Top 20 One Pot Meal


One pot meals are super easy to make and do not require too much efforts in cooking. When you want to enjoy super tasty and delicious food, and you do not want to struggle while cooking and even in cleaning the stuff used during cooking, then one pot meal is the solution. One-pot meal is an easy and quick way to satisfy your taste buds and say good bye to your hunger. You can create your favorite flavor without involving much time and effort into it.

 1. Italian Baked Pasta

One step before assembling everything for baking is cooking or boiling pasta with or without herbs and spices. This delicious dish can be made with any pasta of your choice, and you can add as many as vegetables to it. You can also add chicken or salami pieces to the tray of pasta. You can also add lots of cheese and cream to make your pasta more creamy and delicious. This Italian baked pasta is a favorite among children, so you can make your variation of healthy pasta and serve hot to your kids.


2. Herb and Chicken Pulao

Preparation of herb and chicken pulao is very easy. You just have to marinate the chicken with herbs and spices and cook it with minimum oil. You can choose the herbs of your choice from freshly chopped coriander or mint leaves to sun-dried kasurimethi leaves; everything goes well with the chicken. Put chicken in a pan and allow it to cook for some time.Then add rice into the same pan and let the aroma of marinated chicken allow to mix with rice, till the time rice will cook over medium to low heat. Serve this tasty hot pulao with some fresh salad and lemon slices. This mouth-watering dish can also be made when you have guest in your family.


3. Chicken Noodles

To make your cooking easy and reduce your time in the kitchen, you can always keep some cooked or marinated chicken chunks in the freezer. So whenever you need to add chicken chunks in your food, it is already available in your kitchen. Chicken noodles are something that everyone loves having it. Whenever you are craving for something spicy and flavorful, you can jump over chicken noodles. You can make this dish quickly and easily for your lunch and dinner.


4. Chicken Pasta with Cheese Sauce

Again you will need chicken chunks, so make sure to prepare it before as a part of your meal preparation and use it for over weeks. Chicken pasta is delicious and when it is cooked with some cheese sauce, it will drive you crazy for sure. Creamy and full of flavored chicken pasta can be made very easily by combining just a few simple steps. You can also add lots of vegetables to it. With just 30 minutes of your time, your super tasty chicken cheese pasta will be ready to eat.


5. Chicken Chole with Rice

This dish does require some time to prepare but taste amazing and it is worth giving your time. It has lots of flavors and healthy stuffs that combines well to give you a great taste. You need to soak chickpea 10 hours before and marinate chicken 1-2 hours before. This dish is similar to biryani but cooked in a very different style. At first chickpea is cooked with spices and then chicken is added to the same pot, and after chicken is 3/4th cooked.Then rice is added to the pot and all these things are allowed to cook till the rice is done. You can put clarified butter and friend onions once the rice is done but that is optional. Serve this delicious dish with some curd and fresh salad.


6. Baked Bread and Egg

If you are thinking of making something healthy, tasty, and easy to make, then you must try some baked bread and eggs. All you need is to prepare the egg mixture according to you and make some space between your favorite bread and pour the egg mixture into that space. Your dish is ready to be baked. You can have this as your breakfast along with your hot coffee.


7. Chicken Noodle Soup

Soups are very easy to make, and if there are some of your favorite ingredients, then you should try making it. Chicken noodle soup is quick and easy to make by combining some of the basic ingredients like boneless chicken pieces, herbs, and vegetables. If your noodles are cooked, then you must add it in the soup just before switching off the gas.

chicken noodle soup

8. Bisi Belle Bhaat

Bisi belle bhaat is a South Indian dish, whose main ingredient is rice. This dish is made with combining lots of vegetables and dal along with the rice. Usually the taste of this dish is spicy but you can always make it according to your choice. You can also add some chopped nuts while preparing if you like some nutty and crunchy flavor in your bite. You can also use left over rice for making this dish. Adding tadka at the end is optional.


9. Coconut Rice

Coconut rice is also a South Indian dish but famous throughout Asian countries. Coconut rice is mild in flavors but delicious in taste. To make coconut rice, rice soaked in coconut milk is used. You can have it simply with chutney or pickle or just have a bowl of hot coconut rice.


10. Spicy Matar Pulao

Spicy matar pulao is a seasonal dish but whenever there is the season of peas you must try this lip-smacking dish. To make it spicy or not depends on your choice, but you can trust our words that it tastes great. So try making some of these this winter.


11. Lasagna

One more dish liked by children is lasagna. It can be made easily with the availability of lasagna sheets and cheese. You can make veg or non-veg lasagna according to your likings. The best thing about this dish is that you can use any vegetable (except drumsticks) in it. It is easy to make, and your children will love it.


12. Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup

A warm and comforting creamy soup is all you want to have a cozy feeling on your couch. Sweet potato and carrot soup can be made sweet or salty according to your choice but both tastes amazing. You can use boiled sweet potato or just add peeled chunks of boiled potato along with chopped carrot in a pan along with some basil and cardamom powder. Your delicious soup will be ready in around 30 minutes of time.


13. Green Pasta

Green pasta is not something hard to find in the market but it is something already available in your kitchen. You can use any green leafy vegetable and green beans to add in the pan, in a puree form or as a whole and you will have a bowl of green pasta ready. You can also add cheese and chicken pieces to it to enhance the taste of the green pasta.

green pasta 

14. Khichdi

Khichdi is a popular dish in India, and we have lots of varieties of khichdi. You can use any dal, rice, and vegetable to make this wholesome dish. In many parts of India, khichdi is made once in a week on a compulsory note. Also in West Bengal khichdi is served as Goddess Durga’s Prasad. Children also love this dish.


15. Rajma Pulao

Soaked kidney beans can also be used in making a single dish rather than curry. Soaked kidney beans are cooked first, and then rice is added to the pot. In less than 40 minutes of time, your delicious and healthy pulao will be ready to serve. If you want to try something new, you can try adding some fresh fruits to the pot after finished cooking like mangoes, avocado, and green apple.

rajma pulao 

16. Biryani

Who doesn’t know about biryani; it does not need any introduction. Biryani can be made veg or non-veg, and there are numerous ways to make a tasty biryani that too in one pot. Veg biryani does not require much time, but non-veg biryani is a time taking dish. Even the aroma of biryani can make you feel better as you enter your home, so try making some of these at your home.


17. Lemon Rice

Lemon rice is a quick and easy recipe that can be made within 10 minutes of time. Lemon rice is a favorite among hostel students who always try making variations with the plain rice. Also, it is healthy and does not need anything on its side. So try making some lemon rice when you do not feel like cooking. It can be made with left over rice too.


18. Quinoa Pulao

Quinoa is a healthy grain and very famous among people who keep good track of eating healthy food. Quinoa pulao can be made using dal, kidney beans, peas, soya chunks, cottage cheese, vegetables, or simply with fried onions. Its taste depends on the type of spices you are using for the pulao. You can also add dry fruits of your choice to the pot once quinoa is cooked properly.


19. Ravioli with Chicken

Usually, ravioli is served with pasta sauce and in soups. But cooking art is all about experimenting. So try making some ravioli pasta with chicken and let your taste buds experience something new and different. You can make this dish saucy or dry as per your choice.


20. Dal Dhokli

Dal dhokli is a Maharashtrian and Rajasthani dish, often made during lunch time. This is a healthy and filling dish and all made in one pot. All ingredients used in this dish are nutritious. You can serve this along with some lemon slices.