Top 20 Spicy Dishes Of Rajasthan

Top 20 Spicy Dishes Of Rajasthan

The one question that arises with every bit of this specialty of spicy foods in Rajasthan is the fact that people particularly prefer having the spiciest of dishes and making the most out of it due to the weather. It is to be said and it is important to mention that the heat that is provided from the chilies helps the people to beat the heat of the desert. The climate plays an extremely important part in this factor where people learn to live in places where there is less water available for their survival.

1.Laal Maans

It is one of the most ethnic and famous dishes in Rajasthan. Lal maans is considered to be one of the spiciest recipes in Rajasthan and is usually prepared out of mutton. The main curry includes yogurt and different kinds of hot spices such as red chilies. The color of the gravy is striking red and is filled with immense warmth from the spices that go in.


2.Mirchi Bada

Mirchi Bada is another spicy snack that is famous in Rajasthan. People particularly have this dish as their evening snack or while they are craving something as exciting as this dish. It is served hot usually with tomato sauce and is occasionally also prepared with mint and tamarind chutney.


3.Ker Sangri

It is one of the traditional dishes found in Rajasthan which is made out of dry berries and sangri beans. It is an authentic recipe that is prepared in every home of a vegetarian as well as anyone who loves to try a spicy dish. However, the spiciness of this dish can vary depending on the intensity of how much spice the person wants. It is a delightful combination of berries and beans together and is enjoyed in the Marwad region of the state.


4.Gatte Ki Sabzi

This is a mostly gravy-based recipe which is famous in the state of Rajasthan. It can be had with rice or even chapatis. It is made out of ground flour and added to a curd-based curry. Different spices go into it and people love having this gravy in their way. The blend of different spices adds up to its flavor and the taste of this dish is created by the sourness of the curd.


5.Papad Ki Sabzi

Property subject is another spicy food which can be considered a medium spicy food. It is cooked in a way that it becomes the original dish in every household. It can be made with all vegetables and becomes extremely interesting with the delicious blend of tomatoes, spices, and yogurt to create an extremely delicious delicacy.


6.Pyaz Ki Kachori

Piaski kachori is both a sweet and spicy snack. It is widely hard in the country with its popularity in the state of Rajasthan. The filling of this dish is made out of the onion and other added ingredients that involve a lot of different spices. The blend and mix of the spices adds the main flavor to the dish. Further, it is deep fried to provide this scrumptious taste.


7.Mohan Maans

This dish is considered to be another paradise for food lovers and among the locals of Rajasthan. It is a spicy dish that involves a lot of red chilies, and native and local spices like cumin, curry powder, black pepper powder, cardamom, gloves, and various other such spices. All of this is slow-cooked with the meat which is the main ingredient of the dish and is prepared with full authenticity is taking to the main way of preparing the dish.


8.Rajasthani Kadhi

Rajasthani kadhi is another popular dish that is consumed mostly in the form of thick gravy or even as a soup. It can be widely hard with plain rice or rotis. Different kinds of vegetable fritters are included in the curd-based curry and mixed up with a blend of spices. A person certainly gets four percent of the daily calories that are required for them to consume in their normal adult diet.


9.Shahi Gatte

Shahi gatte is also made out of ground flour. There are small dumplings of it which is added to the rich yogurt gravy. This is one of the authentic dishes of Rajasthan and is prepared most authentically and originally. The spice and its intensity are decided by the amount of Spices or even green chili paste which is added to it. The cook has certainly the liberty to decide how much spicy they want to make the dish.



Panchkula is widely famous across the Thar region in Rajasthan. It is particularly made out of five main ingredients that maintain the heritage as well as the originality of the history of this desert. It is long-cooked and does not require any refrigeration like the other dishes. However, the amount of spice anyone wants to put in depends upon the process of preparing the whole dish.


11.Lehsun Chutney

This dish is spread across the Indian subcontinent and is extremely famous in Rajasthan. It involves different varieties of forms that can also combine garlic with some other main ingredient or vegetable. Mainly, it is made spicy to add the kick to the Dish. People prefer having spicy cells to help them keep up the strongly supported and much-wanted spicy flavor. Generally, there are mixtures of different kinds of fruits and this is then cooked up with vinegar and garlic.


12.Gunde Ki Sabzi

Gunde Ki Sabzi is prepared by everyone in almost every household in Rajasthan. It is extremely easy to make and tastes like heaven when soft alongside a meal. It can be prepared by adding many of the vegetables and the spiciness of this dish can be kept in between medium spicy and low spicy.


13.Safed Maans

This is another famous station Rajasthan which has a very creamy texture. Various nuts are added for a subtle taste and the spices are later mixed to finally give the authentic touch to the dish. People enjoy having this dish with rotis or even parathas. This particular dish has a very rich taste that is provided by the different masalas and cashew and almond paste that creates the thick Curry or rather the gravy.


14.Bhuna Kukda

Bhuna Kukda is another scrumptious recipe that has a very rich aroma of spices. This delectable dish is prepared out of the meat and is cooked in a pot. The deliciousness of this dish is added through the use of different spices and also the smoky flavor that is caused by it. The deliciousness of the dish is again due to the richness of the spices and the way the dish has been cooked all through the years.


15.Daal, Bati Churma

Daal, Bati Churma is one of the most tastiest and authentic dishes in the state. The daal is prepared in its original way and then the spices are made. It is a dry mixture which is cooked mainly as a filling. There are different Intensities of the spice which is particularly added to the dish. Along with the dish, mainly there are chutneys which are soft and are used for having the main dish and uh desired manner.


16.Veg Jaipuri

This is an extremely nutritious and rich recipe that is made out of different vegetables the main ingredients are carrot, potato, and other vegetables such as green beans, cottage cheese, and even capsicum. This is a spicy dish that is extremely special in terms of its richness and the taste that it provides through vegetables. It is extremely famous and easy to make.


17.Chicken Banjara Curry

This dish is considered to be a paradise for everyone who loves having chicken. A great alternative for anyone who does not like mutton. There are various instances where one makes and serves this dish in their way. However, the authenticity of this dish is solely based on how it had been cooked through ages through the Banjaran ways. It’s a Rajasthani-style curry versus easier to prepare and includes a lot of green chilies, coriander, and other spices that involve paprika powder.


18.Mirchi Ka Achar

Mirchi ka achar is one of the most common dishes which is prepared in most houses in India. The main ingredient of this dish remains green chilies and stuffed masalas inside it which adds a very rich and fairy taste to the whole pickle. It is widely hard with chapatis and can also be half with rice a simulator simple curry.


19.Kalmi Vada

These are deep-fried fritters that are flour-based. The dish is hard as a munchy which is served along with Hari chutney. It is prepared mainly as a snack which is also known as a masala Vara and is similar to the South Indian masala vada. The dish is had as a fried snack and can also be considered one of the spiciest snacks present in Rajasthan.


20.Papad Mangodi Ki Sabzi

There is an irresistible aroma that comes along with the preparation of the stash. A lot of different spices are added on for a very rich flavour and this includes the mustard and cumin seeds. Originally, the dish is dated back to a very old preparation method and is widely found in every household in Rajasthan. It is mostly cooked during the summer season while a lot of different green vegetables are added to it.