Top 20 Food Trucks You Should Never Miss In Delhi And Ncr



Sushi House Mafia

You will find an amazing variety of crispy and colourful sushi at this food truck! Prices are tagged differently for vegetarian and non-vegetarian sushi which are near (Rs 300-450). The food offerings don’t confine at Sushi as you can also enjoy Chinese appetisers and Chinese meal bowls within a low price!Location: Sector 29, Gurgaon



Eggjactly has a good variety of wraps to offer. The food truck serves you healthy breakfast where most of the dishes are made of eggs. The truck also has good options for wraps to offer costing not more than (Rs 170).Location: Sector 29, Gurgaon


Dosa Inc

If you wish to grab some fine variety of South Indian food snacks, Dosa Inc is the right place for you. The truck is swift in the terms of service, and the menu comprises Uttapam, Dosa, Idli, Vada and a must try Mysore Dosa, all under (Rs 120).Location: Okhla Phase-3, New Delhi


Street Food By Punjab Grill

Street food by Punjabi Grill has all the possible North Indian street food you can ever think of! The menu is overloaded with spicy fast food options like Samosa Papdi Chat, TikkiCcholley all under (Rs 200). It has North Indian Thali starting at (Rs 99) and combo meal to satisfy the big hunger, starting just at (Rs 295).Location: MG Road, Gurgaon


Burn Out

It is a fancy-looking food truck which mostly remains crowded in evening hours. The menu offers you Sandwiches, Burgers, Tacos, Pasta in less than (Rs 200). Location: Noida


Something Saucy

Something Saucy has Mexican, Italian and Chinese variety from Burger, Tacos, Pasta, Dim Sum to Chicken Wings and Fried Fish!  It can cost (Rs 500) for two.Location: Gurgaon



You can always soothe yourself with cold beverages like Peach Tea and Lemon Ice Tea in summers and comfort it in the same way with hot coffee in winters! Caffeinated has a well-known variety of coffee such as Cafe Mocha, Caramel Latte, Americano and Hazelnut. The best part:- nothing will cost you more than 100 bucks! Location: Noida



This is the must-visit food truck if you are a Sandwich lover. Vegetarian Sandwiches with Tomato Sauce hold a good number of reviews. Awestruck keep spreading discount offers and codes on the social media. It is also famous for its Pasta delights and vegetarian and Chicken Rolls. It is 300 for two. Location: Gurgaon


Nashta Paani

Its food just goes right with the name. If you don’t wish to cook breakfast on your own, it’s okay! Mornings are lazy for which we have a solution! ‘Nashta Paani’. You can quickly order a home-like breakfast from Nashta Paani, running from Poha, Upma, Paratha, Omelette and lot more with a shake of your choice! The price is evaluated to be 450 for two.Location: MG Road Gurgaon


The Lalit Food Truck Company

The food junction is a right Mexican delight. If you are found of Tacos, then close your eyes and come to the Lalit food factory! They have an extended range of Tacos. Price calculated for two:- (Rs 300)Location: Connaught Place, New Delhi



Wanchai By Kylin

Wanchai by Kylin is a Chinese food truck giving out a well flavoured Chinese fast foods. Wanchai bowl meals and duplex combos are the most demanded at Wanchai. Starters vary from Fried Chicken, Vegetable Spring Roll, Honey Chilli Potato. Wanchai Paneer is a hot selling plate if we talk about appetisers.Location: Golf Course Road, Gurgaon


Flavour Hub

Flavour hub offers you a basic food comprising Sandwich, Pasta, Burger and Wraps. A well taste Sandwich is ‘Ham Delight’ served with Mozzarella Cheese and special herbs. Pasta has white and red sauce choice. Prices calculated to be (Rs 450) for two.Location: Sector 29, Gurgaon



Drifters Cafe

Drifters have a limited variety of Chinese and Thai food items like Dim Sum, Thai Fish Curry and Rice (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) and Popiah Thord (rolls stuffed with bean sprouts, french beans, lettuce leaves, carrots, sliced tofu and peanut powder). Every item comes under (Rs 200)Location: Sector 29, Gurgaon


The Food Label

The food label has right breakfast, lunch and evening snacks choices. Chicken Biriyani for lunch and Bhelpuri for snacking is a good to go with. The cost for two (Rs300).Location: Noida


Super Sucker

Super Sucker is a colour filled and eye catchy food truck where the crowd are observed really celebrating the food. Keema Kulcha and Paneer Bhurji with Pav are the consumer’s favourite. Price for two is approximated to be (Rs 400)Location: Phase- 5, Gurgaon


What The Truck

It serves Hot Dogs (Rs 150-200), Keema and Chicken Wraps ( Rs 150-200), Chilly Cheese Wedges (Rs 120), Grilled Fish (Rs 350). Consumer’s favourite- Lemon Butter Seekh.Location: sector 29, Gurgaon



Cooks a whole lot of fast food items with an Indian twist; Pizza, Burger, Meal in a bowl and Sandwiches. Best-selling: Jerk Chicken Burger. Price for two is (Rs 400).Location: Ashok Vihar, New Delhi



Is one of the dream food trucks for children and ice creams addicts. Oreo Cookie Ice Cream and Banana Nutella Waffle are must want in Chocolate varieties. Frutilicious is a real fruit embedded bar which looks decorative from outside. Milk based bars will cost (Rs 150) and fruit flavours for just 100 bucks!Location: Sector 29, Gurgaon


The Crazy Tucker

Paninis are a must try if you are coming over the crazy food tucker. Homemade cottage cheese Panini is healthy and nonspicy Rs (160). The food truck also assembles Chimichangas with onion, capsicum, olive and corn cheese giving it an exact Mexican touch (Rs 160-180).Location: Sector 29, Gurgaon


Being Truckers

Low with the pocket? Being Truckers is the right choice you can make! Butter Pao will fetch not more than Rs 60 from your wallet. Green sandwich is marked as (Rs 60) and Burgers up to (Rs 250).Location: Noida Eating at food trucks in always a more than cool experience which never disappoints to give a real taste with low prices!