Top 20 Traditional Greek Drinks

Top 20 Traditional Greek Drinks

Greek drinks encompass a rich and diverse array of beverages that reflect the country’s long history, cultural traditions, and Mediterranean climate. From iconic wines to traditional spirits and refreshing non-alcoholic options, Greek beverages offer a taste of the country’s vibrant culinary heritage. Here is a brief introduction to some notable Greek drinks.


Greek coffee is a potent brew that is served with froth (kaimaki) on top and the coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup. It is a kind of coffee made with very finely ground beans without filtration. In order to produce the ideal amount of foam, “Ellinikos Kafes” is cooked in a unique pot called briki, which is available in several sizes.



The popular cold coffee beverage known as a frappé is a staple of Greek culture in Greece. Usually, water, sugar, ice cubes, and instant coffee are used to make it. The mixture is shaken or blended until frothy before being poured into a tall glass.


3.Espresso Freddo

Another well-liked cold coffee beverage in Greece is called espresso freddo. It is an adaptation of the regular espresso that was created to be served cold. The Italian word “freddo” (which means “cold”) is frequently used in Greece to refer to cold coffee concoctions. To make an Espresso Freddo, extract a shot of espresso and let it cool. The espresso is then poured into a glass with ice cubes.


4.Tsai Tou Vounou

Many residents turn to Tsai Tou Vounou when ill because it is so soothing. Tsai Tou Vounou is not tea, despite its name, “mountain tea.” Greeks, on the other hand, make use of a plant called Sideritis, sometimes known as ironwort, which grows high in the rocky highlands of Greece. After a tiring day of sightseeing, you should sip on this floral-flavored tea to revive yourself. You can also drink it at night because it doesn’t contain caffeine.


5.Ayran/ Ariani

Ayran, also known as Ayrani in Greek, is a cold, savory yogurt-based beverage. It is a very well-known beverage in Greece and other Southeastern European countries despite having Turkish origins. The essential ingredients are sour sheep yogurt, water, and salt; however, mint or other herbs may be added afterward for flavor.



The Greek island of Crete produces the syrupy, non-alcoholic beverage known as soumada. Almonds, sugar, and water are combined to make this traditional Cretan beverage. To improve the flavor, locals may add almond extract or bitter almond essence.



One of the most well-liked non-alcoholic drinks offered on the beaches of Athens is visinada. It is made using sugar and tart cherry juice cooked until it has thickened into a deep purple syrup. The most fantastic summer beverage in Greece is visinada, which has a high concentration of vitamin C.



In almost every nation, including Greece, lemonade is a preferred beverage. Greece has been drinking this cool, non-alcoholic beverage for thousands of years, especially in the summer.


9.Orange Juice

Orange juice is another well-known beverage that is consumed all over the world to alleviate thirst in the summer. Freshly squeezed oranges, water, and sugar are used to make this vitamin-rich beverage. It resembles lemonade a lot overall. This refreshing, tart beverage will make your day better if Greece’s oppressive heat is getting to you.


10.Virgin Mojito

A Virgin mojito, commonly called a “Mock mojito” or “Nojito,” is a non-alcoholic variation of the popular mojito. It is a popular non-alcoholic or alcohol-free drink that is a refreshing and zesty beverage. Typically, mint, sugar, and lime juice are used to make it.


11.Ginger And Juice

A beverage produced by blending ginger with different fruit juices is commonly referred to as a “ginger and juice drink.” It is a tasty beverage that combines sweet and sour flavors. It is a well-liked beverage in Greece.


12.Syrup And Soda

Simple syrup and carbonated water are combined to create a drink known as simple syrup and soda. It is a sweet, fizzy beverage that may be customized with different flavors.


13.Frizzy Fruit Juice

Fruit juice that is carbonated or fizzy is called frizzy fruit juice. This drink is prepared by mixing fruit juice with carbonated water or soda water to produce a sparkling and revitalizing beverage. The fruit juice becomes effervescent and energetic thanks to the carbonation, which gives it a bouncy texture. It is a well-liked beverage in Greece.


14.Fancy Iced Tea

The term “fancy iced tea” describes a more upscale or complex variation of traditional iced tea. To make a drink more upscale and aesthetically pleasing, it frequently entails the addition of additional flavors, additives, or presentation strategies. Black tea, green tea, herbal tea, or a blend of several teas can all be used as the base for elegant iced tea. Afterward, the brewed tea is chilled, either through refrigeration or by including ice cubes.


15.Virgin Margarita

A virgin margarita, commonly called a “Mock margarita” or “Nojito,” is an alcohol-free variation of the famous margarita. Without tequila, it is excellent, citrus-flavored beverage that replicates the flavors of a classic margarita.


16.Sunrise Mocktail

A Sunrise Mocktail is a non-alcoholic beverage with brilliant hues of orange, red, and yellow that is inspired by the colors of a sunrise. It is a visually pleasing and cool beverage that people of all ages can enjoy.


17.Club Soda And Lime

Club soda (carbonated water) and lime juice are the main ingredients in this straightforward and traditional drink. It is frequently used as a non-alcoholic cocktail or mixer since it is a tart and refreshing mixture.


18.Green Tea Soda

Green tea soda is a beverage that mixes the distinctive flavor of green tea with the energizing fizz of soda. It is a sparkling beverage that gives conventional green tea a unique twist.


19.Orange Cream Punch

Orange juice, cream, and other related ingredients are combined to create the delicious and creamy beverage known as orange cream punch. Due to its sweet and zesty flavor profile, it is a well-liked option for events like gatherings, parties, or special occasions.


20.Kiwi Vanilla Smoothie

Kiwi fruit, vanilla, and other ingredients are mixed to make a smooth and delectable drink that is known as a “kiwi vanilla smoothie,” which is a creamy and pleasant beverage. It is a well-liked option for a nutritious breakfast or snack.