20 Best Places To Eat Out With Your Heart’s Content In Kochi!

20 Best Places To Eat Out With Your Heart’s Content In Kochi!


Arc Nova Restaurant

If you’re looking for a place, that’d give you a fresh view of the Arabian sea, then this is it! Enjoy the sea breeze as you gorge on the food here. This restaurant is a part of the Fort House Hotel which is a family run hotel. They specialise in the cuisine of the state with influences from the Latin Christian culture. If you want to enjoy the luxuries of a fine dining restaurant, then there can be no better place than this. Try their Tuna pepper which is best served with Appams, to enjoy the fusion of a variety of cultures.


Dal Roti

This is some where you end up if you have a North Indian hunger pangs in South India. Although we must admit we all love the cuisine, but sometimes breaking monotony is necessary. So, Dal Roti is your answer in such cases. It is owned by Ramesh Menon who believes that the primary objective of the restaurant is to ensure every customer receives necessary attention in the due course of their meal. You cannot afford to miss their Kathi Rolls here!


Ginger House Restaurant

This restaurant is known to serve amazing food along with the right dose of history with it. This restaurant is located inside a museum and is probably India’s only such restaurant making it a unique choice anyway. You’ll find it behind a very antique warehouse, while the restaurant reflects of history. The name arrives from the fact that all the dishes offered here do use a considerable amount of ginger in their preparation. Some specialties include Ginger Prawns and Ginger Ice Cream. If you are brave enough, try the Ginger Lassi as well. Not only this, the restaurant offers you a great waterfront view along with some amazing food.


Kashi Art Cafe

Being an art cafe, this has a Zen-like feeling attached with it in this mostly busy city. The space is shared by the restaurant to act as a cafe and an art gallery at the same time, for which you’ll mostly see art enthusiasts over here. The cafe serves a variety of options, which will definitely please you. The place in fact also operates as an artist residency. Try their all day breakfast, and you’ll be visibly happy. One of their signature dishes here is the Kashi’s French Toast, which is a necessary recommendation.


Kayikka’s Rahmuthala Hotel

Although one would presumably try the seafood whilst in Kochi, their bBiryani is also quite famous. In fact, the Biryani from Kochi is a very famous variety of the South Indian beloved Biryani. This restaurant has a sort of a cult following. The Biryani is spectacular, least to say and is cooked in enormous amounts of butter or shudh ghee. Not only this, other than the Chicken and Mutton biryani, you’ll also find fish and prawn Biryani here.


Rice Boat

This is part of the Vivanta which might be explanation enough of the restaurant itself. Find some of the best dishes in the city here. Enjoy the waterfront view along with the spectacular dishes. One of their specialties is Tiger Prawn which is cooked in coconut oil. You may also try the White Snapper served in a banana leaf. And if you are into seafood entirely, then nothing should stop you from trying the soft shelled Crab which is served with tartar sauce. If you’re looking for not so much of Indian interpreted dishes, then they also serve the infamous Lobster Bisque and Crab Au Gratin.


Malabar Junction

Find the true essence of Kerala at Malabar Junction as you enjoy the delectable cuisine with Carnatic Music in the background. The scenic garden view is also sort of a perfect recluse from the busy city life. The dishes served here are prepared with the use of local materials and ingredients which make the food very authentic. Their Thali is a recommended one.


Solar Cafe

This restaurant is not part of the daily trail of the tourists but is definitely a must visit. It is owned by Farooq who possesses ample knowledge about the cultures and heritage of the state. The menu here is very healthy and nutritious, especially the breakfast items and just how you want it to be. Not only that, the cafe also has a wide array of books available for you to read through while enjoying your meal. The books are majorly about environmental sustainability.


Ranis Sweet House And Veg Restaurant

Although the available items are limited here, the restaurant is known for serving simple and delectable South Indian snacks.


Ali Baba & 41 Dishes

If you’re a Biryani person, then your search ends here. Try their Biryani and prepare to be amazed. Their biryani is just as unique as their name.


Cafe At Pepper House

This is another restaurant which lies in front of a waterfront view. The restaurant is on Kalvathi Road and attracts a lot of tourists. Although the entire Pepper House, which used to be old godowns once, is undergoing renovations, the cafe is open. The entire Pepper House is going to be home to a multipurpose facility with galleries, studios, and artist residencies. What you must try here is the Alleppey Fish Curry.


Cafe 17

One of the trendiest places to visit in Kochi, if you’re looking for a great meal, is this one. They serve some of the best international favourites such as Beef Tenderloin Steak and Chicken Ala Kiev. Be it with the presentation or the flavours, the food will impress the critic in you. And the bread pudding is something you must try as a dessert here.


Dhe Puttu

A simple place with colourful interiors and wonderful background music best defines this place. You must try the Puttu dishes here, such as the Chicken Biryani Puttu. It’s very different that what you’ve been eating all your life and must definitely be tried. It is highly recommended for all, especially for those who haven’t tried a Puttu dish yet.


Cocoa Tree

The food and the ambiance here are widely appreciated by everyone. Some of the dishes that you should try here are Pasta Alfredo and Crispy Squid Dragon Style. They have a great few options for dessert as well, to cool down your stomach after an amazing meal. P.S. try the Salted Caramel Sundae.


Mullapanthal Toddy Shop

Kerala is known for Toddy, which is why so many places are named after it. It is not a place you go for the ambience, but only for the food. The food is truly amazing and authentic and is extremely affordable for all. They have a lot of meat options, from beef to rabbit to pork, as well as many varieties of fish.


Tonico Cafe

This cafe can accommodate up to forty people and even offers ample parking spaces for all. The food here is amazing and enjoyable with decent pricing.


The Grill Lab

This is a total Burger place for all burger lovers. One of their signatures is the Jaw Breaker Burger. It might seem a little expensive but it is totally worth it. You might want to try the hot chocolate to wash it all down.


Nawras Seafood Restaurant

The ambiance here has sort of an Arabian Nights feel, with some of the dishes even being influenced by them. One of their specialties is the Saudi Masala Charcoal Grill, which is a recommendation. It is definitely one of the best restaurants for seafood in the city.



This restaurant is located in the Lulu Mall, which is allegedly the second largest mall. The place is perfect for family gatherings and would definitely please you with its service and food. The Avoli Mango Curry is recommended.


Grand Hotel Restaurant

It is one of the finest places to eat at in the city. Being one of the oldest ones as well, it still sees a lot of visits from old regulars of this restaurant. Some of their specials are mostly food from the local cuisine. The Kari meen and Che meen are highly recommended.