Top 20 Drive-Through Restaurants In Bangalore


A drive-through restaurant allows customers to place and receive their orders without leaving their vehicles. The concept is designed for convenience and speed, catering to people who want to grab a quick meal on the go without having to park. These establishments are frequently found in easily accessible, high-traffic areas. Bangalore is one of India’s largest and most populous cities, as well as an important economic, cultural, and technological hub. It plays a crucial role in shaping the country’s modern identity and contributing to its economic growth and cultural diversity. Here are the top 20 Drive-Through Restaurants in Bangalore :

1.The Pizza Bakery

The warm, inviting atmosphere and the comforting aroma of freshly baked pizza dough greet you as you walk in. The décor is rustic Italian, with stone walls, vintage photographs, and comfortable wooden tables. The restaurant takes pride in producing authentic Italian-style pizzas. Aside from the outstanding pizzas, the restaurant also serves homemade pasta, antipasti platters, and decadent desserts like Tiramisu and Cannoli. The cost for two is approximately ₹1500.

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2.Dialogues Cafe

The cuisine featured on the menu is continental. The cafe draws inspiration from Chinese, Italian, Indian, and other cuisines to create a familiar yet innovative fusion of flavors. In addition to the culinary offerings, the restaurant offers board games on a pay-per-use basis and free network access. Lemon Coriander Paneer, Black Bean Pasta, Egg Singapore Noodles, Chatpata Potato, Mumbai Sandwich, and Aam Panna are among their best-sellers. The cost for two is approximately ₹800.

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3.Mangaluru Kairuchi

Mangaluru Kairuchi is a vibrant and authentic Mangalorean restaurant located in the heart of the city. The menu emphasizes the rich and diverse flavors of Mangalorean cuisine, a distinct fusion of coastal and South Indian culinary traditions, and includes an enticing selection of seafood, meat, and vegetarian dishes. To recreate the region’s authentic flavors, the restaurant uses the freshest local ingredients and spices.Fish-based meals are highly recommended. The cost for two is approximately ₹400.

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GoPizza is a popular fast-food pizza joint that caters to individuals seeking a convenient and delicious meal on the go. Brightly colored walls, playful decorations, and comfortable seating create a casual and welcoming environment. As a result, students are the most frequent visitors to this establishment. The open kitchen lets you witness the hustle and bustle as they swiftly prepare and assemble the pizzas. There are options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The cost for two is approximately ₹700.

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McDonald’s is an iconic, and globally recognized fast-food restaurant chain. Their signature meals include Big Mac, Chicken Hamburger, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Maharaja Mac and Chicken McNuggets. In addition to their famous burgers, McDonald’s offers various sides and beverages. McDonald’s has also expanded its menu to include breakfast items available in the morning. The Happy Meal, a specially designed kids’ meal, is a beloved feature at McDonald’s. The cost for two is approximately ₹500.

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6.Cheezato Pizza

Whether you’re in the mood for a delicious pizza or a hearty plate of pasta, Cheezato promises an authentic taste of Italy that will leave you wanting more. It also offers budget-friendly pizza options. They provide a variety of pizzas that appeal to vegetarian and non-vegetarian palates. Penne and Peperoncino pasta are their specialties. They also serve Wedges, Wraps, Pockets, Wings, and Fries as sides. Customers can select their preferred crust and dip. The cost for two is approximately ₹500.

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Lakehouse is an exquisite luxury continental restaurant that epitomizes sophistication and elegance. The architecture boasts sleek lines, large windows allowing natural light to flood in, and tasteful accents that showcase the restaurant’s refined ambiance. Delicacies like foie gras, fresh oysters, or caviar tasting will set the tone for the lavish feast. Indulge in tender and perfectly cooked steaks, truffle risotto, lobster tails, herbed couscous, or seared scallops. The artfully presented dessert offerings are a divine indulgence. The cost for two is approximately ₹3000.

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8.Glen’s Bakehouse

Glen’s Bakehouse is a trendy eatery with two locations in Bangalore. It provides a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the urban landscape, set amidst lush greenery and serene surroundings. The culinary offerings range from hearty breakfast fare to delectable brunch fare and delightful afternoon tea spreads. They serve an impressive selection of beverages to complement the meal. Those with a sweet tooth should try their decadent dessert offerings. The cost for two is approximately ₹1000.

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9.Angaar Pizza

Angaar Pizza is a fantastic restaurant that brings together the best of pizza, burgers, and pasta in one delectable haven. Mini pizzas are Angaar’s specialty. The Barbeque Chicken Burger, Paprika Pasta, Mutton Keema Pizza, and Paneer Stick Burger are among their best-sellers. They offer a side of fries and soft drinks, too. Their party pack combo, which consists of fries, pizza, a burger, and a soft drink, is highly economical. The cost for two is approximately ₹500.

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10.Rolls On Wheels

With three branches in Bangalore, Rolls on Wheels is a hopping eatery specializing in serving mouth-watering kathi rolls and frankie rolls. The open kitchen allows customers to witness the preparation of the rolls, adding to the anticipation. Kathi rolls are skewered and grilled fillings wrapped in paratha bread. Frankie rolls are wrapped in a wheat-based flatbread and stuffed with equally delicious fillings. They also offer starters and paratha meals. Customers may personalize their orders by adding cheese and eggs to their liking. The cost for two is approximately ₹600.

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Nirula’s is a well-known ice cream parlor chain with three branches in Bangalore. Customers can create their ice cream sundaes by choosing from a selection of ice cream flavors and then adding toppings of their choice. It also offers pre-designed ice cream sundaes with carefully curated combinations. Nirula’s ice creams are known for their high quality and variety of flavors, which are made with premium ingredients to ensure a creamy and rich texture. They also provide ice cream cakes, shakes, and dairy-free frozen treats. The cost for two is approximately ₹400.

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KFC is a global fast-food restaurant chain known for its signature fried chicken with three locations in Bangalore. KFC’s menu revolves around its famous fried chicken, prepared with a proprietary blend of herbs and spices known as the “Original Recipe.” In addition, for lighter options, there are chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, chicken popcorn, wraps, and salads. The Bucket Meal is KFC’s signature offering. Vegetarian options include the Veg Rice Bowl and the Veg Zinger Burger. The cost for two is approximately ₹500.

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13.Five Star Chicken

Five Star Chicken has four locations in Bangalore and focuses on serving a variety of chicken-based fried treats. The tantalizing aroma of freshly fried chicken fills the air as you walk in, luring you inside. There is something for everyone, from classic fried chicken tenders and juicy chicken wings to inventive chicken sliders and crispy chicken sandwiches. Sides such as french fries, nuggets, nachos, and cheesy chicken poppers complement the chicken dishes perfectly. The cost for two is approximately ₹400.

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14.Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani is a restaurant that captures the essence of Hyderabad’s rich culinary heritage. Hyderabadi Biryani is known for its aromatic rice, slow-cooked with succulent meat or vegetables, and fragrant spices. The restaurant offers a variety of biryanis to suit different preferences, such as the classic Hyderabadi chicken biryani, mutton biryani, and vegetable dum biryani. From kebabs and curries to naan and paratha, the restaurant’s menu is designed to provide a complete and satisfying dining experience. The cost for two is approximately ₹700.

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15.Xero Degrees

With three locations in Bangalore, Xero Degrees specializes in serving innovative milkshakes and refreshing beverages. The interior features eye-catching decor, such as neon signs, chalkboard menus, and playful artwork, which adds to the place’s energetic vibe. The menu features milkshakes, coffees, coolers, iced teas, and monster shakes, among other creative concoctions. They additionally provide pizza, sliders, waffles, nachos, garlic bread, chicken strips, dumplings, hummus, salads, and vegetarian platters. The cost for two is approximately ₹1000.

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16.Pull Over

Pull Over has designated parking spaces, and servers deliver ordered food directly to customers’ cars. It is a diverse restaurant that combines the best of various cuisines. Stir-fries, soups, noodles, and momos are available for those who enjoy Chinese cuisine. Shawarma fans will be delighted to discover a dedicated section with a variety of shawarma options. Various succulent kebabs and grilled meats are found at the charcoal-grilled tandoor section. They also serve delectable vegetarian and non-vegetarian biryani. With so many ice cream options, ice cream lovers will be spoiled for choice. The cost for two is approximately ₹1000.

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17.Burger King

Burger King is a globally recognized fast-food chain with three locations in Bangalore that specializes in flame-grilled burgers and multiple quick-service menu items. The Whopper is their signature menu item. It serves various burgers, sandwiches, and wraps. They also do sides like french fries, onion rings, salads, and chicken nuggets. Burger King offers a variety of sweet treats, including soft-serve ice cream, soft drinks, sundaes, and milkshakes in a variety of flavors. The cost for two is approximately ₹400.

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18.Peppa Zzing

With three branches in Bangalore, it serves an assortment of burgers, hot dogs, subs, and its signature Whammy sandwich. Burger fans can savor everything from classic cheeseburgers to gourmet options. The hot dog and subs section is a must-visit for anyone craving an all-American classic. Pasta, steak, casserole, and appetizers are also available.Among their best-selling items are the Au Gratin, Monster Squid Burger, C.L.T sub, Whammy Beef, and Shepherd’s Pie. The cost for two is approximately ₹1000.

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19.Al Baik Fried Chicken

Al Baik is well-known for its delicious and juicy fried chicken. It is famed for its secret blend of spices used to marinate the chicken, giving it a distinct and addictive flavor. Customers can order chicken wings, drumsticks, burgers, wraps, or whole chicken, which is served with sides like french fries, dinner rolls, and cheese balls. It also offers a variety of sauces and beverages to accompany the meals. The cost for two is approximately ₹400.

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Tazish is a fast-food restaurant that offers a fusion of flavors such as fries, shawarma, falafel, and pockets. It has two locations in Bangalore and serves tasty meals on the go. Each dish offers a burst of Middle Eastern flavors, from their various types of fries to their tender meat shawarma and Chickpea Falafel wraps. Pockets are stuffed pitas filled with grilled vegetables, seasoned meats, or a combination of the two. To round out the meal, the restaurant provides a variety of refreshing beverages. The cost for two is approximately ₹500.

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