Top 20 Fusion Foods To Avoid

Top 20 Fusion Foods To Avoid

People all around the world are avoiding fusion food because they’re particularly not considered as healthy as the other kinds of dishes and foods present worldwide. Research has been conducted and these researches focus on suggesting that eating each of these foods or dishes can cause problems to the health of a person. These can be chronic diseases and eventually, the threat of damage causes illness. These illnesses are related to heart diseases, higher blood pressure, diabetes, and even in some cases cancer.

1.Pizza Biriyani

There is an increased demand for a newer kind of food fetishes for people. This involves the pizza biryani. It is a fusion dish that combines both pizza and biryani which are one of the two most popular cuisines in the country. Some different restaurants and cafes serve the same but sometimes, it has also been observed that not many people like the fusion of these two dishes. However, 2022 saw the rise of this dish in various restaurants and cafes where people were ordering it so much.


2.Cheese Golgappa

Cheese golgappa falls under one of the most popular fusion foods which are famous. However, golgappa is one such food item that is extremely famous and authentic in its originality. This does not mix well with the combination of cheese with the main dish. There have been several reviews that have taken over these different variations. The audience did not seem to like much of this odd craving.


3.Noodle Samosa

This is another of the fusion dishes which are extremely famous in the food market and today’s date. There are various trends which are associated with the preparation of this dish. Honestly, anyone can have this dish at any time of the day. But, sometimes the flavor of this dish makes people move away from it. Noodles and samosas are two opposite dishes and also taste different and this makes it difficult for people to accept it as a known and well-fused food.


4.Gulab Jamun Cheesecake

Indians love to have gulab jamun at the end of their meal. This falls under their fetish of having a dessert after they finish lunch or dinner. However, making a cheesecake and involving gulab jamun as one of the main ingredients might not stand well for a lot of foodies. This is also related to the way it is being prepared and the combination of gulab jamun with cheesecake is a very odd mixture of taste and sweetness.


5.Butter Chicken Poutine

Butter chicken is one of the most famous Indian dishes and it’s traditionally also known as murg makhani. However, targeting this particular recipe for turning it into a fusion food is not something that turned out to be good. The butter chicken poutine is another fusion food that is not well accepted by a lot of foodies even the ones who are trying it for the first time. This is one such fusion dish that people wish to stay away from.


6.Sushi Chaat

Indians and their desire to have chaat while walking through the old lanes and enjoying the sunset is a dream. On the other hand, sushi is a food item that has a particular set of foodies. It is not that everybody likes to eat sushi but on the other hand most people like having chaat. In such a case, combining sushi with another kind of dish might not turn out a good choice as it might have seemed to be in the beginning. Overall both of these dishes are being cancelled out or rather the fusion dish that is being presented to the people is not accepted.


7.Ice Cream Trdelnik

This dessert is not fully rejected by the group of people who love to explore desserts and food. However, there might be fans based on the authenticity of ice cream. In such a case, turning ice cream into some kind of pastry would not be widely accepted. However, this is one such fusion food that people like to try out even though they hesitate a lot.


8.Mac And Cheese Waffles

Waffles fall under the trend of trying something unique and new. There are various kinds of waffles which are available to people. In such a case, this might not have struck the ones trying mac and cheese waffles that this kind of dish can even serve good to them. Mac and cheese waffles have been rejected by people over and over again in a lot of places. It has not been widely accepted as a portion of food either. Although, it has been greatly named as a fusion food.


9.Donut Grilled Cheese

A different perspective on this dish would not harm the main review of the fusion food. Grilled cheese or rather the different sandwiches has been extremely famous by a lot of restaurants and cafes. However, grilled cheese might not be one such fusion food that has been widely accepted to date. The taste is peculiar in itself and the fusion of the donut with the grilled cheese is extremely unique.


10.Sushi Pizza

They go to snack for a lot of people is pizza there are a lot of people who also like having sushi. However, having pizza is more expensive than having sushi. Even, some people do not like having sushi at all. In such a case, creating a fusion food like a sushi pizza is extremely experimental. Although a lot of people have accepted the way it has been presented, the taste of this dish might be a little different than what it had been imagined.


11.Ramen Burger

Everyone who has a fan base for ramen knows that it is a Japanese noodle dish that consists of Chinese-style wheat noodles that are served in broth. Combining it with a type of burger creates a lot of sarcasm as well as rejections in terms of its acceptance. There are very few cafes or restaurants that can provide the perfect type of ramen burger to the audience. Food critics have particularly brought out and highlighted the fact that this fusion food might stand out to be something different.


12.Som Tam

This is also known as a general papaya salad which is extremely famous in Thailand. Although bringing it out of the country, there is a lot of mix and match and inventions, experiments and even adding of spices which has occurred to make it something new. Exclusive experimenting with the food has resulted in its negative promotions. It is not that everybody loves having papaya and the combination of the dish with other kinds of ingredients or ways of preparing it has turned out negatively.


13.Cheese And Jalapeno Kachori

Kachoris are one of the most famous Indian delicacies which are particularly enjoyed as snacks or even as street foods any time of the day. However, adding cheese and jalapeno with the kachori is a big step that one can take towards creating a famous or even interesting fusion food. Speculations about the dish have led to the anti-promotion of the fusion dish.


14.Avocado-infused Chicken Kabab

A lot of chefs around the world have been involved in the taste of avocado with chicken kebabs. This had been done to add authentic taste to the chicken kebabs which had earlier been served with different chutneys that were quite common. Therefore, this can be a fusion food that one can try definitely to enjoy the subtle flavors of the kebabs with the buttery avocado sauce. Although, a lot of people might not accept the fusion of avocado with the chicken kebabs that also disturbs the originality and main taste of the kebabs.


15.Lavender Kheer

Kheer is also known as the milk pudding. Usually, the dishes are prepared with the help of boiled rice and added flavours which is highly enjoyed by every citizen of India. However, the idea of including something else, or rather the idea of fusion has been focusing on involving love Bender and wild berries with it. Although, people open to accepting this kind of fusion are interested in trying out this dish a lot of other people are against it.


16.Idli Burger

Burgers is one of the most popular street foods and is highly enjoyed by people of all groups. However, the idea of including the idli with the burger is new. People are trying out this dish and willing to know the recipe although the amount of people being interested in knowing the existence of the dish is very low. There are no specific recommendations for this dish and individually people can try it out.


17.Coffee-marinated Mutton Chops

Coffee-marinated mutton chops are probably the worst kind of fusion food that one can try. However, there are a lot of people who are intrigued by the name of this dish and this makes them try it. The latter part of the recommendations and review does not go well with this dish. It is suggested that people should try both the coffee and the mutton chops differently.



This dish is also known as a sushi burrito which is a Japanese and American-influenced dish. The main fusion of this cuisine took place by preparing the sushi rolls with fish or vegetables in the form of wrap and serving it like a burrito. However, the way the dish has been presented to the people affects their interest in having it. A lot of people do not like the way it has been merged with a burrito as people prefer taking small bites and enjoying their sushi.


19.Sushi Fries

Sushi Fries are probably the weirdest combination. The fries are undoubtedly the best snack one can hold on. Although, sticking to sushi fries are rare. There have been very less people who know about the dish and have tried it. Sushi fries are definitely not an accepted fusion dish. A lot of food freaks are interested to try it for the first time. Experimenting with the dish is indeed risky.


20.Kimchi Quesadilla

Kimchi is originally a Korean dish that has been decided to combine with quesadillas. However, there have been various criticisms, reviews, and even good feedback from people who have tried this kind of fusion food. There are people who even like this combination of kimchi with a quesadilla and there are also people who are not so fond of this kind of fusion.