Top 20 Healthy and Lip-Smacking Urad Recipes

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Urad dal is the most widely ranged ingredient to cook the most loved dishes in India. It is grown in the Southern regions of India. This is an aromatic alternative as a stuffing, dal, or sabzi. The mix urad dal is a classic home dish with pickles and roti. The dishes made with this ingredient are snacks like dosa, idli, and vada enjoyed with chutney or sambhar. The Urad dal Bonda is enjoyed in the evening supper and it also uses less oil. It is used mostly in South Indian kitchens and a part of their homes. Split urad dal is for healthy skin and has an intense flavor.

20.Dal Makhani

It is a smoked item on the Punjabi culinary menu and the lentils have an exceptional aroma and flavor. Whole spices, cream, and butter enhance the richness of the item. Simmering it in charcoal can give it a smoky composition and it originated in New Delhi. This North Indian dish is made with rajma and black lentils in festive seasons.

Dal Makhani

19.Urad Dal Kachori

Urad dal is high in protein and the kachori made with this dal is soft and crispy. This cuisine comes from Uttar Pradesh and it is stuffed with the goodness of urad dal. It is enjoyed with pickle or curd but it can be a time-consuming task as it is a heavy food dish and it is enjoyed in festive seasons.

Urad Dal Kachori

18.Urad Dosa

Locals enjoy masala dosa in food stalls but they didn’t know that there’s another version called urad dal dosa. It can be enjoyed with aloo sabzi and chutney both but the dosa is accompanied by chutney or sambhar.  Urad dal gives its texture and taste with rice flour and this golden dosa is an easy item to cook.

Urad Dosa

17.Urad Dal Bonda

This is an easy and quick breakfast and a special part of festivals. Bondas can have aloo filling or vegetables and it is served with chutney and sambhar. It is crisp and soft and it is similar to vada. It is also eaten as an evening snack in South India and it comes from Karnataka.

Urad Dal Bonda

16.Urad Dal

This spicy and easy dish is cooked in Indian homes with white rice for dinner. This is part of a nutritious meal at home-cooked with ginger and garlic. This is the quick dal makhani from North India. This warm dish is made with ghee and it is full of wholesome proteins.

Urad Dal1


Uttapam is not to be confused with the dosa because it is thicker with more toppings. It originated in Tamil Nadu and it is the classic breakfast item served with chutney and sambhar. The batter is made with urad dal and rice with toppings like tomatoes, onions, chilies, and capsicum.



This is a well-known seasoned snack of South India which is fried with rice flour, urad dal, lentils, and spices. This is a circular snack in homes of South India made with cereal and it is a part of the region’s festivals and evenings. It is the staple snack of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala.


13.Ulundu Kuzhambu

This black lentil curry originated in Tamil Nadu and it has ingredients like black urad dal cooked with brinjal. It is healthy, has minerals, full of protein and fiber. It is good for pregnant women, digestion, and bone health. It is served with Rotis, idli, dosa, papad, or white rice.

Ulundu Kuzhambu

12.Dangar Pachadi

This is an innovative version of the beloved raita made with roasted urad dal flour. It is a side dish for rice meals and is different from vegetable or onion raita. This dish is famous in Tamil Nadu and is made with urad dal and yogurt for festivals and special occasions.

Dangar Pachadi

11.Urad Dal Bhaji

This is the pakoda made with urad dal and onions which are fried till they are golden brown.  The flavor comes from ginger, green chilies, onion, sesame seeds, coriander, and spices in this evening snack. Among the multiple known variations of the pakoda, this one is the easiest to make.

Urad Dal Bhaji

10.Urad Dal Chutney

As chutney is much loved as a side dish, especially in South India, this chutney is cooked with coconut, urad dal, and curry leaves. The tamarind, onion, and red chilies have a harmony of flavors together. It is fried until it gives a satisfying aroma and it is served with white rice.

Urad Dal Chutney

9.Urad Dal Laddu

This regular ingredient is perked up with the experimental multitude of recipes created with it. These laddus are high protein diet for Andhra Pradesh people. This traditional recipe has ingredients like jaggery, black gram, cardamom, and ghee. They are full of fragrance and there are three methods of cooking this dish.

Urad Dal Laddu

8.Black Urad Dal Rice

This is the traditional dish of Tamil Nadu full of protein and nutrition. Urad dal is full of goodness like iron, magnesium, and potassium. It also improves bone health and strength. It is also used to make idli/ dosa batter. This dal is fluffy and nonsticky with sesame oil cooked with rice.

Black Urad Dal Rice

7.Ulundhu Kanji

This is a porridge prepared with rice and urad dal which is nutritious, tasty, and improves energy level. This is a mushy paste cooked with either sugar or salt and it has lingering flavors of coconut and cardamom. It is good for pregnant women and adolescent girls. It is a satisfying breakfast and is also good for spinal cord strength.

Ulundhu Kanji

6.Ulundu Kozhukattai

It has a traditional and spicy urad stuffing cooked with rice flour dumplings. This dish is time-consuming and it is served on the occasion of Lord Ganesha’s birthday. It is filled with coconut, spices, and jaggery. It has protein content and it is a simple dish made during the ten festive days during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

Ulundu Kozhukattai


This is a steamed round cake which is a healthy alternative to breakfast in South India. The batter is steamed with urad dal and rice. This is full of protein and this item is simple to prepare. This is a different version from the usual rice idli and it is made with idli rava and urad dal.


4.Punjabi Sukha Urad Dal

This is a dal with a thicker consistency than most others and it is served with onions, salad, and cucumber on the side. This has the dry flavor of Punjabi cuisine and it is cooked with many spices. This dish has protein and goodness of nutrients. This is a gluten-free dal made with black urad dal.

Punjabi Sukha Urad Dal

3.Urad Dal Chilla

This helps people to lose weight and it is perfect for all-day meal times. These pancakes are packed with veggies, protein, and toppings. It burns calories faster and it is good for heart disease, diabetes, and lower cholesterol levels. Toddlers enjoy this snack which comes from North India.

Urad Dal Chilla

2.Urad Dal And Vegetable Appe

This dal is used uniquely in this recipe, unlike the regular homemade urad dal. This golden food item is full of veggies and spices. It is easier than cooking it with rice and it is famous in South India. It soaks up less oil and even though it is not heavy or rich, it has a burst of flavors.

Urad Dal And Vegetable Appe

1.Kathiyawadi Urad Dal

This is a simple spice mix with an aroma and flavor which comes from a Gujarati kitchen. This has a great texture and it tastes well with Rotis. Even though it has normal spices, it is the perfect winter menu item made with urad dal. It is full of protein and carries the village cuisine vibe.

Kathiyawadi Urad Dal