Top 20 Famous Restaurants In Mahendragarh, Haryana

Top 20 Famous Restaurants In Mahendragarh Haryana
Top 20 Famous Restaurants In Mahendragarh Haryana

Mahendragarh is a city in the Haryana state. Mahendragarh is renowned because of its religious and historical heritage. Mahendragarh is also famous for lungis, metalwork, and lac bangles. Due to its historical heritage, people from India as well as from foreign come and visit here. Everybody loves watching historic places and mansions. This article is for you if you are the one who is staying in Mahendragarh or planning to visit there. We have a list of 20 famous restaurants in Mahendragarh. So, you can move around well and at the same time enjoy good food.

Here we start!

1.Bikanervala Restaurant

Bikanervala restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in Mahendragarh. It also arranges kitty parties and birthday parties. Bikanervala restaurant is so renowned for its crowd and customers.bikanere

2.Punjabi Rasoi Restaurant

Punjabi Rasoi restaurant is situated 2nd flour Singhana Road, Baba Khetanath plaza hotel dev residency. Their food is rich in taste and super hygienic. You can have any meal from breakfast to dinner, and they provide satisfactory services also.punjabi rasoi

3.Zaika Town

Zaika town is a very famous restaurant in Mahendragarh. They provide mouth-watering Momos and also a very delicious Cold Coffee that makes your every meal more delightful. They got situated at Shyam complex, basement, near bus stand, Mahendragarh.zzaaika

4.X Cafe & Restaurant

One of the best cafes & restaurants in Mahendragarh is ‘X café and restaurants. They have a wide variety of mouthwatering cuisines. The restaurant is decorated very nicely, and they serve food with proper hygiene.x cafe

5.The Pizzeria

This restaurant is specifically for Pizza lovers. You can have a wide variety of Pizzas here. You can ask them for your favourite Pizza toppings. You can order regular pizza to double Cheese Pizza with different flavours. They had situated near sabzi mandi, Shankar colony, Mahendragarh.pizzeria

6.Cafe Bite Restaurant

Cafe bite restaurant got situated at Masani chowk, G tower, Mahendragarh. They provide the best quality food with proper hygiene. Also, have a small hall for a private party or get-together.crAZRy bite

7.Pizza Cafe

The Pizza cafe got situated on ITI road, near Vishwakarma, Mahendragarh. People rated the Pizza cafe as the best restaurant in Mahendragarh to have Pizza. They have a wide variety of Pizzas. And they don’t only serve Pizza, but other fast-food items are also available there.



The Wow-Chinese restaurant got situated at Mohalla Khatikan, Mahendragarh. They have an extensive fast-food menu starting from normal Burgers, Cheese Burgers, French Fries, and different Pizza and Pasta. They take of hygiene and proper chinese

9.Narnaul Vale Fast Food

Narnaul Vale Fast Food restaurant got situated in Shanker colony, Mahendragarh. They don’t have a fancy or luxurious restaurant, but their food is a treat for your heart. Pav Bhaji is the most famous dish in their restaurant.narnaul

10.Spicy Town

Spicy town restaurant got situated near old railway road, above Bank of Baroda, friends colony, Mahendragarh. They also have a facility of hotel and banquet mall. They also book halls for parties and celebrations. The decoration of the restaurant is fabulous, and the food is also delicious.2nd spicy town

11.S.K Burger

S.K Burger restaurant got situated near govt. college road, sainipura, Mahendragarh. They have an excellent facility for their customers. They have proper maintenance and hygiene. The food is just delicious, from drinks to meals; they provide everything at a reasonable price to the burger

12.Burger Express

Burger Express restaurant has the premium quality of burgers. They have a vast range of burgers. Burger Express restaurant is especially famous because of their Burger. They got situated in friends’ colony, Mahendragarh.burger-express

13.Chandini Midway

Chandini Midway restaurant also consists of a beautiful resort. They have situated Delhi Mandawa highway Singhana Road, Narnaul, Haryana. They have cuisine varieties like Indian, Asian, Chinese, and Internatiochandnai

14.Poni Restaurant

Pink Restaurant got situated at Shiv colony, Mahendragarh. They also have a hall for parties and other functions. With comfortable sitting arrangements and good food, they have won the hearts of Mahendragarh citizens.

food cafe_11zon

15.Food Town

Food Town restaurant got situated near Azad chowk, Kumaran mohalla, Mahendragarh. Food Town restaurant is vegetarian based, and they have a wide variety of mouth-watering food. If you are in Mahendragarh, you should check it town

16.Yadav Brothers

Yadav brothers’ restaurant also consists of a sweet shop. They have a wide variety of sweets and fast-food items. They got situated in the Shanker colony, Mahendragarh. They are open till 7.30 pm.yadav

17.Maa Durga Fast Food

Maa Durga Fast Food got situated near Hanuman temple, Sainipura, Mahendragarh. Their restaurant also consists of a coffee shop. If you are in Mahendragarh, you should check out their Coffee and as well their fast food.MAA d_11zon

18.Food café

Food café restaurant got situated near SDM road, Karamchari Colony, Mahendragarh. They open at 9 am and closes at 10 pm. The famous food café has proper maintenance and hygienic in their cafeee

19.Shri Shyam

Shri Shyam restaurant doesn’t have their restaurant photo on Google, but the ratings are genuine and saying, one of the best restaurants in Mahendragarh for Indian Tadka in everything. They got situated near Sabji Mandi Road, Shanker colony, Mahendragarh.shri shyam_11zon

20.Hotel Rao

Hotel Rao also consists of a chicken corner. They got situated near Gaushala Road, Majra Chungi, Mahendragarh. They only make vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine, and their restaurant is very famous among non-vegetarian youth.rao hotel