Top 20 Famous Maharashtrian Dishes


1. Bharli Vangi (Stuffed Eggplant)

The most traditional and ancient dish of Maharashtra. This dish is top ranked in menus for weddings and ceremonies in Maharashtra. This recipe tastes best with bhakri (made up of jowar) or chapati. Chopped tomatoes, onions, roasted peanuts, spices, red chili powder is mixed well, and a rough paste is made, which is our stuffing for the brinjals. Then, the brinjals are filled with this stuffing and they are cooked. The stuffed brinjals get a roasted texture and they taste best.


2. Bharli Bhindi (Stuffed Lady Finger)

Another famous and top ranked dish of Maharashtra. It is tempting and spicy and it can be eaten during lunch as well as dinner. The lady fingers are cut in half from middle and stuffing is added to it. Stuffing is made up of roasted peanuts powder, red chili powder, salt and also garam masala powder. After the stuffing is added, the fingers are fried in a pan and served hot with bhakri or chapati. Simple lady finger recipe is another variant of its kind.


3. Masala Bhaat

Now this is a famous recipe of Maharashtra. Main ingredient used here is rice. You will surely see this recipe on the menu of all hotels in Maharashtra, in the rice section. The other ingredients used are garam masala, red chili powder, green chilies, chopped onions, tomatoes, potatoes and green peas. These are tempered with rice, as the final step and cooked. You can add as many veggies as you want.


4. Pandhra Rassa

A very famous Kolhapuri dish, has been evolved all over Maharashtra. At present you can see this dish topped on menus of nearly all hotels and restaurants, and is a must try option for non-vegetarians. Maharahtrians are a big fan of non-veg, so any recipe with it, would be the best. On special occasions and weddings, this is a compulsory dish for the people. Mutton is the main ingredient and the gravy is prepared pretty tempting and spicy with all famous Indian spices and herbs. One more specialty of this dish is the special type of masala that is Kolhapuri masala, with some important and well known spices and herbs.


5. Taambda Rassa

Another variant in types of rassa (gravy) is Taambda rassa, which is another top-ranked and popular dish of Maharashtra. Little bit spicier than pandhra rassa, mutton being the main ingredient. It requires approximate of 40-50 minutes of continuous cooking. Ingredients for preparation of gravy are black pepper, turmeric, spices, cardamom, tomato, onions, red chili powder and coriander leaves for garnishing. This dish is served hot with bhakri. A must try dish for non-vegetarians and available in hotels all over Maharashtra.


6. Puran Poli

A traditional and ancient sweet dish of Maharashtra, which is prepared on all Ganesh Chaturthi, festivals and preferred during small functions and weddings also. Festivals in Maharashtra are not celebrated without this dish in the menu. This is flat bread filled with sweet paste made up of cooked lentils which are smashed them to make a thick paste and fill in puran poli.


7. Modak

This sweet dish is a specialty of Maharashtra. Well known festival, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated IN Maharashtra, and this is the compulsory dish of that festival. Filling of sweet jaggery and coconut mixture is stuffed inside modak. And then they are baked, which makes the outer texture soft. They are also called ukdiche modak.  It’s a type of Dumpling dish.


8. Pithla Bhakri

Pithla bhakri is my personal favorite dish from my childhood days. Pithla is made up of besan (gram flour), which is mixed with the tempering of, onions, turmeric, spices, cardamom and stirred until it forms a thick paste. This dish is served with bhakri and onions and is garnished with coriander leaves. This dish was originated from rural area in Maharashtra and is now popular even in the city.


9. Sol Kadhi

This is a type of curry or dessert which is preferred with rice or sometimes to drink after meals. A popular dish in Goa and Konkani areas of Maharashtra. It is prepared from kokum and coconut milk. And is served with chopped coriander leaves. It helps in digestion of food and improves digestive system.


10. Amti (Tur Dal – Spicy Dal)

A compulsory dish in every house of Maharashtra. It is prepared from yellow lentils (tur dal), lentils are cooked first and then the masala is prepared, in which the cooked lentils are put and stirred well. The tempering is done with black pepper, spices, red chili powder and the most important ingredient is tomato. It is also called tomato amti. It is served hot with chapatti or bhakri alongside onions. This dish is in liquid form and not thick texture.


11. Kothimbir Vadi

Kothimbir is the Marathi word for coriander. In Maharashtra, we can have theses vadis with tomato sauce. These are prepared with besan (gram flour) and a thick paste is prepared. This can also be prepared as khaman dhokla. The mixture is prepared and all spices are cooked and then it form a thick rectangular base, which is cut into square pieces and served with tils (sesame) spread all over.


12. Mix Veg Kolhapuri

A very famous Kolhapuri dish, prepared with all the vegetables and gravy. This dish is served hot. It is a tempting dish to those who like spicy food. All the veggies are cooked and then gravy is prepared with all the spices, herbs, chopped tomatoes, chopped onions, red chili powder and black pepper, served with rice, chapati or bhakri. Hotels and restaurants also serve this dish.


13. Veg. Maratha

Kolhapur constitutes a big contribution in Maharashtrian cuisine, and majority of the dishes are spicy and tempting. Red chili powder and the Kolhapuri masala is the most important ingredient in all the dishes. Small balls of stuffed veggies are cooked and again cooked with gravy. Kolhapuri kanda-lasun (onion-garlic) masala, is the must ingredient for this dish.


14. Aluvadi

This is a starter or snack, which can be prepared anytime, even at home. This is mostly prepared with fresh taro leaves which give a spicy and delicious taste. Sesame seeds and coriander leaves are used for garnishing. This is a stuffed roll, which is steamed and served with green chutney (pudina) or sauce. It also gives you a slight feeling of itchiness to throat or tongue. But it’s nothing to be worried about as it feels normal after some time.


15. Sabudana Khichdi

The most famous fasting dish, prepared during all the fasting’s and also during Ganesh Chaturthi as people do fasting on that day also. Sabudana Vada can be prepared from Sabudana, and is healthy fasting dish. The sabudana is washed and kept away for some time, so that is becomes a little soft. Now the tempering is prepared with curry leaves (kadipatta), salt, small chopped onions, potatoes, powder of peanuts and spices.


16. Thalipeeth

It is the traditional dish of Maharashtra. You must try this, if anytime you visit Maharashtra. It is served with green chutney, sauce or curd. This traditional dish is also not time consuming and people are turning towards it from junk foods. Its ingredients are chopped onions, coriander leaves, tomato, green chilies and most important part, whole wheat flour.


17. Shrikhand

A traditional and very famous Indian sweet, and also very popular in Maharashtra. Main ingredient of the dish is hung curd which is also known as chakka. In Gujarat and Maharashtra Shrikhand is most suited. The various types of srikhand are, mango Shrikhand, fruit Shrikhand and many more. This is served with pooris and chapatti, and is also preferred after the meals as a dessert. Garnish with kesar.


18. Amrakhand

This is another form of popular sweet dish in Maharashtra served with nuts, almonds, pistachios and kesar. Mango amrakhand is another variant. Curd, saffron strands, sugar and green cardamom are important ingredients in this recipe. Shrikhand and amrakhand are most preferred desserts after the meal or even served with pooris and chapati. Any occasion in the house, this is a must dessert for guests.


19. Batata Bhaji

This is a type of snack offered by many hotels and restaurants in Maharashtra. It is served with red sauce or green chutney. This is a type of Pakora. It is prepared from Besan (gram flour), red chili powder, turmeric and most important part are sliced potatoes which are dipped into the mixture and deep fried. It gets a thick covering from outside, very crunchy and crispy. During rainy seasons, you will find this dish not only on the stalls but also at every home.


20. Masala Karla

Another masala dish prepared from Karla (bitter gourd). As we all know, bitter gourd is very bitter in taste, so this recipe tries to reduce its bitterness and makes it a little spicy and sweet. This dish is prepared with all the garam masala, spices, herbs, turmeric powder and red chili powder. Oil is needed for deep frying, after which the bitter gourds become crunchy in taste, and they taste best when served hot. Must try dish for those, who don’t like bitter gourds, it will surely change your mind.