Top 20 French Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Top 20 French Non-Alcoholic Drinks

French beverages have a long and esteemed history, and they are an integral part of French gastronomy and culture. From wines and spirits to non-alcoholic drinks, France offers a diverse and refined selection of beverages that cater to various tastes and occasions. Here is a brief introduction to some of the iconic French drinks.

1.Citron Pressé

This lemonade is quite distinctive and pleasant. The various parts of it will be served individually when you order it, and you’ll have to mix them at the table. This allows you to customize the amount of sweetness or sourness to your liking. Citron pressé is quite simple to create at home because it only needs lemon juice, water, and sugar.


2.Breizh Cola

The Brittany-produced soda known as “Breizh cola” is an excellent substitute for the well-known Coca-Cola. You may learn about the local produce from the many French areas by tasting this soda.


3.Grenadine Syrup

Grenadine, a flavor-infused syrup you mix with water, is another of the most well-known beverages in France. Grenadine has a variety of flavors, including citrus and sweet. The most well-known grenadine brand is Teisseire, established in Grenoble in 1720. This brand makes syrup in more than 70 different varieties.



In France, pressed lemon is a standard beverage. This is the kind of beverage that is frequently found in pubs and coffee shops. It contains water, sugar, ice, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and a small amount. The ingredients are laid out before you so you can weigh them according to your standards.



Don’t worry if you don’t consume alcohol; you may also choose from various soft drinks. Oasis is first, and foremost, a fruit-flavored beverage. The first drinks were exclusively orange-flavored, but due to the brand’s success, different flavors are now offered. You should serve this chilled to appreciate its flavor fully.


6.Fruit Syrup And Water

Add fruit syrup to your glass of water if a slice of lemon isn’t enough to flavor it. Fruit syrup flavors come in a wide range in France. This will let you add water to any form of syrup to enhance flavor. Fruit syrup comes in several typee, but Teisseire is the most well-known.



The 1920s saw the rise of diabolo as a popular beverage in France. This non-alcoholic drink has many flavours and is made of lemonade and syrup. The diabolo variety with the strongest appeal is the green diabolo menthe variety. Other varieties include grenadine, lemon, and strawberry.



Homemade soda in France is a highly cooling beverage typically served in the spring or summer. Since soda is a widely used beverage in France, you can find it at any pub.


9.Apple Juice

If you like the taste of apples but don’t drink alcohol or hard cider, apple juice is a beautiful non-alcoholic alternative. Both adults and children can drink this juice.


10.Grape Juice

There is no doubt that there are plenty of grapes because France is one of the countries that produce the most wine. The grape can then be tasted as juice when it isn’t turned into wine in this way. In contrast to other fruit juices, grape juice is a pleasant beverage.



The sparkling beverage Orangina, produced by Orange Suntory France, has an orange flavor. In France, a lot of people enjoy drinking this soda. When served cold, this soda tastes great. Children may also be served it.



The soda brand Gini comes from France. It tastes like lemon and is a bubbly beverage. This soda is suitable for kids and, like Orangina, should be served cold. Since Gini contains a lot more sugar than a simple Perrier with lemon, it has an entirely different flavor.


13.Hot Chocolate

In France, hot chocolate, usually referred to as hot cocoa or drinking chocolate, is a preferred beverage. It is a hot beverage made of heated milk or water, shaved, melted chocolate, cocoa powder, and typically a sweetener. It frequently has marshmallows or whipped cream on top.


14.Virgin Piña Colada

A virgin pina colada is a non-alcoholic variation of the well-known tropical cocktail. In France, people drink this a lot. It is produced by combines ice cubes, thick, creamy coconut milk, and fresh, sweet pineapples. They are cool drinks that are slushy, creamy, and ideal for a hot day.


15.Pear And Rose Punch

This winter punch has a sophisticated flavor thanks to a subtle combination of pear, apple, and rose. For a stunning finish, top off your punch bowl with vivid red currants.


16.Faux Fizz

A beautifully bubbly cocktail made with a base syrup of pear, apricots, honey, lemon, and rosemary can replace your prosecco. The best fake fizz is created by pouring into a champagne flute and topping it with cool sparkling water.


17.Non-alcoholic Mulled Wine

Without a steaming mug of mulled wine in your hand, Christmas isn’t Christmas. Make a mocktail version of mulled wine by substituting delicious pomegranate and apple juice for the wine component. Warming cinnamon, star anise, cloves, and peppercorns will be added, and the result will fill the house with a beautiful holiday scent.


18.Pineapple Ginger Punch

Try the pineapple and ginger punch, including zingy lime and crisp mint, for something a little different. It is the ideal party energizer for any drowsy partygoers.


19.Cranberry Spritz

Another mocktail to perk you up, this cranberry spritz is a breath of fresh air with hints of sage and orange. Serve with sparkling grape juice for a light and refreshing drink.


20.Non-alcoholic Irish Cream Liqueur

Our Irish cream liqueur is perfect for both drinking and baking. It has a creamy texture similar to the classic cocktail, with added espresso and festive spices. Plus, it’s non-alcoholic!