Top 20 Fish Dishes That You Should Try In Bangalore

Top 20 Fish Dishes That You Should Try In Bangalore

Bengaluru has its share of restaurants and pubs serving the best of food. What we find to be the perfect main course or appetizer or even a bowl of soup includes fresh seafood cooked delicately and to perfection. Plenty of restaurants are trying to serve the best of this variety, but some still need to meet our expectations. These few restaurants met or exceeded our expectations of how seafood should be prepared and served. Take a look at the nest seafood in Bengaluru.

1.Meen Polichathu

Mangalorean cuisine comes to the forefront at Pulimunchi with delectable seafood cuisine prepared authentically. Try the Meen Polichathu, a fragrant fish dish in which the fish is cooked and wrapped in a banana leaf with a side of Neer Dosa.


2.Chemeen Roast

Authentic cuisine coming straight from the backwaters of God’s country, Kerala, Kumarakom, is a must-try restaurant for all seafood lovers. Their Chemmen Roast, a spicy semi-dry shrimp preparation, is bound to satisfy your inner Keralite.


3.Thalaserry Meen Curry

Unsurprisingly, another restaurant serving Kerala cuisine appears on the list. Ente Keralam serves the best fish curries we’ve ever tried. The Thalaserry Meen Curry, a local specialty of Malabar, is a succulent fish gravy cooked with tomatoes, onion, and curry leaves.


4.Chettinad Fish Masala

As we travel back to Southern India, Anjappar serves the best in Tamil Nadu, Chettinad, specifically, cuisine. The spicy Chettinad Fish Masala is only to be had with some nice hot rice and a side of buttermilk to cool down your body.


5.Koondal Roast

Koondal is another name for squid, and this delectable squid roast will make you drool from the absolute freshness of it. The juicy squid is cooked in an onion gravy and served semi-dry, making for an ultimate appetizer.


6.Mussels Rawa Fried

The Fisherman’s Wharf is known for its ambiance and decor of a seaside resort, but it should be known more for its seafood preparation, especially the Mussels Rawa Fry. The mussels are coated with rawa and deep-fried, making it a crispy compliment to your drinks.


7.Stuffed Fried Fish

Goan cuisine is known for its seafood preparations, and the Stuffed Fried Fish at Carnival de Goa does it justice. A choice of Mackerel, Pomfret, or kingfish is stuffed with a traditional red Goan masala and shallow fried to perfection.


8.Crab Masala

BonSouth’s spread for their buffet is excellent regarding the variety of food and the price. The crab masala served as part of their buffet is well worth the money. A spicy tomato-based masala cooked along with the crunchy crab is the ultimate seafood delight.


9.Calamari Egg Drop Soup

Although seafood soup is usually an extreme hit or miss at restaurants, Banjara makes the perfect bowl of soup for all seafood lovers. We always go for the Tom Yum soup, but the Calamari Egg Drop was a big hit the first time we ordered it. Perfectly flavored with a hint of lemon and coriander leaves, it brings out the unique taste of the squid and egg.


10.Fish Biryani

The best seafood biryani we’ve had in Bengaluru. The taste of the marinated fish goes well with the perfectly cooked biryani, bringing out the right amount of flavors from both.


11.Chemmeen Thenga Ularthu

The perfect combination of tiger prawns cooked with the aromatics of coconut strips makes this dish at Vembanad a must-try for seafood enthusiasts.


12.Lobster Tandoori

The Lobster Tandoori is the perfect dish if you want to indulge in the juicy and succulent lobster meat. The perfectly cooked lobster marinated with fresh homemade tandoori paste is a must-try at Mahesh Lunch Home.


13.Butter A Prawn

Although we avoid chain restaurants, Prawn Crunch is too good of a prawn snack for us to look past it. This small kiosk serves up the perfect evening snack at the right amount.


14.Anjal Rice Fry

A unique preparation of fish we’ve never tried, the Anjal rice fry is a fresh seer fish rolled in rice and deep fried. The rice-coated fish’s crunchiness is something to try for a different fish experience.


15.Khubey Sukkah

Clams varieties are tricky to master as they tend to cook unevenly. But the Khubey Sukkah at Mangalore Pearl is the exception, with beautiful flavors from the grated coconuts complimenting the fresh ground spices.


16.Jeera Coriander Prawns

These batter-fried prawns have unique flavors incorporated into a dish. A special mixture of coriander and cumin compliments the flavors of prawns to perfection.


17.Spicy Prawn Skewer

The prawn skewers are served just for the sauce served as the accompaniment, apple mint sauce. The sweetness of the apple combined with the mint is the best dipping sauce for prawns, and praise the chef who came up with this signature dish.


18.Raw Oysters

Don’t let the name fool you; the Raw Oysters are not precisely raw. They are cooked in a red wine shallot sauce, making for a delicious combination.They are delicious to eat and you should definitely give it a try.


19.Kalia Fish Gravy

From one coast to another, Oh! Calcutta serves up the best Bengali cuisine in the city. Try their Kalia Fish Gravy, an amalgamation of 5 spices cooked to perfection in a tangy curry served with a fish of your choice.


20.Sorshe Pabda Jhol

Continuing with the Bengali taste, Bhojohori Manna is a traditional Bengali restaurant serving the best Bengali cuisine. Sorshe Pabda Jhol is a fish preparation made with a creamy mustard sauce. The tanginess from the sauce and the soft crunch from the fish are the perfect combination to tickle your senses.