Top 20 Fast Food Restaurants In Bhimtal

top 20 fast food restaurants in bhimtal
top 20 fast food restaurants in bhimtal

Bhimtal is a town in the district of Nainital in the state of Uttarakhand. The place itself is so beautiful. The place is so relaxing, and you can spend your time here peacefully. One of the famous things about this place is its Nag Temple. You can do a lot more activities. It is adventurous too. But apart from all the fun and adventure, food is necessary as well. We all like to eat fast food, but as a tourist you might be confused about which places you should visit to get your food. But not anymore, because here you’ll get to know about the top 20 fast food restaurants in Bhimtal.

1. One Bite The Cafe

This is one of the best places in Bhimtal for fast food. It is one of the ventures of JShine facilities, Rudrapur. It is situated on the main road, Bhawali Road, Mehera Gaon, in front of the Country Inn hotel. It was opened a few years ago on December 25th, 2020. On the menu, they have special corn pizza, veggie burgers, sandwiches, etc. Many more drinks are available: Mint Mojito, Oreo Shake, cold and hot coffee. In the desert, cakes, ice cream, etc. The food tastes fantastic as well. Overall, it’s a nice place to hang out.

1 One Bite The Cafe

2. The Bliss Restaurant

It is one of the best restaurants in Bhimtal for fast food. It is situated at Mehragaon, Bhowali Bhimtal Road, near the BPCL petrol pump. It serves some of the best foods.The food is also better, and they keep the place neat and clean, implying that hygiene is also taken care of. The menu highlights of this place are: chai and pakora, puri bhaji, french fries, chana masala, and many more. This place is highly recommended if you are looking for the famous food of Bhimtal.

2 The Bliss Restaurant

3. U & Me Cafe

It is one of the best places for getting fast food. The service is excellent and fast. The staff at this place are also nice. It would give you worthwhile  experience. The food in this place is also worth it. It’s a highly recommended place, whether you are a local or come from other cities. You can visit this place with your loved ones. The location has a pleasant atmosphere. Chinese dishes and Bhimtal coffee are must-try items at this restaurant. Specifically,  Bhimtal coffee. You’ll definitely love this.

3 U me cafe

4. Machan Restaurant Bhimtal

It is one of the best places where you’ll have a great experience. This place is situated at Mehragaon in Bhimtal. Some of the popular dishes from this place are: butter chicken, mutton rara, tandoori momos, and tandoori chicken, but the fast foods from this place are delicious as well. Pan-fried noodles, white sauce pasta, chicken pasta, and many other options are available. There are so many unique dishes as well. The food items of this place are both  qualitative as well as quantitative. Overall, it’s such a lovely place where you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This place is totally worthwhile.

4 Machan Restaurant Bhimtal

5. Double Burner- Cafe And Restaurant

It is one of the best places in Bhimtal. It is an excellent fast food restaurant situated at Gorakhpur Chauraha on the Bhimtal Road. The food items which you must try at this place are: steamed chicken momo and carrot cake, egg thuppa, veg roll and veg rice, momos with nepali chutney, gravy momo, and so on. It has such a unique dish and combo as well. The taste of the food is also delightful. The people behind the food are also amazing.

5 Double Burner Cafe and Restaurant

6. The Lake Hill Restaurant Cafè

This restaurant is situated at Bhimtal Dant, near the main boat stand. The food at this place is fresh and presented well to the customers. There are varieties of mocktails as well. The ambience is also good, and the place is very peaceful. The menu highlights of this place are: naan, cheese fries, paneer lababdaar, chicken tikka pizza, cold coffee, Angel chicken wings and many more. It is such a beautiful and lovely place, and it would definitely give you a worthwhile experience.

6 The Lake Hill Restaurant Cafe

7. The Silverspoon, Bhimtal

One of the amazing restaurants for delicious and yummy foods. The internal interiors of this place are also nice. It gives such a positive vibe. The highlighted food items of this place are: coffee, poha, buransh fruit drink, vermicelli, and many more. The place is really beautiful, as from the window you can see the mountains. It’s the restaurant of the famous Watergate Hotel, so customers’ expectations are also high. If you are a foodie, then you should definitely check this place out for dining.

7 The Silverspoon Bhimtal

8. Pizza Slice

It is situated on the Bowhali-Bhimtal Road, opposite Heera’s family restaurant. It is one of the amazing places for pizza. If you are a die-hard pizza lover and you are at this location, then without any hesitation, do visit this place and treat yourself with the delicious food items of this place. The staff at this place are also nice. They really take care of each and every opinion of their customers. There are different varieties of pizzas, like tandoori chicken pizza, tandoori chicken pizza margherita, and so on. Apart from pizza, other food items are also there, like: garlic bread, french fries, etc. Do check out this place because it has the best pizza in Bhimtal.

8 Pizza Slice

9. Rituraj Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in 12 Dath, Bhimtal. The food items from this place are also delicious. If you are Indian, then you are going to love this place because it offers good food at cheap prices. Once you’ve visited this place, then this place will be on your must-visit list. Whenever you come to Bhimtal, the view from this restaurant is also nice as it is near the lake. It’s a pure vegetarian restaurant. The place is cute and small, but the service is really nice. You should definitely check out this place as it is nice and affordable too.

9 Rituraj Restaurant

10. Do Baattii Restaurant

One of the best restaurants on Naukuchia Tal Road. This restaurant is popular for its rice dishes and kumaoni raita. It offers Kumaoni cuisine, but apart from this, it also has other dishes such as Singapore noodles, Aloo Gutka, and so on. This place is surrounded by nature, which makes it even more beautiful. Don’t you think it’s so amazing to eat with a view? The staff are also very humble and serve you very well. Do check this place out to have a worthwhile experience. It won’t disappoint you.

10Do Baattii Restaurant

11. Pine Wood Restaurant

One of the best restaurants is at Hotel Harshikhar in Bhimtal. It is a very classy restaurant and is situated in such a great location. The view from this place is so good that it will give you the best view of Bhimtal. The vibe of this place is also good. Specifically, karaoke. The food is also worthwhile. It was delicious and presented well as well. Once you visit this place, you’ll definitely fall in love with it.

11Pine Wood Restaurant

12. HimRatna- The Junction Inn

It is one of the best restaurants in Kutani on the Haldwani Road. The food in this place is so yummy that it will melt in your mouth so easily. Even the smell of the food items is so good that it will attract you towards them. But of course, you can’t have so many food items at one time. So, to taste all the food items, you should definitely visit this place regularly because it’s the best. Apart from the food, the view, the service and the behaviour of the staff are nice as well. Overall, it’s a wonderful place where you can eat your favourite food items.

12HimRatna The Junction Inn

13. IHeart Cafe

One of the lovely places is situated at Mehra Estate, Mehragaon in Bhimtal. You should definitely check out this cafe if you are a cafe lover. If you are not, then you definitely should check out this place because once you visit here, you’ll surely become one of the cafe lovers. It is situated in a stunning location. The popular food items at this cafe are cappuccino coffee, chicken pizza, and waffles. Apart from these popular items, you should also try apple pie, lemon cake, pancake breakfast, English breakfast, and so on.

13iHeart Cafe

14. Signature Restaurant

This place is situated in Bhowhali, on the Bhimtal-Haldwani Road. The food here tastes really different from other cafes and restaurants because it tastes like home-made food, which will really connect you with this place. The place is simple but great as well. If you love to eat experimental foods, then you must try the oats at this place. Raggi muffins and Momos are also nice. Overall, it’s a very decent place, whose simplicity will make you fall in love with it.

14Signature Restaurant

15. Babs’ Cafe In The Woods

One of the best places is at Suriyagaon, Jantwal Gaon, and Sattal in Bhimtal. Temporarily, it’s closed to the general public, but here’s a twist: you can access this place by reservation. Reservations are costly, but after having food at this place, you feel that it was totally worth it. It has some unique food items as well on the menu, such as Banoffee Pie. It is not less than a treat for the people who will visit here. So it’s a must recommendation to treat yourself by visiting this place.

15Babs Cafe in the Woods

16. Cafe Veranda Bhimtal

An amazing place with a perfect lake view. This place is so beautiful that it will take your heart off. Basically, it’s inside Hotel Harshikhar. They serve fresh and delicious food. They maintain proper hygiene as well. The food service is excellent, and the staff are also well-behaved. It is one of the best places in Bhimtal which you should definitely check out. It will totally satisfy you by giving you a great experience.

16Cafe Veranda Bhimtal

17. The Third Eye Cafe

One of the best restaurants is at Bhowali, Bhimtal-Haldwani Road. It’s a good restaurant with tasty and delicious food items. This place should be on your must visit list because it is hygienic, has a good environment, and gives you the best view of the hills. The view from this place is so heart-warming that once you visit this place, you wish to visit it again and again. The service was also nice, and they really care about their customers as well. Overall, it’s a beautiful place that you must check out.

17The Third Eye Cafe

18. The Kumaoni Farm Cafe

It is situated in Village Dhulai, Mehragaon, in the Bhimtal District. You can guess from the name that the popular food item at this place will be something from Kumaoni Cuisine. You’re right. The popular food item in this place is the Kumaoni Vegetarian Thali. Apart from that, you can have some other food items as well, like: Pahari chicken with bhang ki chutney, mandua roti, Pahari chai, etc. The taste of the food items in this place is different from others as they cook the food in an authentic way and serve it with so much love. It’s an amazing place which you definitely should check out.

18 5

19. Belpatra Cafe & Kitchen

One of the best restaurants in Bhimtal. It’s a nice place with hot and cold beverages. It’s good for outings and has a really chill vibe. This place is situated at Mehragaon, Bhowali Road block, Bhimtal. The presentation of the food is nice, and the service is fast as well. The food is tasty, but the most popular food item in this place is Vega Thali. Along with it, there are several food items also, like: corn tikki, banana shake, oreo shake, Keema Burger, Masala Tea, Nutella Hot Chocolate, and many more. Overall, it’s a nice and decent place where you can enjoy your food very well.

19Belpatra Cafe Kitchen

20. Chai Etc

One of the best places in Mehragaon is on the Bhowali-Bhimtal-Haldwani Road. Momos are very famous at this place and have a variety of momos like: veg momos, mutton momos, chicken momos, etc. Tea in this place is also popular. People really like lemon tea, ginger tea, and tea latte. Many other items are also available here: bun maska, chicken egg roll, poha, etc. This location has some of the best fast food options.

20Chai Etc.