Top 20 Fast Food Places In Clement Town, Dehradun

Top 20 Fast Food Places In Clement Town Dehradun
Top 20 Fast Food Places In Clement Town Dehradun

Dehradun- The only thing what we can imagine is its mesmerizing weather and an amazing view of its hills but we often forget with that incredible view and weather comes the STREET FOOD of course!! If you are Doon and looking for incredible Fast-food places when we got you, buddy! This is a MUST to look article.Dehradun is famous for its Multi Cuisines for North India. There are several streets you can find street food but the maximum of the best eating joints are located in Clement Town. From burgers to the most distinctive magi you have ever had. This is what makes Clement Town special, It has a wide range of places with unique recipes. Let’s dive into the famous lip-smacking fast-food places where you can enjoy!

1. Bella’s Pizza

Bella’s pizza is located in Subhash Nagar. As its name suggests PIZZA, there is a MUST-TRY double cheese pizza. But it is specialized with the most finger-licking deserts with the adorable presentation. This place has excellent services and its owner ensures customer satisfaction and is extremely customer friendly. The outlet closes at 10:30 pm and also offers takeaways as well as free home delivery.

Bellas Pizza

2. Back Fire

Backfire restaurant offers a varied selection of food and services to meet customer happiness. Chinese, Indian, Tandoori, non-veg, fast food are some cuisines available at reasonable prices. The most commonly ordered dish by the youngsters is chicken momos. The place offers takeaway as well as provides food services and closes around 10 pm.

Back Fire 1

3. Gupta’s Burger

It is one of the famous street burgers in the town. If you visit clement town it is like a MUST have thing! It may seem unhygienic to some, but this place maintains hygiene with proper sanitizing process and usage of gloves while making the delicious juicy burger with the perfect amount of crispy patty served with green mint chutney and crunchy onion rings this.

Guptas Burger

4. Siliguri Restaurant

Every foodie has to include it in the bucket list to visit the restaurant. A great spot for the momos lover out there. It offers delicious momos. Furthermore, they are freshly made, and home delivery is also available. The restaurant opens its dining from 8 am to 8:30 pm.

Siliguri Restaurant

5. Valley Cafe

Valley café has a great variety of sandwiches. A great spot to have your bowl and treats in a charming outpost with swings and air décor. This place has excellent ambiance and offers you a dining experience to the next level with reasonable rates. The services close at 10 at night.

Valley Cafe

6. Raasta Doon

This restaurant has the best party ambiance with great interior design. It’s pretty difficult to miss this spot when comes to its delicious recipes.  Its reasonable rates and the best spot for chilling out with friends make it irresistible for the people hanging out. The restaurant closes at 11 at night.

Raasta Doon

7. Angle’s Bite Bakery

The restaurant’s unique cake decors make it pretty for customers not to try this bakery. Also, with the delicious patties they serve to make the best evening snacks for the youngster to have. The Bakery has free home delivery options available. The Bakery opens right from 7 in the morning till 10 at night.

Angles Bite Bakery

8. Punjabi Zayka

This restaurant has Punjabi, North Indian, and Chinese cuisines available. Both dine-in and takeaway options are available with service operational hours from 10:30 am to 9 pm.

Punjabi Zayka

9. Gusto

This location is perfect for satisfying any appetite. This spot is famous for its most-hated chilly potato in Clement Town. It has the best-selling Chinese fast food dishes. The place has perfect hygienic and sanitation facilities available. The services open at 8:30 am.


10. The Street Kitchen

The restaurant is specialized in home-cooked food with multiple thalis. Moreover, if you aren’t satisfied with this much you have several mouthwatering fast-food appetizers. This restaurant opens at 8 in the morning and closes at 10:30 at night.

The Street Kitchen

11. Agnivanshi Shakes And More

As the name suggests this place has countless shakes at very reasonable prices. I can bet you won’t able to resist them. A glass full of creamy and fruity shakes and juices will cool your soul in hot and tiring summers. The service hours are till 10 at night.

Agnivanshi Shakes And More

12. Sip With Bites

This is a tiny unpopular restaurant, but the food here is of excellent quality and provides the best service to their customers. Indian, Chinese, tandoori … and may more to try. You will love every dish you order and won’t regret it. With free home deliveries and takeaways, you can enjoy the delicious food at home too. You can enjoy the services till 10 pm.

Sip With Bites

13. Hunger Stopper

With this exclusive name, the platters over here will surely put a full stop to your hunger. Rolls are a must-try at this place. Chinese platters combined with different types of shakes will stop your hunger. The restaurant’s working hours start from 10 in morning till10:30 at night.

Hunger Stopper

14. Chandola Fast Foods

This tiny stall with small seating has ambrosial momos and Chinese dishes. Afghani and tandoori momos are must try if you visit there. The crowd here shows the popularity of this place. You can start eating momos at 3 pm and enjoy them till 9 at night.

Chandola Fast Foods

15. Diet & Shakes

If you are a fitness freak this is a perfect place for you. The shakes out here are exceptionally unique moreover you can take your customized shake and juice. Jumbo shake is the most popular shake here. This place opens a 10 in the morning and closes at 10 at night.

Diet Shakes

16. M/S Anapoorna Catering

Best place for trying Indian cuisines. The mouthwatering dishes that you can’t resist and won’t stop eating if you taste them. The chicken curry here is must try. Takeaways make it easier for you to enjoy these flavors at your doorstep. You can enjoy delicious food till 10 at the night.

Anapoorna Catering

17. Palm Cafe

Every foodie’s list must include this café. This café will offer you an outstanding dining experience. With a wide range of options, you can order, you will enjoy every dish. Butter chicken is a must-try here. This restaurant service offers till 10 at night.

Palm Cafe

18. Jo Paji Paratha Corner

This place serves you with different parathas cooked and served with butter and chutney. These parathas will fill you up and you will love them. Home delivery service also available. The restaurant timings are from 9 am to 9 pm.

Jo Paji Paratha Corner

19. Prabath Foodies

As the name suggests this place is foodies like you and me. You can enjoy your meals in the open air at the rooftop or inside the restaurant with pleasant and slow music that matches your vibes. Fried rice is the most famous meal here. The restaurant opens at 8 in the morning and closes at 10 at night.

Prabath Foodies

20. Patiz Point(P2)

This place is surely for part lovers. The place offers you a various number of patiz, shakes, pastries, and many more. A barbecue patiz with an Oreo shake is a complete meal for a foodie like us. This place offers its services from 9 in the morning and closes at 10 at night.

Patiz PointP2