi Vada

The chena Dahi Vada, also known as the masala vada is extremely famous in Banaras. In the new and fast-growing society, it is also presented as a baked dish for people who are health conscious. However, the main and rich taste of these vadas lies in their popular preparation process. There are chana daal, cottage cheese, various spices, onions, and herbs that are used in the preparation of this dish.


3.Bati Chokha

Bati Chokha is made using black gram flour, potato, and wheat flour as the main ingredients. It is extremely famous in Rajasthan and also Banaras. Bati Chokha is particularly hard as a small snack or even as a delicacy for early breakfast or even in the evening. The main course or the recipe has its authentic flavor because of the Indian spices that are used for the preparation of the dish. There are a lot of restaurants and Banaras that offer a variety of Bati Chokha.


4.Choora Matar

Choora matar or Banarasi chura matar, is a simple yet extremely delicious preparation. It is a delicacy that is made with a twist on the usual poha recipe in Banaras. The rich taste of ghee in the dish adds more flavor and the cumin seeds open up the taste even more. Peas are used as a main ingredient in this dish and it is a great breakfast or even a snack for people.


5.Tamatar Chaat

Several chaats are present in the market. However, a tomato chaat is one different and healthy alternative. The tomato base is prepared with the help of different Indian spices and mixed well. Once the base is ready, it is used for the chaat. It can be enjoyed with a cup of tea. It usually takes 35 to 40 minutes to make and is popular among the streets of Varanasi.



Thandai is considered to be an Indian cold drink that is usually prepared with a mixture of fennel seeds, watermelon kernels, and rose petals for adding extra flavors and almonds. It is a rich dish that is found in the ‘gallis’ of Banaras and is particularly catered to serve the people as a beverage. However, a lot of people have thandai as part of a sweet snack or even as a refreshment.


7.Dahi Chutney Gol Gappe

The ‘Meethe Gol Gappe’ is very famous in Banaras. People particularly drool over the Dahi Chutney Gol Gappe among the category. It is a very simple street food and is served around the evening. Although, you can find this dish almost the whole day. The Dahi Chutney Gol Gappe works as an appetizer and is mostly famous for its unique spicy and sour taste because of the curd (dahi).


8.Rabri Jalebi

There is no better combination for a dish than a Rabri and Jalebi. Both of these dishes, although different, combine heavenly with each other. This is the most wanted sweet dish in Banaras. The rabri is made out of milk and cardamom powder, dry fruits whereas, Jalebi is made out of gram flour and sugar syrup. This is a must-try dish, especially when you are in Banaras.


9.Banarasi Paan

The Banarasi paan has different categories under it. The one is the Banarasi paan gilory which is similar to the other category which is the Banarasi meetha pan. It involves the use of a good amount of dry fruits like raisins, gulkand, and cashews. The use of the petal leaves imparts an extremely refreshing feeling to the mouth. If you visit Banaras, the Banarasi Paan is a must-have for you. The trip is incomplete without this. Sometimes, there is also ‘tooty-frooty’ (flavored papaya and fruit pieces) which are added for extra flavor.


10.Kachori Sabzi

This is a delicious combination of the crisp kachoris and the spicy aloo sabzi. Sometimes, there is even a raita that is served alongside the dish. It is easy to prepare for any meal of the day and the ingredients are extremely less. This makes it one of the most popular dishes in Banaras which is being served as a deep fried snack. It is one of the most demanding dishes in Banaras and the favorite thing of a lot of people. Tourists visiting the city, particularly search for the kachori sabzi before any other dish.


11.Malai Toast

The name of this dish might not be as fascinating as the dish itself. Malai Toast is a piece of bread served with schemed milk (malai). It tastes like heaven when served cold. For added flavors, a pinch of almost powder and cardamom powder is sprinkled over the toast. Trying a Malai Toast is something that falls under the to-do list.


12.Dahi Puri

Dahi Puri is another Indian dish that is famous all over the country. Particularly, Dahi Puri is demanded in Banaras where it is served as a snack. It is a type of chat and particularly originates from the city of Mumbai. It is served with boiled potatoes in the center and onions. Sometimes for added flavor and to make the dish complete, chickpeas and onions are also added. There is a particular chutney where our sauce is used to make it tastier.


13.Chana Masala

Chana masala or chickpea curry originated in the Indian subcontinent itself. It is particularly the steeple dish in north India and is made out of the main ingredients with chickpeas, onions, tomatoes, and other vegetables and masalas. It is one of the most famous Indian dishes and is also served with Puri in the streets of Banaras. This can either be had as breakfast or even an evening snack. It is low in calories and simple to make. Most importantly, even if the dish is being made at home, the taste in itself serves like it has been made in the restaurant.


14.Mutton Curry From Kalika Restaurant

This dish is a delight for non-vegetarians. The mutton curry from Kalika Restaurant is a winning dish. The reason being the tender mutton, perfectly cooked in the spices. Mutton Curry in this restaurant is very famous for its unique taste and spicy combinations. It is surely a delight for the people having it.


15.Laaiya Channa

Laaiya Channa is also known as ‘Jhalmuri’ in West Bengal and ‘Bhelpuri’. Puffed rice is the main ingredient of the dish and is extremely simple to make. Laaiya Channa is a very basic yet famous dish in Banaras. It is a healthy snack, which is very nutritious and rich in flavor. While walking through the old lanes of Banaras, one can enjoy a Laaiya Channa.


16.Buniya Dishes

Buniya, also known as ‘Boondi’ is a type of Indian snack that is either converted into a spicy food or even a sweet. It is made from fried chickpea flour which can be served as a snack or even a dessert. Mostly famous in Rajasthan, buniya is also famous in Banaras. The name originates from Nepal and there are various dishes which are made from it. Particularly, the buniya k laddoo is famous in Banaras.


17.Pethas And Laddoos

The Pethas and Laddoos are one delicacy and the most famous sweet in North India. However, as being said famous, the sweet dish is most popular in Banaras itself. There are a variety of pethas found in these sweet shops of Banaras and several laddoos. Among the many options that are present in front of people, this dish is one of the most served dishes in Banaras.


18.Aaloo Tikki

Aloo Tikkis are as famous as the chaats. The main ingredient in this dish is potatoes. First, it is boiled and then processed further for a tikki. This is a mouth-watering dish that can be tried with a piece of bread, roti, or even just as it is. Once you know the taste, it becomes difficult to leave it behind, for people keep coming back to the uniqueness of the dish.


19.Samosas From Local Shops

Samosas are a favorite snack in India. However, there is a difference in the taste and how it is made. Banaras has its way of presenting samosas from the local shops to the people. It has always been served as one of the fast-selling snacks in the streets during the evening. Samosas are a big hit. There are keema samosas, aloo samosas, and even various other types of samosas that are found in the local shops. The taste is impeccable and cannot match any other dish.


20.Aam Panna

Aam Panna is one of the famous dishes that are widely demanded during the summer season. However, sometimes it is also found all around the year. The main ingredient for this refreshment is raw mango. The raw mango has its sour flavor which is later added with different spices and water to turn it into a refreshing drink.