Top 20 Food Joints In South Campus

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Crazy Kitchen Lounge & Terrace

Although it is on a higher floor, but once you get there, the ambience will keep you in an awestruck moment. With their renovation done recently, they have the best terrace café in Satya Niketan. The food is delicious and unlike other cafes, they have a versatile menu to choose from.

Approx. the cost for two: 700



It offers you a great ambience. The lighting is dim, and the place looks cozy. It is a total value for money. They have some good choices in the menu like Kit Kat shake. Margarita pizza offered is just for 99! It has been opened recently so it has maintained its quality of ambience, food, and music.

Approx. the cost for two: 550


Hera Pheri Café

It is one of the most beautiful cafes of Satya Niketan. It has a vibrant and catchy interior. The staff is great and courteous. The food is good. It is easy on the pocket and offers some different food from other joints like the Mediterranean Sandwich and Golgappa Shots. They just need to include desserts on their menu, and it is a win win for them!

Approx. the cost for two: 500


Pirates Of Campus

It has been recently opened and earlier had a branch in North Campus. Its menu is versatile and includes everything from appetizers to mains to desserts. It has some really good options like Salt and Pepper, Spaghetti, Cheese Rolls, and what not. You can pick anything from the menu, and you are sure to like it.

Approx. the cost for two: 500



Café Sportsvilla

It has a unique concept and the interior justifies the name. They have a wall with cartoons of sportspersons. On the ceiling, one could notice medals and badminton shuttle. The furniture also has an essence of sports to it. And guess what, they also have a foosball table. The food is mouthwatering and delicious. Everything on the menu is great and worth a try. Their thin crust pizza is a must try. You need to fold it to eat it. They have amazing quality and ambience overall.

Approx. the cost for two: 500


Qro Gourmeteria

Adjacent to BYD and earlier known by the name of Dark House Kafe, this place offers real good food. It offers India, Chinese, and Mixed Cuisine. The ambience is a little different from other Satya cafes but in a good way. Since you have a lot of waiting at BYD, there is no harm in checking out this place. It will definitely leave you wanting more.

Approx. the cost for two: 600


Uptown Café

For me, this café’s terrace is its USP. They have the best terrace and the little lighting triangles add to its beauty. Food is not bad at all, and the background music makes your experience even better.

Approx. the cost for two: 700


Echoes Eat Engage Energize

The best thing about this place is there idea. Their staff is physically handicapped. They have centered their idea around them. You can write your order on a piece of paper and press the button behind you; it will turn on the light on reception and the waiters will identify it and receive your order. Food is good too, but this place is a must visit for its concept.

Approx. the cost for two: 500


The Bounty

It is a small place which gives us a warm experience. It is a gold digger for vegetarians. It is easy on the pocket, and the staff is polite. It has decent ambience and is a must visit for everyone.

Approx. the cost for two: 500


Young Wild Free

It’s a go to place when you feel like just hanging around for some time and chat around with your friends. They have wooden furniture which gives the place a cozy look. Food is satisfactory, and prices are decent.

Approx. the cost for two: 500




It is located above QDs. It’s just another regular restraint with decent food and decent ambience. They have a lot of offers going on so one can ask them for the ongoing one.

Approx. the cost for two: 700


Big Yellow Door

What is not to love about BYD! Its ambience, food, prices, everything, is to long for. It is the biggest success of Satya Niketan market. Whenever you go there you will have a waiting for at least 15-20 minutes. But they are worth it. You will have an exquisite and exclusive experience there.

Approx. the cost for two: 600



It’s like old and gold. It is famous for its Tandoori Momos. Apart from them, the North Indian food is also good. Almost everything is good about this place. You can have a nice lunch date with your friends and not worry about money. It has its other branch in north campus, Husdon Lane as well.

Approx. the cost for two: 700


Canteen Till I Die

It is like visiting canteen only because the food you get here, and their prices are similar to any college’s canteen. The quality of the food is nice. Maggie, Potato wedges, pasta, everything as so good and so cheap. Also there ambience is quite nice. A definite visit when you are low on cash.

Approx. the cost for two: 300


Woodbox Cafe

It has a branch in the north campus as well. You will feel like sitting in a real wood box. Food and music are decent. Also, they have a fast service and good food quality.

Approx. the cost for two: 850


Panama Street

It has recently been opened. It is styled restaurant café. Each wall has a different theme and section. It has a dim yellow light and a basic interior that looks good to eyes. The walls are hand painted which is one of the attractions. They offer you indoor games like Uno as well.

Approx. the cost for two: 600


The Chai Story

This restaurant will make you fall in love with it. It has a unique décor and good food. They offer you a variety of Chais. You can choose any of them, and you are sure to like them. It is economical as well.

Approx. the cost for two: 300


#off Campus

Its ambience is to die for. It has a double floor sitting, and the terrace is beautifully decorated. The food is okay, and the service is a bit slow. If worked upon that, this place will be a hit in Satya Niketan market.

Approx. the cost for two: 800


2 Bandits

It feels like this café doesn’t belong to South Campus. It should have been in markets like the Rajouri Garden market. It is the only café that offers booze. Food is delicious, and ambience is okay. They introduce us to various indoor games like Uno, Ludo, Snake and Ladders, etc.

Approx. the cost for two: 1500



Favourite of every south campus student’s is Kiev’s Maggie point. They offer you a variety of Maggie’s to choose from. They also offer you Milkshakes and Lemonade. They don’t have any seating, so you just have to stand and eat your food.

Approx. the cost for two: 100