Top 20 Food Trucks In Besant Nagar, Chennai


A food truck is a mobile restaurant or vendor that serves food and beverages from a specially designed vehicle. These trucks have cooking facilities and often travel to different locations to sell their products, offering a unique and convenient dining experience. Besant Nagar is a well-known neighborhood located in the southern part of Chennai. Besant Nagar’s proximity to the beach, as well as its cultural and recreational offerings, make it an appealing place to explore in Chennai. Here are the top 20 Food Trucks in Besant Nagar:

1.Tickle Truck

Customers can purchase various frozen treats from the Tickle Truck. The exterior of the ice cream truck is bright and eye-catching, with vibrant decals, ice cream images, and playful designs. Popsicles, Gelatos, Fizzy Sodas, Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Thickshakes are among its specialties. Classic favorites like chocolate, vanilla, mango, and strawberry are available, as well as exotic flavors like Gulkand, Carrot Halwa, Paal Kova, Paan, Spicy Buttermilk, and activated Charcoal. Customers can devour their ice cream treats in a cone or a waffle. The cost for two is approximately ₹200.

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Lasso serves a delectable selection of dishes from India’s rich and diverse Cuisine. It has a bright exterior, eye-catching artwork, and Indian motifs. To create authentic Indian dishes, the kitchen area is fitted with stoves, tandoors, and grills. Popular Indian classics such as biryani, butter chicken, tikka masala, chicken korma, and lamb curry are available. Vegetarian options include paneer dishes, dal makhani, aloo gobi, and lentil-based curries. There are also Indian street food favorites and sweet treats on the menu. The cost for two is approximately ₹300.

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3.Pita Poc

Pita Poc brings Mediterranean flavors inspired by countries such as Greece, Turkey, and Lebanon. Popular dishes include falafel, shawarma, and kebabs marinated in flavorful herbs and spices. Vegetarian options are plentiful, including Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Tabbouleh, and Spanakopita. Pita Poc’s main attraction is their Pita. Pita is a round, pocketed flatbread that is used as a wrap to hold fillings. Broken Egg Pita, Malai Tikka Pita, Channa Pita, and Red Hot Chicken Pita are a hit. The cost for two is approximately ₹350.

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Poblano provides convenient and delicious options for food enthusiasts who crave traditional Mexican cuisine. It’s decorated with Mexican-themed decals, sombreros, maracas, cacti, and traditional Mexican artwork. It includes typical dishes such as tacos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, fajitas and tamales, available with fillings like grilled meats, beans, cheese, and various salsas and toppings. They also serve gourmet ice cream. The cost for two is approximately ₹300.

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Pepino serves a variety of Chinese cuisine dishes to customers on the go. It offers delicious food such as Fried Rice, Chow Mein, Lo Mein, Dumplings, Spring rolls, Kung Pao Chicken, General Tso’s Chicken, Tofu dishes, Vegetable stir-fry and Beef with Broccoli. Customers can select the type of protein and marination they want on their food. Their best-sellers are the Seafood Combo and the Basil Khao Phat. The cost for two is approximately ₹400.

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Hunger Truck specializes in serving dishes from Szechuan cuisine, which originates from the Sichuan province of China. Sichuan cuisine is famous for its bold and spicy flavors, which include aromatic spices, chili peppers, and Sichuan peppercorns. There are no vegetarian options. Noodles, Fried Rice, Chicken Appetisers, and Gravy are on the menu. Slow Cooked Chicken Barbeque on an Arabian Grill is their specialty. The cost for two is approximately ₹400.

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Chaska offers a delightful selection of dishes from Tibetan cuisine, which hails from the culturally rich region of Tibet, situated in the Himalayas. Popular Tibetan dishes include Momos, which are steamed or fried dumplings filled with meat or vegetables. Thukpa, Tingmo, Shabhaley, Stir-fried Yak meat, Thenthuk, and various types of Tsampa are some other traditional Tibetan dishes that are available. The Chicken Shyafaley Momos are their top-selling item. The cost for two is approximately ₹300.

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Jalsa is a Jain food truck. Jain cuisine excludes ingredients that involve harm to living beings. It has a simple and clean exterior design, reflecting the modest and minimalist values of the Jain community. Their menu features Sabzi, Dal, Roti, Chaat, Rice, and Sweets without animal-derived ingredients. Their Tawa Pulao and Paratha, served with Mint Chutney and Raitha, are their most famous dishes. The cost for two is approximately ₹400.

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BYT, or Burn Your Tongue, is a food truck that serves fast food. It features a modern and eye-catching exterior design with bold colors and graphics that grab the attention of the passersby. The food served is said to have a good level of spice, given the truck’s name. The menu focuses on offering a variety of quick and easy-to-prepare dishes that cater to diverse tastes. The specialties include Biryani, Fried Rice, Fiery Fries, Shawarma, Parotta, Steak, and Noodles. The cost for two is approximately ₹300.

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Burn Your Tongue

10.Aaya Sutta Dosa

Aaya Sutta Dosa specializes in serving dosas. Dosas are savory pancakes made from fermented rice and lentil batter. They are a beloved staple in South Indian cuisine. The exterior design features images or illustrations of dosas and other South Indian elements. The menu revolves around dosa varieties, like masala dosa, plain dosa, rava dosa, pizza dosa, paneer tikka dosa, and cheese dosa. The menu has a selection of chutneys and sambar, traditional accompaniments served with dosas. The cost for two is approximately ₹200.

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11.Chai Truck

Chai Truck is a food truck that specializes in serving various types of Chai, a popular and aromatic spiced tea from India. The inviting aroma of spiced tea fills the air, enticing passersby and creating a cozy atmosphere around the truck. It serves Classic Masala Chai, Chai Latte, Iced Chai, and Milk Tea. It also provides Lassi and Coffee. The menu includes a selection of snacks and desserts that pair well with Chai. The cost for two is approximately ₹250.

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Char prides itself on the complex and varied flavors of North Indian cuisine. North Indian cuisine is well-known for its aromatic spices, flavorful curries, and a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Mutton Chops, Kuboos, Chicken Tikka, Paneer Tikka, and Dal Makhani are among their best sellers. They also provide beverages for refreshment. The Kulfi at Char is a must-try, especially the Pink Guava flavor. The cost for two is approximately ₹250.

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13.The Engine

The Engine Truck serves Indo-Chinese cuisine dishes that combine elements of both Indian and Chinese cuisines. The menu features classic Indian dishes infused with Chinese flavors and cooking techniques, resulting in delectable combinations. It includes Gobi Manchurian, Chili Paneer, Dragon Chicken, Hakka Noodles, Vegetable Spring Rolls, Szechuan Fried Rice, and Sweet and Sour Tofu. The cost for two is approximately ₹350.

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The Engine

14.Bella Ciao

Bella Ciao serves authentic Italian Cuisine. The menu showcases a delightful selection of classic Italian dishes such as pizza, pasta, paninis, and salads. Pizza variations include Margherita, Pepperoni, Rossa, and Gourmet toppings. Pasta variations include Spaghetti Bolognese, Fettuccine Alfredo, Penne Arrabbiata, and Lasagna. Italian-style sandwiches with various fillings, such as mozzarella, prosciutto, and fresh veggies, are available. They also serve Italian desserts like Tiramisu, Panna Cotta, and Thick Shakes. The cost for two is approximately ₹500.

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15.Nei Idly

Nei Idli Sambar specializes in serving idlis, which is a beloved breakfast in South India. Idly is a steamed rice cake made from fermented rice and urad dal batter. It is served with hot ghee on top, coconut chutney, and sambar, a spiced lentil-based vegetable stew. The menu features Idli, Oothappam, Dosai, and Idiyappam. They also serve Vada, Pongal, Paniyaram, and Sundal as accompaniments. Their show-stoppers are the Breakfast Combos and Podi Idli. The cost for two is approximately ₹100.

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Karam Food Truck serves Indo-Chinese Cuisine with the main focus only on appetizers. The name “Karam” translates to “Spicy” in Tamil and is symbolized by pasting chili stickers on the truck. All the dishes served are scorching. They have a wide range of appetizers such as Momos, Vegetable Stir-Fry, Chicken Nuggets, and other fried goodies made of Baby Corn, Prawn, Beef, Mushroom, and Chicken. Their specialties include Steamed Corn Momos, Andhra Chilli Chicken, Chicken Bhurji, Devil Prawn, and Dragon Beef. The cost for two is approximately ₹250.

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17.TN 07 Food Express

TN 07 Food Express is a food truck serving Indo-Lebanese cuisine. Indo-Lebanese cuisine combines aromatic spices and flavors from India with Lebanon’s fresh ingredients and Mediterranean influences. Indian and Lebanese cuisines are known for their succulent grilled meats and kebabs. Lebanese-style hummus with Indian spices and Indian-style kebabs with Middle Eastern marinades are available. The Special Shawarma Platter is their most recommended dish. The cost for two is approximately ₹350.

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Shawarmania, as the name suggests, sells shawarma, a famous and flavorful Middle Eastern street food. Shawarma is made by roasting seasoned meat on a vertical spit, producing juicy and tender slices of meat that are frequently served in a wrap. The truck features a vibrant exterior design, reflecting the bustling atmosphere of Middle Eastern street markets. They have many varieties available, but the best sellers are Tandoori Shawarma Roll, Biryani Shawarma, and Sweet Chilly Shawarma. The cost for two is approximately ₹400.

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19.The Madras Food Truck

Madras Fast Food Truck brings the unique and splendid flavors of Madras to you. It has a bright and lively exterior design that reflects Madras’ colorful and dynamic atmosphere. It has images or illustrations of iconic Madras landmarks. It serves as a gateway to the cherished culinary traditions that Madras offers to experience delightful tastes on the go. It includes popular South Indian favorites like dosas, idlis, vada, and uttapams, served with coconut chutney, sambar, and other traditional accompaniments. The cost for two is approximately ₹300.

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20.Alien Stone

Alien Stone is the perfect place for satisfying cravings for tasty handheld meals. It follows a neon theme and has a modern exterior design, reflecting the contemporary and dynamic nature of the food it serves. It features burgers, wraps, and steak. The best sellers include Mushroom Wrap, Squid Wrap, Thin Crust Veg Burger, Cheese Burst Chicken Burger, Saucy Fish Steak, and a Beef Rice Bowl. They have a separate menu called the Devil’s Dishes, which is very spicy. Their highlight is their Ten Inch Tower Burger. The cost for two is approximately ₹600.

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