Top 20 Food Business that you can start from Home


The idea of food business can never go down if the quality of food is taken care of. You do not need a big shop or outlet to start your own food business. You can start it right now from your home by investing a very little amount of money. And as people start liking your food product you will soon start gaining recognition and good amount of profit. So don’t wait for any big thing to happen, choose your favorite product according to your convenience and start doing a business.

1. Home – Made Cookies

Home-made cookies are something people will love having. You can start small by providing few good varieties of cookies, and gradually you can expand your business by providing a great variety in home-made cookies. You can also provide an option for gift packing and home delivery of your cookies. To attract your customer, you can use whole wheat flour or multi-grain flour to make your cookies which will be a healthy and tasty option for your customers.


2. Tea Business

Tea business is a great business as everybody working outside need at least 2-3 cup of tea during their work. Even at homes tea is an essential part of breakfast and evening snack. So why don’t you start selling tea leaves which you can directly export from the tea estates and local tea farmer. Everybody needs a good quality of tea and these days there are lots of adulterations made with food items including tea leaves also. You can provide them with a good quality of organic tea leaves at a reasonable price. You can also expand your tea leaves selling business by making flavored tea all by yourself like rose or hibiscus tea packets.


3. Jam and Jelly Making

Children love jam and jellies, but parents often fear the quality of the market product. You can provide fresh and seasonal jam and jellies to your customer with lots of home-made varieties of jam and jellies with great quality. You can also provide gift box options and home delivery for your food item.


4. Office Meal Delivery

People going to office often struggle with a good quality meal at a reasonable price. You can provide them with the home-cooked meal right at their office. You can choose to prepare veg or non-veg food according to your convenience and people will love this concept.


5. Tea Bag Making

Along with tea leaves business, you can also make tea bags at your home. You can include a lot of varieties of tea bags by mixing two or three ingredients. And if you provide good quality tea bags, you will gradually increase your customers.

tea-bag 6. Namkeen from Home

In Indian households, we often make namkeen for our family and guests, and we love home-made namkeen. Then why not give it a try in business. Home-made namkeen is no doubt healthy and hygienic. So people will come to you if you provide a good quality of namkeen at a reasonable price. Even housewives can start this business right from the next day and make some extra income.

homemade-namkeen 7. Herbs and Spices

We always doubt the quality of herbs and spices purchased from market. Also, we do not have that much time to buy raw materials and make our own herbs and spices by going to the chakki. You can make good quality of herbs and spices available to people. You can buy raw materials in bulk and use them according to the customer demand. Once you start providing good quality of herbs and spices, people will definitely make you a permanent stop for their herbs and spices.

herbs-spices 8. Papad Making

People of Gujarat do make papad of different varieties but very few of them do it for business. You can start doing this business from your home. And if you have little extra money to invest you can buy automatic papad making machine also. Even if you are starting small, it will give you a great level of satisfaction when people will praise your product. You can choose to provide a single type of product or different varieties of product according to your convenience.

papad 9. Cooking Classes

If you know cooking and want to start a business of your own in this field, then cooking classes is one of the best options to start with. You can do this online and offline; both will pay you a good amount of income. You do not need any extra space for starting cooking classes; you can start from your kitchen and with your building. You can take fees on a monthly basis or per dish basis.


10. Chocolate Making

If you know or are eager to know this beautiful art of chocolate making, then you can start your own business right from today and from your home by making delicious home-made varieties of chocolates. People love home-made chocolates and they even use it for gifting purpose also. India has a lot of festive seasons and celebration where people exchange gifts. What can be better than easily available home-made chocolates. And if you provide a good packaging and gift option then you can be the king of your area. You can provide lots of varieties in home-made chocolates.


11. Dry Fruit Packaging

In India, we often require packed dry fruits that we use to gift in festivals and wedding functions. But the quality of dry fruits inside the packet is not always up to the mark. You can take the order and make them fresh packet of dry fruits of their choice. Even you can make your packet designs and show them to the customers to choose from. This business can be beneficial for you as well your customers who always struggle to find the good quality product.


12. Juice Stand

In big cities, juice stands are easily available, but in town and cities, it is hard to find fresh fruit juice stand. You can start this business and can earn some extra income. Even in town people are becoming health conscious, and they are shifting to healthy food options. Your juice stand can solve their as well as your problem too. You can start with just providing a single type of juice option, and gradually you can increase your options and business.


13. Pickle Making

Everybody in India include pickle in their food for at least one meal. Pickle is available in the market but home-made pickle has a different aroma and taste. Most of the people does not know to make pickle or they do not have time make it. You can make pickle in bulk amount and can sell them. If you provide good quality, then people will love buying pickle from you. Also, you can provide many different kind of pickle with a home delivery option.


14. Pastries and Cupcakes Selling

You can make pastries and cupcakes at your home or buy from a good quality shop and make it available near a school at lunch time. Children love having pastries and cupcakes and if it is of good quality, then there is no harm in having it. Or you can choose two-three different schools for the different day in a week. If you do not want to travel to sell your stuff, then you can provide a home delivery option also.


15. Meal For Hostellers

If you live in an area where there is a hub of educational institutes, then you can provide meal for the students living in the hostel. Students living in hostel generally suffer having a good quality meal. You can provide them with decent quality home-made food at a very reasonable price.


16. Nutrition Coach

If you have good idea about nutrition, then you can become a nutrition coach. Even if you want to study this before starting your business, you can go for a short term or diploma course in food and nutrition. Being a nutrition coach, you can promote a healthy lifestyle to your clients. Even you can start with your blog helping people to stay fit and eat healthy food.


17. Organic Food

Organic food is hard to find and are expensive in super markets. You can make a deal with local farmers and purchase organically grown grains, fruits, and vegetables in bulk and sell them in your area at reasonable price. In this way people will not suffer in finding organic food and you will have your own business. You can also make home delivery options available to your customers in your area.


18. Food Gifts

Food for gifting is a great option. Whether you gift someone a handful of chocolates or a bottle of wine, it makes a good memory. So you can put on your hands in this business. Giving a lot of variety of food that can be gifted will create a great opportunity for your business. You can even make the gift basket personalized according to the choice of the customer.


19. Food Blogs

Starting a food blog will not gain you money initially, but as it starts gaining popularity among viewers, you will start earning money from that. Along with your food knowledge, you can also enhance others skills as you start your food blog like writing, editing, videography, and photography. So if you have time and some amazing food-related ideas you can start your food blog.


20. Cake Delivery

If you love baking, start making cakes at your home and provide the facility of home delivery. If you live in a big city, you might face some difficulty as there are already many well-established cake shops, but if you live in a town, this business can be perfect for you. But it doesn’t matter where you live if you prove quality product you will make the customer.cake-delivery