Top 20 Places To Have Shawarma In Padi, Chennai

Top 20 Places To Have Shawarma In Padi Chennai
Top 20 Places To Have Shawarma In Padi Chennai

“Shawarma “ is the modern dish trending among youngsters nowadays. The feel of meet in-between khubz gives an everlasting taste and a great appetizer. The commonly used side dish would be vinegar-soaked cucumber and chilies. The Arab origin dish has gone real revolution and is on the trend to quench the hunger of today’s youngsters. The khubz /pita bread is cooked with a soft texture, stuffed with well-roasted meat either it is chicken or mutton wrapped in a cone-like structure giving us the iconic dish Shawarma. Without further ado, let’s jump to the list of top food eateries providing us the best tasted Shawarmas in Padi, Chennai.

1. Zaitoon Restaurant

The Zaitoon restaurant has the most elegant Arabic dishes cooked and served with perfect authenticity. The Shawarma has a well-roasted juicy sliced meat layered out perfectly blended mixtures on Khubz and served to customers. The shawarma here has a real distinctive taste.


2. Seashell Restaurant

The Seashell is another restaurant with Arabic foods cooked with the exact authenticity. The “Garlic shawarma” is well Garlic mayo topped with perfect chicken shavings. Not too much or too dry. Just the perfect delivery for an excellent shawarma. It is a must-try.


3. Hotel Crescent Restaurant

The most sought restaurant for Keralites is Hotel crescent. The must try shawarma dish would be “Mexican shawarma roll” cause the meat is Precisely roasted and blended with Mexican flavored chili powder with additional chicken broth, which gives a distinctive taste.

Hotel Crescent Restaurant

4. Samco Restaurant

The Samco restaurant has a variety of Indian dishes revolutionized from Arabic recipes. The shawarma, is prepared using rumali roti, and it gives a unique, distinctive taste compared to other shawarma recipes.


5.Le Shawarma Kings

The variety of shawarmas could be found here. The cheesy chipotle shawarma is the typical dish here and has the blended chipotle sauce, along with cheesy shredded chicken meat is stuffed in Shawarma. Fresh khubz along with mayonnaise, are served. So either we can have a shawarma plate or rolled cone chipotle cheesy shawarma.

Shawarma Kings

6. Smoke House Bbq

The smokehouse BBQ has a wide variety of shawarmas and all the modern, juicy flavored mayonnaise creams added to enhance the flavor. The “peri peri shawarma” is the most sought after dish on the menu here.

Smoke House BBQ

7. Cafe H

This restaurant has explicit Italian and continental dishes and subtle taste shawarma with no extra toppings. It’s just the way it has to be. Pleasant “Chicken shawarma” is on the top list in here.


8. Bent’O Box

The Chinese variety of dishes is prepped here with utmost authenticity and flavor, reminding of the particular exceptional taste. The “sand which chicken shawarma” is the most sought dish here. The slow-cooked chicken mixes well with the hot spices, and it is veggie layered on bread, and grilled. It’s a great appetizer.

BentO Box

9. The Shawarma Joint

The recently started shawarma joint with the wide variety, listed in the menu. The most selling on the menu is “BBQ chicken shawarma”. Juicy BBQ chicken is well cooked and layered perfectly over the Khubz, which gives the pure heavenly feel of having an excellent stomach-filling experience.

shawarma joint

10. The Mama Shop

The mama shop has the most flavored south Indian dishes. It has a unique variety of shawarmas on the menu.” The Mutton kola shawarma” is a must-try here as it has the lamb as meatballs and a well-flavored with Khubz providing us the taste to remember for eternity.


11. Alibaba Shawarma And 40 Dishes

The exclusive restaurant for Arabic dishes in a wide variety and large quantities served here. The word so famous here is “Hulk shawarma roll” which is provided in large amount at a very minimal price with large-sized khubz.


12. Night Eat

The “Night eat” has a little variety of shawarma but gives a mouth-watering taste. The Night eats special shawarma, on the menu is “Special chicken shawarma”, with perfectly layered chicken and extra spices to give a heavenly taste.

Night eat

13. Shawarma Shed

The shawarma joint has an excellent menu for chaat shawarmas. It’s a one-time try an individual should give as it gives a luscious taste.

shawarma shed

14. Lebanon Shawarma

It is the most sought eatery joint for authentic Afghani shawarma dishes. The chicken is well roasted and juicy with perfect layering, and the Khubz filled with veggies soaked in vinegar which is enlightening and an ideal feast for our soul.

shawarma lebanon

15. Shawarma Treat

The Lebanon fast food joint is a shawarma treat eatery point. The chicken shawarma has an authentic taste at a most legible price is available here.

shawarma treat

16. Shawarma Rhapsody

The recently started joint with all the new combo varieties of shawarma is available here. The most sought is “tandoori shawarma” the texture is soft and a great starter.

Shawarma Rhapsody

17. Chennai Shawarma Kadai

The shawarma dish in south Indian flavours in Arabic style prepared here. This great place has shawarma with south Indian taste. The rates are reasonable here.

Chennai Shawarma Kadai

18. Oh My Shawarma

The food joint have many fusion varieties, including jalapenos and cheeses. The individual visiting the eatery joint must try a fusion variety, called “Cheesy jalapeno shawarma”.

Oh my shawarma

19. Big Shawarma

The dishes are in large quantities, breath-taking and relinquishing moments. Their taste very definite. They sure try would be exotic “crab shawarma”.

Big shawarma

20. Street Shawarma

The most famous food joint in the locality with a wide variety is Street Shawarma. The most exclusive try would be “Achari shawarma”.

Street Shawarma