Top 20 Sweets In Banaras Which Are Low In Calorie

Top 20 Sweets In Banaras Which Are Low In Calorie

‘Banarasi Mithas’, or Sweets of Banaras has its language and dialect. People from around the world die for sweets that are found in Banaras. However, the rising concern for health and related problems has been putting up a question on the sweets that are not safe to consume. Low-calorie sweeteners are used in a lot of such sweets, but there are a lot of other sweets that are made naturally without any low-calorie sweeteners. A lot of opinions persist over this theory where people want to explore Banaras and every narrow street of the place, wandering around for more options on healthy sweets.


Rajbhog is one Bengali sweet that has had its connection with bananas for a long time. Rajbhog is extremely popular among traditional families and the people who have their taste in the culture of both Banaras and Bengal. The sweet is made with crushed dry fruits and stuffed inside the paneer cheese ball. Later, it is dipped into a sugary liquid and the saffron-cardamom flavored taste is what makes it most identical.


2.Lal Pedaas

Lal Pedaas is another delicacy that is most famous among tourists and people. It is specifically found in the temples of Banaras and certain sweet shops. The lal pedaas are of the finest quality pedaas made out of dry fruits and milk. It involves low calories for people to rely on it and have more. Being a healthy option, it can also be considered one of the most desired and famous sweets of Banaras.


3.Tiranga Barfi

Banaras is a place that is always surrounded by festivals and various rituals. People are visiting the place from all around the world. This calls for one sweet which would depict a taste that would remind of the ethnicity as well. The rich taste would forever be stuck in the hearts of the people. Tiranga barfi is one such sweet that is made out of cashew and sugar, where later, flavors are added on and food colors are used.


4.Malai Ki Gilori

Apart from Banaras, the Malai ki Gilori is also famous in Lucknow. The sweet is particularly made in such a way that once any person has it, it will instantly start melting in the mouth. It is extremely delicate and super delicious which makes it more popular. Milk is the main ingredient in this sweet and is continuously stirred to thicken it until it turns into the perfect texture. Sometimes, mawa is also used.



Badi is particularly made in the shape of pedas or even a gujiya. Sometimes, it is made with khoya and filled with small pieces of sugar candy. It is one such sweet that tends to travel along with the old ways in which it is made and carries back with an individual through its popularity. Although, it is healthier than other sweets which are found in Banaras and are rare in terms.


6.Badam Imarti

Imartis are extremely famous in Rajasthan. Apart from that, Banaras has been one such place where Badam Imarti has grabbed the limelight. Badam Imarti is first made in its original form and then dipped into the sugar liquid. It is low in calories and one of the most famous sweets in India. The imarti is first made by deep frying the whole flour batter and stirred around the cooking vessel in a circular flower shape. Later, small pieces of badam are added over the sweet.


7.Lavang Lata

Lavang Lata is also know as ‘Lavang latika’. This particular sweet is also famous in West Bengal. The history of Banaras involves a part of its population belonging to Bengal, where Lavang Lata is one of the many sweets that have been coming from the shops of Bengal. It is healthy, with a rich taste and a clove.



Malaiyo is one winter delicacy in Banaras. The sweet dish is mainly available in the winter. You can imagine having Malaiyo and sitting on the ghats of Banaras, enjoying the ambiance. Malaiyo is a must-have sweet dish in Banaras. It is made out of milk and is sometimes also found in shops on different occasions.


9.Blue Lassi

The sweet is named Blue Lassi, but the main dish might not seem so blue to you. The shop in which it is found is covered with blue walls all around and therefore, the name Blue Lassi. However, the lassi is indeed an unforgettable one. It is a yogurt drink, topped with dry and crushed fruits, and sometimes a bit of spice is added for flavour.



Rasmalai is another Bengali sweet, which is very famous in Banaras. It is made with cottage cheese and shaped into discs. The small pieces are then boiled and strained to be dipped in flavored milk. This sweet dish is healthy as well as low in calories.

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11.Dry Fruits Laddoo

Even if people visit sweet shops, the one question that strikes their mind is how to find a healthy sweet. Dry fruit laddoo is one such delicious and healthy snack that is made up of dates, nuts, and even other fruits. It is extremely easy to make and can be made in various ways. Therefore, there is freedom which is present with the one who prepares it, to make it as healthy as possible. The most interesting part of making these laddoos is the fact that there is no requirement for sugar or jaggery to make it sweet.


12.Soan Halwa

Soan Halwa has its history rooted back to the Mughal culture. It is particularly famous in South Asia with a very dense and rich taste. The soan halwa is made out of corn flour, sugar, milk, and water. There are various fruits which are used in it that make it healthy as well as something which can be considered sweet. It is incredibly popular in North India and is one of the most wanted dishes in Banaras.


13.Blueberry Kulfi

Blueberry is just another flavor that is being added to the kulfi. The kulfi is one frozen dessert that is extremely famous in summer. Banaras sometimes face extreme weather. In that case, this frozen dessert becomes one of the most served dishes in Banaras. Kulfi is made out of milk and a lot of ingredients are added to make it different. Crushed almonds, dry fruits, honey, and even blueberry bits are added.



Jalebi falls both, under a sweet and also as a sweet snack. It is juicy and crispy. It is a very popular sweet in India and has a lot of names in different places. Particularly, jalebi is made out of maida, gram flour, and sugar which falls under the category of unhealthy foods for people with diabetes. However, if made properly and hidden in lesser amounts, jalebi can be considered viable sometimes.


15.Addu Bendi

Addu Bendi is another famous sweet dish. However, addu is not found in every sweet shop in Banaras. It is rare and made of flour and coconut. Addu is similar to the texture of a laddoo and is synonymous dish. It is found in the form of long sticks. People must go for addu at least some time, while they are in Banaras.


16.Kaju Puro Sweets

As suggested by the name in itself, Kaju Puro Sweets are made out of cashew, the main ingredient. A lot of people consider cashews to be a rich dry fruit which would not make them believe the sweet to be low in calories. The sweets are made in different ways, where various amount of cashew is used. This makes it feasible for people to have it when they want a portion of healthy food.

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17.Ghewar Badam Katli

This sweet might not fall under the low-calorie category of sweets, yet is a must-try among the long list of sweets. Banaras have a huge list of sweets that are rich in taste. Nothing can match Ghewar Badam Katli. It is made out of a batter and then combined with the process of making a badam katli. A detailed report would be better when you visit a sweet shop asking for this dish.



Feeni is generally a winter desert. It is also famous in Jaipur. While being a seasonal dessert, it has also made an all-around demand among the people of Banaras. Thin vermicelli is fried in ghee or oil and then dipped in sugar syrup. A flavor of saffron is later added and mixed with hot milk.


19.Baked Sweets

In today’s date, there is an all-time demand for baked sweets. Certainly, people have an idea that the number of sweets that are baked is healthier and low in calories. This fact, to some extent, might be true. Therefore, there are a lot of baked sweet dishes which are found in small shops in Banaras. People tend to go towards these new types of dishes which are coming in and try them to define the category of healthy sweets.


20.Moong Barfi

Moong Barfi is a simple dish that is prepared with moong daal. The barfi is made out of moong daal paste, sugar, other ingredients, and cashew. It is a bit different in taste, but the addition of lentils to the process of preparing a sweet is something that makes a barfi healthier.