Top 20 Food Options In Brahmaputra Market, Noida

Top 20 Food Options In Brahmaputra Market Noida
Top 20 Food Options In Brahmaputra Market Noida

Brahmaputra Market is one of the happening places in Noida. It is located in Sector – 29, Near Delhi Public School, Noida. This place is considered one of the best market areas in the entire Noida because the Brahmaputra market has various shops dealing in apparel, stationaries, medicines, and most importantly, a place known for its variety of food options. This is a famous and popular destination for food lovers. This place has almost every food options one can think of . It has good restaurants and also a host of street food stalls and vans. One must definitely visit this market if in Noida. Here is the list of some food options in the Brahmaputra market .

1. South Indian Cuisine

The Brahmaputra market is famous for south Indian cuisine. Laxmi Coffee house in this market makes this place popular as it is the finest restaurant in the entire Noida, offering delightful south Indian food options. Variety of Dosas like Rawa masala Dosa, butter masala Dosa and Paneer Dosa along with uthappam, Vada and idli are some of the best preparations in this joint.

South Indian Cuisine

2. Kathi Rolls

One will find more than 30 food stalls in this market and almost every food stall one will find Kathi rolls. Kolkata-style Kathi roll is famous in this market. Varieties of stuffing’s are available in these Kathi roles like chicken, mutton, egg, vegetable, tikka, and kababs. These stuffing are wrapped around a thick maida paratha which tastes fantastic.

Kathi Rolls

3. Soup

During the biting cold of Noida, people relish having hot soup. A famous and very old stall in Brahmaputra Market offers soup to the people of Noida at a very reasonable rate. Chicken soup for non-vegetarians and Tangy tomato soup for vegetarians are available in this stall. In winter, one should try these hot and famous soups of Brahmaputra Market.


4. Badam Shake

The same food stall which offers soup in Brahmaputra Market also offers a Badam shake. This food item is also very famous in Noida. The Badam shake tastes good and one must try this shake in the market.

Badam Shake

5. Chinese Food Options

There are plenty of Chinese food options in Brahmaputra Market. Chinese food is relished and enjoyed by the people of Noida and hence this market does not miss out on the same. Hakka Noodles, Chicken ,and veg-fried rice; Manchurians are some of the famous and delightful Chinese options one can try in Brahmaputra Market.

Chinese food Options

6. Shawarma

If someone wants to have the best shawarma in the town then one should close their eyes and straight away reach the Brahmaputra market. Various  food stalls that offer different kinds of shawarmas with customizable stuffing as per one’s liking. Afghani shawarma stall is famous in this market serving authentic and delightful shawarma.


7. Pizzas

You will not find any big brands like Dominos or Pizza Huts in the Brahmaputra market, but small shops in this market can give competition to these brands as far as Pizza is concerned. Different types of pizzas are available which are tasty and  flavorable like cheesy pizza, chicken pepperoni and ,veg delight. One must try these pizzas at a very affordable rate in the Brahmaputra market.


8. Momos

Momos are something very dear to the people of Noida. You will find momos in every other place in Noida and the Brahmaputra market is no exception. This this place is popular for offering delightful momos. Different fusions of momos are available in various stalls here like Tandoori momos, Afghani momos, chilly momos are to name a few.


9. Soya Chaap

As far as food options are concerned, soya chaap is the latest development in Noida and the Brahmaputra market also offers the best in the city. It is one of the exclusive vegetarian delights one must try. Food outlets in Brahmaputra market serve soya chaap in a variety of gravies like Malai soya chaap, Hyderabadi soya chaap, and Afghani soya chaap.

Soya Chaap

10. Biryanis

Another famous delicacy that is available in Brahmaputra Market is Biryani. One will find stalls with huge ‘Handis’ full of biryani and people are enjoying near them. Different types of Biryani are there in these shops like Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani, and Egg biryani. These are served with a spicy chutney, onions, and lemon responsible for enhancing the taste.


11. Sweets

There is a sweet shop famous not only in Brahmaputra market but also in the entire Noida known as Evergreen sweet mart. This is famous for its quality of sweets and the variety it offers. Bengali sweets like cham-cham, kheer cho and rosogollas are available along with many other sweets. This sweet shop is a must-visit for someone loving sweets in Noida.


12. Gol Gappas & Chats

There are numerous stalls in the Brahmaputra market offering chats and Gol Gappas. There is always a huge crowd in front of these stalls for enjoying a variety of chats and Gol Gappas offered here. Bhalla papdi chat, Dahi papdi chat, bhelpuri chat are popular chats found in these stalls. Gol Gappas stalls always have a long queue of people waiting.

Golgappa And Chats

13. Mughlai Items

Plenty of Mughlai items are popular in the Brahmaputra market. From small stalls to decent restaurants, each one has a long menu of  delicious  Mughlai food items. People in Noida love to enjoy in these outlets relishing authentic Mughlai  items like Shammi kebab and rumali roti.

Mughlai Items

14. Chole Bhature

It is the most common breakfast for every ‘Noidavaasi’. Cholte Bhature is a delicacy which is having a direct connection with the hearts of the people of Noida as it is so delightful and delicious in taste. In the Brahmaputra market, chole bhature is very famous and one will get this dish not only in breakfast but in any part of the day.

Chole Bhature

15. Kulcha

Kulcha is a Punjabi soft maida bread, usually enjoyed with chole. Amritsari Kulcha  center in Brahmaputra market serves one of the best Kulchas in the town. Aaloo Kulcha, Paneer Kulcha, and Garlic Kulcha are some varieties of Kulchas available here. Lassi is also served here, which is enjoyed with these types of Kulchas.


16. Waffles

Another latest development is Brahmaputra Market is Waffle. There is no Belgian waffle or any other food brand offering waffles, but small food stall owners have started making delicious waffles in the market. Waffles are basically biscuits stuffed with chocolate and with a crisscross pattern on the top. It is made in a waffle maker and is served with ice cream. One must try this at the Brahmaputra market in Noida.


17. Juices & Shakes

There are many counters in the Brahmaputra market offering different kinds of juices and shakes. In the scorching heat of Noida, these outlets are heaven for the people wherein they can enjoy drinks of different types. Oreo shake, KitKat shake, banana shake are some popular shakes available, along with various fruit and vegetable juices.

Juices and Shakes

18. Samosa & Kachori

These snacks are typical in almost every household in Noida during the evening. Many outlets, including Evergreen sweet mart, make samosa and kachori. Available to the people of Noida. The finest qualities of these snacks are available here in the Brahmaputra market.

Samosa and Kachori

19. Kebabs & Tikkas

Different kinds of Kebabs and Tikkas are available in many food stalls and outlets in the Brahmaputra market. All these items are made in ‘sigdi’ and ‘tawa’. Melt-in kababs like shammi kebab and  Lucknow-style galawati kebab is must-try in  kebab sections. Chicken tikka and Fish tikka are the tikka options here in Brahmaputra market.

Kebabs and Tikkas

20. Parathas

Sector 29 area of Noida is popularly a ‘Punjabi colony’ and being a food market in the area one cannot miss Parathas available here. The Brahmaputra market is a home for varieties of Parathas which everyone will love to have along with curd, butter, and pickle. Aaloo paratha, Pyaaz Paratha, Gobi Paratha, Paneer paratha and Anda paratha are the different types of  parathas available here.