Top 20 Food Bloggers In India In 2022

top 20 food bloggers in india in 2022

Indian food bloggers have come a long way. Most of them began as food bloggers and have gone on to become food entrepreneurs, inspiring millions to pursue their passion for cooking. On food websites in India, food bloggers have helped us embrace cooking by covering everything from authentic Indian dishes to dishes we had never heard of. This is the place to be if you are a foodie or have a passion for food. This list includes the most well-known food bloggers in India. These Indian food bloggers broke into the food blogging scene when it was still relatively new. During the pandemic, what began as a niche hobby has grown exponentially.

1. Archana Doshi (@Archana’s Kitchen)

Archna Doshi, a software developer by trade, started her blog to provide do-it-yourself solutions to common cooking problems. As a result of her cooking experiences, she founded the Indian cooking blog. She has her own YouTube channel, Archana’s Kitchen, where she posts videos about creative cooking techniques. If you’re looking for a home cooking idea, you’ve come to the right place.

1.Archana Doshi @Archanas Kitchen

2. Vegan Richa (@veganricha)

Richa is the best option for anyone looking for an all-in-one veg blogger. Her blog features a variety of delectable dishes ranging from baking to healthy eating to fast food. You should definitely start following her because her dishes are truly amazing.

2.Vegan Richa @veganricha

3. Nagalakshmi – Nags (@Edible Garden)

Nags blogs are more than a one-stop online food destination. Her blog includes classic recipes, traditional recipes, modern recipes, quick and easy recipes, and much more. Nags’ Cookingandme has recipes from all over the world. It is an ideal location for anyone who has moved away from home and desires a manufactured home. Her blogs are among the most popular Indian food blogs among readers.

3.Nagalakshmi – Nags @Edible Garden

4. Ankiet Gulabani (Belly Over Mind)

He is a foodie at heart and one of India’s top food bloggers. He launched his recipe website. Soon, his website was among the top-rated sites, and he began writing blogs with simple recipes from around the world. His blog caters to millennials who want quick and easy meals.

4.Ankiet Gulabani Belly over Mind

5. Sharmilee (Sharmis Passions)

Because she is a South Indian, the majority of her recipes revolve around South Indian cuisine. Her recipes are simple to follow, and even a child can cook them. She began her blog after the birth of her child, when she was looking for healthy recipes.

5.Sharmilee Sharmis Passions

6. Jayanthy Kumaran  (Tasty Appetite)

Another popular Indian food blog is “Tasty Appetite.” Jay, or Jayanthy Kumaran, is the author, photographer, and YouTuber behind this recipe website and channel. She founded her food discovery platform to encourage people to enjoy cooking by providing simple recipes that emphasize healthy eating and nutrition.

6.Jayanthy Kumaran Tasty Appetite

7. Vanita Tipnis (Vanita’s Corner)

Vanita Tipnis, a qualified Company Secretary, left her corporate job more than a decade ago to focus on motherhood. Her journey has been rewarding, taking her from a corporate job to a stay-at-home mom to a food blogger. Her blog features rustic, regional, and everyday meal recipes – the kind of dishes you won’t find on restaurant menus. So, go to Vanita’s Corner and begin your journey to discover Indian cuisine.

7.Vanita Tipnis Vanitas Corner

8. Anushruthi (Divine Taste)

Her passion for fancy recipes inspired her to launch her blog Divinetaste. Her blog posts give you access to exotic recipes that are well-known around the world. She also works as a photographer, recipe developer, and nutritionist in Mumbai. Her blog also has an exclusive category for vegetarians called Saatvik food recipes.

8.Anushruthi Divine Taste

9. Harpal Singh Sokhi (@chefharpalsokhi)

Harpal is a great all-arounder who can be followed for great beverages, non-veg recipes, healthy food recipes, and baked foods. It is one of the best food bloggers in India because it includes Punjabi Tadka in its recipes.

9.Harpal Singh Sokhi @chefharpalsokhi

10. Deeba Rajpal (Passionate About Baking)

Deeba Rajpal is one of India’s most inspiring food bloggers. She is well-known for her inventive recipes. Her blog primarily focuses on a variety of desserts. She has a sweet tooth, and one of her hobbies is collecting props and styling food. Do follow her and learn how to cook.

10.Deeba Rajpal Passionate About Baking

11. Rapti Bhaumick (From The Corner Table)

Former journalist Rapti Bhaumick left a comfortable desk job to pursue a less lucrative but more fulfilling passion for writing, traveling, and baking. Her blog, From The Corner Table, offers a glimpse into her thoughts as she explores new territory with a dash of hope, a pinch of love, and a healthy sprinkle of courage.

11.Rapti Bhaumick From the Corner Table

12. Hina Gujral (@funfoodandfrolic)

Hina’s food recipes are excellent, and she is best suited to an audience eager to try new dishes. Her cooking will be less spicy and healthier in general.

12.Hina Gujral @funfoodandfrolic

13. Dassana (Veg Recipes)

Dassana launched her blog in 2009 as an online journal containing family recipes as well as her own creations. Soon after, the online journal evolved into a full-fledged blog with recipes from all over the world. Dassana is one of India’s top food bloggers because her recipes are simple and she explains every step.

13.Dassana Veg Recipes

14. Neha Mathur (@whiskaffair)

Neha Mathur has been blogging for 7 years and has established a strong presence in the industry. She is talented in all areas, and the audience enjoy’s the way she presents the food.

14.Neha Mathur @whiskaffair

15. Kathy Gori (The Colors of Indian Cooking)

Kathy Gori has been preparing Indian cuisine for over 30 years. As an American preparing traditional Indian food, she is continuously looking for new ways to incorporate historical Indian foods into modern American kitchens . She is the author of the website THE COLORS OF INDIAN COOKING. Her recipes and photographs have appeared on Honest Cooking, Food Food 52, as well as the New York Times.

15.Kathy Gori The Colors of Indian Cooking

16. Sailaja (Sailus Food)

Her blog’s tagline is “Deliciously Indian!” Sailaja’s blog contains a complete list of Indian recipes. She is a voracious recipe collector. Her blog covers everything from pickles to chutneys and drinks to authentic food. Check out her most recent blog post right away.

16.Sailaja Sailus Food

17. Anubhav Sapra (@delhifoodwalks)

His blog, @delhifoodwalks, is self-explanatory; it began with the streets of Delhi and quickly expanded to other parts of the country. He also has a YouTube account where he posts weekly culinary exploration videos. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, aka the full country of India, you may follow to sample amazing street food.

17.Anubhav Sapra @delhifoodwalks

18. Natasha Hamo (@organicandhappy)

Natasha is an organic food blogger who can help you find what you’re looking for.  Her blog is full of nutritious organic recipes, and she is Indian and lives in California.

18.Natasha Hamo @organicandhappy

19. Shilpa (Aayi’s Recipes)

Shilpa is an avid foodie. Her mother’s specially curated recipes and her love of food inspired her to start her blog. Her mother’s traditional Konkani recipes can be found on her blog, She is one of India’s top food bloggers due to the popularity of her blog.

19.Shilpa Aayis Recipes

20. Shaheen Ali (Spoon Fork And Food)

Shaheen was up in a culinary family where food was often a topic of conversation. She started blogging with the intention of writing down her experience of learning and refining in the journey with food from home to the world beyond, from street food to fine dining, from mom’s recipes to Chef’s talk. Shaheen is now a well-known recipe developer, food stylist, and photographer who is proudly ranked among India’s top 20 food photographers. Her vivid photos and food styling sensibilities have earned her countless awards and prestigious businesses.

20.Shaheen Ali Spoon Fork and Food