Top 20 Food Trends Of The Year 2016


The year 2016 contributes extensively to the evolution of food. The new techniques and inventions in the research laboratories as well as in the kitchen were outstanding. A lot of changes in food for the betterment has taken place. Some of the trends are given here:

1 Savory Yogurt

Though we have a soft corner for sugar and maple syrup, it does no good to us. Opt for the salty and non-sweet flavors by adding seeds, nuts, vegetables, moderate amount of spices and olive oil to ensure better health. Curb your sugary cravings and adapt to the habit of consuming these savory yogurts.


2 Waste Based Cooking

It is a movement started by David Grob to protest the food wastage occurring all around the globe. This is a major phenomenon in London, Vienna, Geneva, Salzburg, etc. The people of the organization Artivismus, conduct cooking performances in public spaces for awareness of this program. The food that people throw in Europe is enough to feed the world population twice. This is an upcoming measure to eradicate hunger from the society.


3 Fairy Bread

This conveniently easy and fascinating dish is just bread topped with colorful sprinkles. Loved by all, this flooded the internet for quite some time. The origin being Australia, the snack now resides over all the famous coffee shops not very far from you. A little magic everywhere is good for the soul.


4 Purple Bread

Invented by a food scientist in National University of Singapore, it can come under the category of amazing baked super foods. These breads are full of antioxidants that are present in black rice (gives the purple color). Digestion occurs 20% slower than white bread as it aims to reduce the blood sugar spikes that occur after eating white bread. It is not yet sold in markets as it is still in the developmental stage.


5 Rolled Ice-Creams

This Asian dessert called Thai rolled ice-cream is a new trend which took over the internet for a considerable period of time. It is made by pouring the milk on a pan having a temperature around -32⁰C. Then the toppings and flavors are added, spread and rolled to beautiful ice-cream rolls.


6 Raclette

Swiss/French raclette is a form of semi-hard cow’s cheese. Traditionally, restaurants serve it by heating and pouring the melted cheese to your veggies or potatoes. It is a form of inverse fondue that makes your heart melt along with that cheese.


7 Ice-Cream Ramen

The irony is that it contains no ramen noodles or ice-cream. These are made from Japanese jelly noodles and served over cantaloupe, mango, mochi balls, and crushed-ice along with evaporated milk. White peach syrup acts as a compliment along with this dish.


8 Black Desserts

Black desserts are a new trend. Black velvet cakes, black ice-cream, coal candies, have taken desserts to a completely new level. Everyone wants a bite, don’t they?


9 Better Butters

Numberless flavors has taken over the world. Butters are even not left behind. Different kinds are in use from basil pesto to lemon thyme and lavender. Variety is the new goal for every product.


10 Everything Coconut

It is a source of healthy fat and is replacing many products these days. Coconut oil, milk, flour, sap/sugar, flakes, amino, water, and whole fruit have so many health as well as cosmetic benefits.

11 Cookie Monster Desserts

From ice-creams to cakes and cookies, nothing was aloof of the cookie-monster-inspired creation. Everyone relishes it and can’t get over these desserts.


12 Miso

It is a Japanese traditional seasoning and is made by fermentation of soybeans with high amount of salt, koji, barley or rice. Has numerous benefits like that on cardiovascular system, digestive system, anti-cancer benefits and so on. They are mostly consumed in soups, fishes or vegetables. Recent popularity has taken over the world.


13 Ethnic Condiments/Spices

The unending benefits of traditional spices and condiments were always known to us. In 2016, it has become a trend to use these in anything and everything. Gochujang is a Korean chilli paste and is used as ketchup in many places. North African harissa, custom barbecue spice blends and Jamaican jerk are in continuous demand. African and Middle Eastern flavors are gaining popularity and is in trend.


14 Bite-Sized Snacks

Be it a party or any festive season, mini bite-sized snacks are always welcome. There are a huge variety to choose from and you can pop them in, in just one go. Along with the fascination that comes up by seeing them, they help you to eat less contributing to their small size and hence low calories.


15 Japanese Cheesecake

2016 was a time when Japanese desserts became very popular in America. The Japanese cheesecake is one of them. This is everyone’s favourite.


16 Golden Milk Latte

Use of turmeric in everything was surely a trend of 2016. Turmeric, being a super food, found its way in juices, veggies and meat dishes but the use in this golden milk latte was drool worthy. This is made by a lovely combination of almond milk, coconut oil, turmeric and coffee.


17 Burned

Burnt foods are trending these days. Yes, that’s right. Burnt eggplant puree, burnt-honey ice-cream, cranberry beignets with black olives, burnt drinks as well are everyone’s favorite.


18 Organic Everything

The high demands of organic foods caters to become a trend nowadays. Fruits, vegetables, even cosmetics are preferably organic. Some companies who call themselves organic, are actually not. Usage of toxic pesticides and chemicals are starting to diminish and is a great step towards a safer and cleaner environment.


19 Galaxy Desserts

Adding glitter and starry looks to food has become a fascination to all. From making galaxy tattoos, doing galaxy make up, to eating galaxy desserts, it has all become a trend now. Galaxy cupcakes, donuts, cakes, ice-creams, etc, are everyone’s favourite.


20 Freakshakes

Introduced in 2016 itself, freak shakes include all sorts of cakes, cupcakes, pretzels, candies, cookies, chocolates, bars, wafers, or practically anything edible to give it a freaky and messy look. These yummy shakes are fully filling and satisfying.