Top 20 Mouth Thundering Ice-creams In Mumbai!


1. Chocolate mousse bar rolling pin

Dark Belgian coating along with the grainy effect does tempt your buds! The fluffy chocolate filled ice cream melts in your mouth. The ice-cream is served like a bar giving it a chocolaty feel.

Where To Find: The Rolling Pin, Lower Parel


2. Baba Falooda

Creamy chunks of falooda bar dissolved in the milk to mesmerize one’s taste buds. Best is the “BABA DOUBLE SPECIAL FALOODA”. That’s just double dhamaka and burst of milk flavours.

Where To Find: Mahim


3. Choco Almond

Waffle cone wrapping the cheerful creamy ice-cream drizzled over with chocolate sauce. Each bit of golden walnut adds that extra crunch to it.

Where To Find: Just Chill 7 (Matunga East)


4 Craft Popsicle

The shiny Orangish Red Popsicle does give that tempting look to your neurons and the dazzling dip does leave you mesmerized.

Where To Find: White Owl Brewery, lower Parel 

Price: Rs 195/-


5. Sea Salt and Truffle Ice Cream

Those perfect balls of ice-cream flow through your taste buds. The crispy grainy taste combined with the smoothness of ice-cream adds to the real touch. The authentic pattern of serving does fascinate one and all.

Where To Find: Yuuka, Lower Parel

Price: RS 850/-


6 Pani Puri Sorbet

Combination of Indian pani puri with the sour-ish ice cream sorbet fills the mouth with an exciting and confusing taste. Reasonable combination of deliciousness and crispiness makes it an absolute delight.

Where To Find: Papa cream, Churchgate

Price: Rs 160 + taxes


7. Strawberry Balsamic Ice-cream

The ice-cream is served in a very innovative way, with a chai glass and a saucer topped with a mint leaf giving it a good finish.The ice-cream has a very strong strawberry flavour and is available at a very reasonable rate.

Where To Find: The Sassy Spoon, Bandra West

Price: Rs 100 per scoop + taxes


8. Chai Ice-cream

This is a definite yes for all chai lovers. Served with various spices giving a real spicy touch to it. The chai flavoured ice cream does tempt everyone that looks through the menu something innovative and deliciously yummy!

Where To Find:Masala Library, Bandra East

Price: Rs 475 + taxes


9. Chai Biskoot Ice-cream

ANOTHER ONE, WITH THE ADDED UMFF! Beautifully served with an apt label as a breakfast ice-cream. Bored of tea and biscuit? Why not add an ice cream to it. It is refreshing yet authentic.

Where To Find:Bina’s Homemade Ice-creams, Charni Road
Price: Rs 365/- for half litre


10. Blue Cheese Honey

Yes, I know it sounds crazy right?!?! It is  pretty tangy, ripe and mouldy with a great balance of salty and sweet. AND BLUE CHEESE IS YUMMY!! WHO DOESN’T LIKE BLUE CHEESE?

Where To Find: Caramel Carousel, Bandra West

Price: Rs 600/- + taxes


11. Kulfi Tour

UNLIMITED, YES UNLIMITED IT IS! With a buffet of Rs. 800/-, you get a whole full world of kulfis with amazing toppings. Paan kulfi and Chocolate kulfi are served to give a sweetful end to your food journey.

Where To Find: Barbeque Nation


12. Ice Cream Sandwich

K Rustom is one of the oldest ice cream joints in Mumbai. It’s a large creamy bar served between thin wafers. They have an amazing variety of flavours, ranging from Walnut Crunch to Strawberry Fruit Spread, and from Papaya to Sour Cherry. The ice cream sandwich here is so delicious that you just can’t end having one. And you know what the best thing is? … It is absolutely pocket friendly.

 Where To Find: K Rustom Ice-cream, Churchgate


13Chai Delight 

Tea lovers… can we have your attention please! There is something unique at The Bombay Canteen for you. Masala Chai Popsicles has India’s favourite hot drink chilled on a stick, which looks like a kulfi, given with biscuit crumbles and caramel sauce.

Where To Find: The Bombay Canteen


14. Macaron Ice Cream

Pooja Dhingra did an amazing favour to humankind by combining two of the best things to rejoice the taste buds ; Macarons and ice-cream, whaaat?! Did we just hear that? Cherry on the cake? They made them in different flavours. Well it is limited edition though.That soft spongy macron and the melting gooey cream are worth every penny.

Where to find: Le 15 Patisserie, Khar, Lower Parel and Pali Hill


15 Kolkata Meetha Ice Cream

Would you like to end your meal with a paan? You will love this. The minty goodness of paan, the creaminess of the ice cream will make you wonder why you’ve been having it any other way for so long.

Where To Find: Amaya Indian Grill And Kitchen, Phoenix Market City


16 Big Bang Theory 

This one is too grand to be served on a plate. The chef will assemble it right on your table! Consume stardust and the rest of the planetary system that is arranged just for you at Joss and Umami. Science did come for a good use.

Where to find: Joss, Santacruz West and Umami, Churchgate


17 Bacon and Olive Oil

Olive Oil? Great. Bacon? Oh amazing. Both together in an ice cream?! yumsaa Someone wake me up please. I can’t believe this.

Where To Find: Mezzo Mezzo, Mariott, Juhu


18. Chocolate Symphony

It is garnished with epic par lines and scoops thrown on bed of chocolate. Even if well determined not to eat it definitely has got that irresistible look. Yummy in tummy!

Where To Find: At The Table


19. Cookies Ice Cream

Cookies and Cream childhood dream food you could say. Exact proportion of chips and cake and that melting ice cream, maybe after this one is over you are going to rush and get another one!The gooeyness and yet the crisp of the ice-cream is the uniqueness.

Where To Find: At Ellipsis


20. Drunken Waffle

Drunken is a definite yess! For a full fledge ice-cream meal it has genuine chucks of jellied wafers chocolate and plentiful amount of scoops. South Bombay is already ready set go for drunken waffle.

Where To Find: At Indigo Deli