Give A Try To These Sea-Foods Of Goa

Give A Try To These Sea-foods Of Goa

An ultra-glam night is never complete without sea foods and drinks so when we talk about the drinks the mock-tails are most proficient. Goa is a place where people specially visit to have sea food.


Goan Fish Curry

Goan Fish Curry is a great combination of health and taste. It has richness of green vegetable and fish. It can be best served with butter roti.Though it is difficult to make still it is time-investing dish.


Goan Prawn Curry

Goan Prawn Curry is Goa’s very famous sea food; it is enjoyed by every age group. Goan Prawn Curry has awesome taste. It contains easy ingredients such as olive oil, chopped vegetables, and coconut milk. It offers a flavor of Goa.


Fish Recheado

Fish plays a vital role in the Fish Recheado dish. It is stuffed with tangy Recheado paste and pieces of fried Fish. It can be prepared by using Kashmiri chilly, gram garlic, cloves, haldi, tomato and fish. It has a delectable taste which can make anyone fall for it.



It is a delicate dish prepared from coconut milk, fried egg, and butter at outside. Jaggery is a compliment on Bebinca; it adds an amazing flavor to a dish. Bebinca is a specialty of Goa. People consume it regularly in their snacks, lunch and even in dinner.


Mussels Rawa Fried

Mussels Rawa Fried is a delectable sea food of Goa which contains delicious taste as well as charming texture. It is one of the most well-known sea food of Goa which can be prepared by using Mussels,salt, Raechado masala and oil.This dish takes 20 minutes to get cooked.


Bangad Curry

Fish curry is the most common dish of Goa and it can be best offered with rice and butter roti. Fish  contains a huge amount of proteins which is good for eyes as well as hair. People can prepare it at home in just few minutes arranging some onions, tomatoes, ginger and chilly. It can be given a great flavour by using chicken masala.


Prawn Balchao

It is the most adorable dish which not only satisfies stomach but mind too. Though there are similiar ingredients for different dishes this serves a totally different taste. Ginger, chilly and garlic paste give thickness. So whenever you come to Goa you must try this mouth-watering dish.


Chicken Xacuti

It is a traditional chicken dish of Goa which can be best served with different varieties of drink and snacks. It has an eccentric combination with green mint and mango chutney. It has ingredients chicken, tamarind, clove, cardamom, salt and oil.


Chicken Cafreal

It time for people to taste this yummy sea food of Goa which is named as Chicken Cafreal. It can easily bring water in the mouth of everyone through its tempting fragrance and outstanding taste. It has a strong influence on people and help them to celebrate their special events with Chicken Cafreal.


Prawn Pan Rolls

It is a delightful snack, and a special dinner served in every restaurant of Goa. The stuffing of Prawn in Rolls with flavored spices gives it exceptional taste. This recipe is a totally paisa vasool recipe.


Prawn Chilly Fry

An awesome smell and tempting taste of Prawn Chilly Fry can attract anyone towards itself. It has a huge fan following in Goa. It is the most consumed sea food in Goa which has craze among people.Though it is time one consuming one will definitely enjoy eating it.


Crab Xacuti

Crab is considered to be as best sea food to be enjoyed. Goa is famous for its great temperature and beaches, and this dish gives full on competition to that superb weather and beaches. One can enjoy having this dish with family and friends.


Prawn Rissois

This luscious sea food melts into the mouth very frequently. It has such a powerful taste that it can be served at any cocktail party. It specially comes in a stick with different flavors of chutney which compliments the dish. It contains very easy recipe flour, prawn, salt, oil etc.


Caldine Curry

What will happen if you will not get a meal for one day? Obviously you will have Caldine Curry in a famous restaurant of Goa. It is such an exciting dish that everyone would love to have it once. It has an authentic curry made from garlic, ginger paste. It can be garnished with fresh green coriander.


Prawn Masala

Prawn Masala is not so common dish in Goa, it has a huge demand there. People can have this amazing dish for their breakfast, lunch, as well as in dinner. Prawns give an eccentric taste to the dish that no one would like to leave the dish.


Pork Vindaloo

Pork Vindaloo is an appetizing dish which is a speciality of Goa. Although Goa is famous for its beaches but Pork Vindaloo is no less famous. It get produced by using grind cumin seeds, red chilli, peeper, corns, cardamon seeds, cinnamon, black mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds. The dish is not so time consuming but one who will have will definitely enjoy eating it.


Rava Fried Fish

Such a small creature contains a huge amount of proteins with taste. Have you ever tried such a crispy treat? if not then you should try this Rawa Fried Fish which has an exotic flavor of ginger, garlic paste, chilly powder, turmeric, and salt. It is a good for weak eye patient as it increases protein level in our body.


Pork Sorpotel

Pork Sorpotel not only contains an amazing name but also a toothsome taste. It is loved and relished by everyone. It has an outstanding texture with treasuring taste. It can easily be prepared using boneless pork, fresh garlic, and ginger paste, onions, sugar, and salt to taste, oil, vinegar, and tamarind paste. It is a worth trying dish, so must try while visiting Goa.


Goan Nevri

Goan Nevri dish is a traditional cuisine of Goa which is celebrated by the family together. It is easily available in every second restaurant of Goa. It can be tasted in affordable prize with a huge variety of flavors. Goan Nevri dish invites foody stomach and mouth watery tongue to have the enjoyment of it.

Its flavorous taste entices the heart of customers to come and have a taste of this yummy sea food which has an outstanding recipe to fill the mouth of anyone with water. Its look can be enhanced by garnishing it with mint or fresh green coriander. It is the best friend of the events. It easily grabs the attention of foodies.

With so many amazing dishes, one should definitely visit Goa and try all these exciting dishes.