Top 20 Famous Restaurants In Rajgarh, Churu(Rajasthan)

Top 20 Famous Restaurants In Rajgarh ChuruRajasthan
Top 20 Famous Restaurants In Rajgarh ChuruRajasthan

Rajgarh lies in the Shekhawati region at an elevation of 239meters. The railway station in Rajgarh is also known as Sadulpur. Rajgarh is close to the Haryana border. It is a normal locality area. Maharaja Raj Singh ruled here. That’s why it is called Rajgarh. Rajgarh city got divided into 30 wards. The percentage of Hindu and Muslims is 59.80% and 39.63%, respectively. People who visit Rajgarh every year or people who wish to see Rajgarh also want to know about its restaurant because who doesn’t want to eat delicious food when they stay out of the town. So here we have a list of the 20 best restaurants in Rajgarh.

Here we go!

1.Tandoori Nights A Garden Restaurant

“Tandoori Nights” is one of the best restaurants in Rajgarh. They provide home taste-like food at an affordable price. Tandoori Nights also provide tiffin service only for Rs. 60 notable. The address of this super affordable yet tasty food restaurant is ‘Near Keshra Ji Temple, Pilani Road, Sadulpur.tandoori night

2.Pizza Hub

Pizza hub is one of the finest restaurants in Rajgarh. They don’t only have Pizza but also have a different variety of fast food. From Pasta to Chicken, you can find everything here. They offer mouth-watering Pizza with superb plating style. If you are the one who wants to visit here, then the address is – Near Punjab Bank, Gulab Bhawan, hub

3.Bhawana Restaurant

Are you craving something sweet, then may you want the location of this restaurant? The Bhawana restaurant got situated in the primary market, near clock tower road, Sadulpur.  Here you can find cuisines, from Juice to Cakes and from Samosa to packed plate lunch. Here you can also find a variety of sweets.bhavna_11zon

4.Shiv Kripa Restaurant

If you are visiting Rajgarh and want a place to stay and have good food, then this place is worth checking out. The staff of Shiv Kripa restaurant is very professional and takes care of you and your family like their own. You can have dishes that taste just like your homemade.shiv kripa

5.Moonway Restaurant

Moonway restaurant got situated at Rajgarh Alwar road. Moonway restaurant is pure vegetarian. They use homegrown vegetables to make food for their guests and customers.moonway

6.Laziz Restaurant

Laziz restaurant also provides the facility of a hotel to stay. Laziz restaurant and hotel both are hygienic and serves good food. Laziz restaurant got situated near Sonu emporium, gold market, Rajgarh.laziz-restaurant-pushkar

7.Ramji Family Restaurant

Ramji family restaurant provides every fast food, from Juice to Pizza. Here you can ask for good quality fast food as well as a whole family meal. They have a lovely, cozy, and cute apartment. Ramji family restaurant got situated near Qureshi market, Rajgarh.ramji

8.Zaika Restaurant

Zaika restaurant is the only luxurious restaurant in Rajgarh. They provide facilities of breakfast, lunch, dinner and fast food. Their food is heaven for the people of Rajgarh. Zaika restaurant also delivers food at home occasionally. Zaika restaurant got situated near Station Road, Ganga Plaza 2nd floor, Sadulpur.zaika

9.Fast Food Corner

Fast Food corner restaurant got situated near BD Mohta hospital, Sadulpur. They have a wide variety of fast food as well as hearty meals. They serve their food with love and with proper hygiene.shiv kripa_11zon

10.Shaheed Bhagat Singh Restaurant

Shaheed Bhagat Singh restaurant got situated near NH-52, Rajgarh. They provide a desi variety of cuisines. You can find every hearty meal from here and can stay here as long as you want.shaheed

11.Saharan Place

Saharan Place got situated in Sadulpur. They have a wide variety of ‘Desi’ Rajasthan food, but they don’t have fast food, and you can easily find hearty meals there, from morning Tea to lunch.sharan

12.Chick Choice

Chick choice restaurant is situated in Rajgarh. Chick choice restaurants got based on non-vegetarian food, but sometimes they serve vegetarian food also. If you are a lover of desi chicken, then you should check it out.chick chick_11zon

13.Al-Nurani Kabab Restaurant

Al-Nurani Kabab restaurant got based on only non-vegetarian cuisines. They are rated very high, and their Chicken is also very famous. If you want pure non-veg, you should check it out. They got situated in kabab

14.Nitin Restaurant

Nitin restaurant also consists of a hotel. They are situated got Rajgarh, Sadulpur. Nitin restaurant serves good quality of food and with proper hygiene. Their hotel is also in good condition with appropriate arrangements.nitin

15.Vinay Plaza

Vinay Plaza restaurant got situated near Ambedkar circle, Hisar road, Sadulpur. Vinay Plaza restaurant also consists of a good quality hotel with enough rooms and facilities. You can book the hotel for functions, parties or any occasion.vinay plaza

16.Saini Restaurant

Saini restaurant got situated near the railway station, Sadulpur. They have a wide range of fast food and regular meals. They provide good food at a reasonable price. They open for 24 hours.saini

17.Shree Bharti Baba

Shree Bharti Baba restaurant got situated in Rajgarh, Sadulpur. They serve good quality of good. You can go whenever you want. They operate at less price and are reasonable also. If you don’t have enough money to spend on food, still, you can eat from here.shree bharati

18.Kolkata Vale

Kolkata vale restaurant got situated near Mohta girls’ college, Sadulpur. If you are the one who wants a home feel in a restaurant, then this restaurant will be worth checking out. They serve a good home-cooked meal and fast food. They have a wide variety of Italian and Chinese dishes.kolkata vale_11zon

19.Treat house

Treat house is temporarily closed, but they will open very soon. They got situated in Sadulpur.  Celebrations and events can be held here. Everything got served with excellent hygiene. Food of treat house is a treat to your stomach.the-treat-house-cafe

20.Modi Restaurant

Modi restaurant also consists of Modi Sweets. They got situated near the clock tower, Rajgarh, Sadulpur. Modi restaurant has a wide variety of Sweets, Cakes, and fast food. You can have Italian, Chinese and even Indian dishes there. ‘Kachori’ of Modi restaurant is famous in whole Rajgarh.modi_11zon