Top 20 Favorite Bengali Food you’ve been Missing Out


1 Singara

Singara is a triangle shaped snack. This is the short form of samosa. It is very popular in Bengalis. Singara is basically a snack stuffed with potatoes and some exciting spices. Different shops have their different recipes. That’s the best thing about Bengalis. They like to do experiments with their food before serving.


2 Chholar Daal and Luchi

Chholar Daal is basically Chane ki Daal and Luchi is basically Puri. Chholar Daal is made with every Bengali mother’s magic spices and coconuts. Any Sunday morning is incomplete without Chholar Daal and Luchi for Bengalis.


3 Fish Kabiraji

Kabiraji is a cutlet made out of minced fish served with kashundi. This is a starter dish. The outer crust of Kabiraji is the favourite part of everyone. The outer crust is baked with egg, which adds the main crisp to the Kabiraji. This is a very popular street food among Bengalis.


4 Sukto

It is a starter dish served with Hot Rice in any kind of Bengali Occasion. This is made up of many kind of vegetables  like Eggplant, Potatoes, Radish, Bitter Gourd, and Plantain with ghee and poppy seeds. This is prepared in a unique way with a creamy milky gravy and the proper taste of a little sweetness and bitterness.


5 Machher Muror Daal

Machher Muro Daal is a kind of daal which is prepared with the head of Katla Fish. It is prepared with bay leaves, green chili, moong daal, machher muro(head) with the special scent of mustard oil. It is a great dish to start the lunch with.


6 Aloo Posto

Aloo Posto is the perfect dish to have with Machher Muror Daal where the potato is cooked with ground poppy seeds and some special spices. It is one of the most demanding lunch dishes among Bengalis.


7 Muri Ghonto

This is a special side dish of the Eastern parts of Bengal. It is prepared with the perfect balance of ginger-garlic paste and green chilli. The special ingredients are Basmati Rice and Fish Head.


8 Potoler Dorma

Potoler Dorma is mainly served with steamed rice as a side dish with daal but you can also have it with roti. Parboiled Potol (Padwal) is stuffed with Paneer or any kind of minced Meat with the right amount of spices, salt and sugar.


9 Dhokar Daalna

Dhokar daalna is a wholesome recipe itself. Dhoka is prepared from ground daal. This is a signature recipe with no onion and no garlic. This dhoka thing is first fried in ghee or mustard oil, and then the potato is added. After the whole dish is prepared, we get the Dhokar Daalna with a slight gravy and the flavor of five spices.


10 Khichuri r Labra

Khichdi is cooked in Bengali style, and is also called Khichuri. Labra is a mixed vegetable dish also prepared in Bengali way. Labra has almost every vegetable that everyone knows about like eggplant, potato, cauliflower , peas, radish, pumpkin, and many more. Everything is cooked with the five fried spices and the strong smell of mustard oil. This is generally the pujo special bhog ( Prasad ). Khichuri and Labra is one of the healthiest food that a person can have anywhere and anytime.


11 Betkir Paturi

Bhetki Fish is basically a seafood. The bhetki fish is grounded with the spices, ginger-garlic paste, and wrapped in a banana leaf. Then the whole thing is cooked on a charcoal flavoured smoke. The special smell of Banana leaf with the Smokey flavour is the best combination ever. This dish is served hot with steam rice and all you have to do is open the banana leaf and enjoy.


12 Doi Machh

This fish recipe is prepared with a spice based curd curry. There is no fry technique or something. This is a healthy dish and is very easy to prepare. It has a special smell of cardamom that makes the recipe more delicious.


13 Daab Chingri

Daab is Coconut and Chingri is Prawn in Bengali. With the help of ginger-garlic paste, green chilli, onions, mustard oil, and coconut milk, the prawn is cooked very delicately. The prawn and the mouth-watering curry are served in a green coconut. The green coconut adds a very attractive coconut smell to the whole dish and is served immediately with steamed rice.


14 Chingrir Malaikari

Chingrir Malaikari or Prawn Malai Curry is cooked with large prawns and coconut milk. This dish is one of the most common wedding dishes in Bengalis. The curry is cooked with the five spices and a little too much of cardamom and coconut malai or milk. The curry enters the mounts and melts like snow and before you know anything you are madly in love with Chingrir Malaikari.


15 Sorshe Ilish

This recipe will always have a special place in my heart. Ilish (Hilsa) the king itself is prepared with mustard paste and cooked utterly in mustard oil. The curry also has a special smell of green chilly. The whole preparation is then steamed in oven. Thus the mustard smell, green chilly smell and lastly the smell of all the spices remains exactly the same. After vaporizing the dish it’s served with the mouth-watering taste.


16 Mutton Kasha

Mutton Kasha is simply a customization of  Mutton Curry. It is one of the spiciest recipe. It is a very authentic Bengali dish with strong flavours of mutton and the spices. Sunday lunch is totally incomplete without Mutton Kasha. If you don’t have Mutton Kasha on a holiday lunch you are not a Bengali at all.


17 Aam Doi

The Bengali name for curd is Doi and Aam means Mango. This is a very popular dessert among Bengalis. This has a slightly different taste than the regular Misty Doi. In summer, this is the best dessert anyone can ever ask for with the mango season hanging around. Any mango lover can add mango topping to this and have it chilled. And, Voila! You’re in heaven.


18 Patishapta

This is a much known Bengali dessert made up of rice. This is kind of a rice cake. In this rice cake, the grated Kheer or coconut is served. Patishapta is generally made on our very own thanksgiving custom called Pithe Parbon. This parbon is all about such rice cakes filled with mouth-watering Kheer, jaggery, and many other varieties of Pithe.


19 Dudh Puli

Dudh Puli is also a well-known winter dessert for Bengalis. Rice, Coconut, Nolen Gur (Jaggery) are the essentials for the dessert. Puli is basically a rice dough which is boiled and dried. Then, the kheer is added to boiling milk with the touch of Coconut and Nolen Gur. After all these processes the rice dough and the creamy kheer is added together. This is how a classic Dudh Puli is prepared.


20 Daaber Shorbot

This sherbet is basically a summer drink. Daaber Jol (coconut water) is served with a little bit of Kewra water and ice with the perfect amount of sweetness. After having a long exhausting day, this is the only sherbet that can cheer your whole system up. This is literally the best cooling drink anyone can ask for anytime in summer.