Top 20 Food Businesses

Top 20 Food Businesses

We are living in an Entrepreneurial world. People are no more looking for jobs. Covid has taught us that a single source of income is never enough. Hence, it is mandatory to start a secondary income. People are working part-time shifts out of their profession. However, many people have accepted the business profile. They have understood that business is more secure than a job. Therefore, today we will discuss the top 20 food businesses. We will talk about all the businesses that are present in the market. Also, we will discuss a few new ideas. Let us know your thoughts on the same.

1.Pani Puri Business

You might say this business is the lowest grated. However, it has a hold on the market over the world. People are earning lakhs per month through this business. It does not require much time to settle up. One can put up a small stall and start earning.


2.Chat Business

Chat Business is the second to capture the market. There are chat stalls in America too. Probably they earn more than many Indian professionals. They include many dishes. However, most of the dishes have the same ingredients. Their preparation cost can be less. Therefore, we have included it in the top 20 food businesses.

Indian panipuri best snack

3.Chai Business

Did you hear about Tandoori Chai? People are coming up with many ideas to improve the typical Chai. That gives them immense business. Also, this business can work in the form of franchising. You can start a single brand and share it with friends across.

Close Up of Making Indian Tandoori Milk Tea/Chai in india. Selective Focus

4.Kulche Business

Kulche Business is famous in North India. There are many Kulche shops compared to any other. They make them fresh. They are delicious. Hence, why don’t you start a small Kulche business? We all have the potential to do anything we think of.


5.Ice Gola Business

Ice Gola does not come in Monsoon. However, they have good business in summer and winter. They set up a small stall and do not require huge investments. You can develop your people’s skills through this business. You should keep a smile to serve people.



Initially, only a few people started a Bakery. Today, you will find a bakery in every corner of the city. They have a variety of foods. Also, every tradition has different goods in their bakery. Hence, if you have some sweets in your mind, you can start a small home bakery.


7.Namkeen Business

You must have heard the names of Haldiram, Balaji, Diamonds, Kurkure, etc. All have Namkeen business. They are top in their field. However, there must be a day when they started small. You can start a small Namkeen business. People start it mostly during festivals.

Indian Famous Salty Pop Rings, Chiwada and Kurkura Food

8.Juices Business

I remember drinking a glass of Mango juice on my way to school. Their business starts early in the morning and ends late at night. However, their ROI is greater than the efforts they put in. What is stopping you from starting something like this?


9.Ice Cream Business

Did you eat the ten rupees ice cone? Even after being ten rupees, they have a daily business. Furthermore, they do not require changes and development in their business. It is pretty much a one-time investment. Let us know your view about the same.

Iced coffee

10.Manchurian Business

Manchurian Business came up recently. However, many qualified personalities have put their hands in this business. They start stalls at fairs. It gives them lots of returns. Also, some people put stalls on bypasses. It is a sustainable business in all seasons.


11.Sandwich Business

Similar to Chai, people have modified Sandwiches too. People have upgraded themselves to a social marketing business. They advertise their business on media. That helps them with marketing city to city. That is an advantage of social media.


12.Corn Cob Business

Corn Cob Business is a traditional business. There are uncountable people selling corn cobs in rain and winter. They have kept the traditionality of the dish. Also, people love having it. It is one of the most profitable businesses in the world.

Grilled sweet corn on the charcoal grill

13.Chinese Business

Do you see the different platter ideas on Instagram? Don’t worry! People are not losing anything by giving an unlimited platter. There is a business mind behind it. Hence, having a Chinese business looks profitable too. One can start a home-based business using Swiggy and Zomato.

Party with biryani and noodles

14.Cotton Candy Business

These people are pretty rich. The Cotton Candy business takes new forms in the Asian market. There are cartoon Cotton Candies available now. Children are more attracted to it. It is a great business to have on a part-time basis.

Set of cotton candy with different flavors: cherry, plum, apple, blueberry

15.Shwarma Business

How many people around you have started the Shwarma Business? It is trendy nowadays. People have different recipes for Shwarma. However, they attempt to maintain traditionality. It is a great business to start in recent times. The dish is trendy currently.


16.Momos Business

There are many wow momos franchises around me. There are many locals starting momos stalls. They are tastier than many shops. People post reels about the same. They are crazy for momos. Hence, you can start a momos business too.


17.Pancake Business

Pancake Business is popular in Korea. People have started making cartoon pancakes. They are sweet, delicious, and cheap too. You can try a small stall first. Later you can invest in growing the business. This business can be a small venture will all your friends.


18.Cake Business

Covid has made everyone a baker. I have a few friends starting a baking business. They did it all by themselves. Today, they have a growing cake business. They are handling it with their full-time college. How cool is that?


19.Homemade Food Tiffin

Homemade food tiffin is the business for Housewives. It does not require much investment. Also, you can utilize your free time for the same. Take your mom along with you. Many ladies have started this business in groups. What is stopping you?

tiffin or lunch box with food isolated on white background

20.Chocolate Business

Every child dream of a Chocolate house. I have one near my house. They serve homemade chocolate goods. They are very delicious. Also, it is a great place to hang out with friends with a few sweet treats. Hence, we end our article here. Let me know any food business ideas you have in mind. Also, we would love to know your experience if you tried any.

Chocolate Santa .... seven bits