20 Dishes having Natural Powers for Enhancement of the Human Ability

20 Dishes having Natural Powers for Enhancement of the Human Ability

We humans are one of the developed creatures in this world. We make our society and rules. We have greater body movement as compared to other animals but still, most of us are not satisfied with our physical body. We try different methods to improve ourselves, to get more strength, and more mind power. We always want more and more. Now a days, physical fitness has become a common topic but the youth want something else; they want to improve their mental as well as physical coordination better in a very short period. Due to this problem, the intake supplement has become the common problem, because most of the youth is unaware of the knowledge of the natural supplement. The chemical supplement works fast but its result does not last forever. In this article, we provide you some natural food or natural dishes, which helps you to enhance your natural ability, whether it is mentally or physically.



For the brain power, most of the people use the dishes which are made from Avocados. It is a type of fruit which is used to enhance the mental power, and makes your concentration power better. This fruit has mono saturated fat, which is very useful in maintaining the blood sugar level. This fruit is not only increasing the brain power but also it prevents the blood clotting in the brain regulating the cognitive function. This fruit is full of vitamin C and vitamin B.



Well, this one is also helpful in maintaining your brain power. Beets are also good in reducing the inflammation. Beets have nitrate, which boosts the flow of the blood in the brain and gives the energy to the brain.



Like its name, these berries are very healthy and it tastes like a natural candy. We should eat blueberries daily. Blueberry is one of the fruits, which has the highest antioxidant with vitamin C, vitamin K, and other nutrients. These berries prevent our brain from stress. Blueberry Pancakes, Blueberry Cobbler, and Blueberry Smoothie are some of the dishes made from the blueberry.


Egg Yolks

Well dishes made from Egg have great importance. The yolk of eggs has a large amount of chlorine, which is helpful in the development of brain of the child of pregnant women. Due to the yolks, a hormone is produced which is responsible for the happiness.




Salmon has omega-3 fatty acids and is useful in running the brain smoothly and also it improves the memory. The ability of healing makes us extraordinary and this ability is also responsible for saving the lives of different people.



Kiwi has the fastest healing power, and the regular intake of it result into the great improvement of your healing power. Kiwifruit has the vitamin C, fiber, and phytonutrients which works against the external bacteria. Kiwifruit also prevents the heart disease and is also helpful in decreasing the thickness of the blood.



Also known as the super power fruit of healing, Cherries have the properties of antivirus and antibacterial substance. If you eat cherry daily, it decreases the risk of heart attack. Doctors always suggest their heart patient to eat cherry daily. Cherry also works against cancer.



In the history, it was mentioned that this item is used as a healing herb. It is very powerful that one cup of dandelion fulfills the requirement of 53.5 % of RNA. Dandelion has vitamin C, vitamin A, and is the best source of beta carotene. It is helpful against hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver detoxification. It also supports the digestive system and acts as a barrier against loss of potassium.



Kale comes under the same class as that of broccoli and cabbage. Kale possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances. It has compounds which fights against cancer and the free radicals in the body. This dish has a superb amount of healing power. And still, it is used as an antioxidant agent. It is better for you to eat Kale daily so that you remain healthy and enhance your healing power.



Watercress is a calorie-free food and is full of nutrition. Its calcium strength is four times as compared to the calcium present in the 2% of milk. It is considered as a healing food. It has the iron due to which the capacity of the RBCs to carry the oxygen increases, and the tissue get the energy at very less time. The chemicals which are stimuli to the light are also present in watercress. Because of these chemicals, Watercress works against cancer.


Fava Beans

Fava Beans are full of L-Dopa, which are responsible for the growth hormones. Fava Beans are also present in the Mucuna Pruriens.


Goji Berries

Goji Berries are also responsible for the growth of hormones. These berries possess the strength of 22 minerals and many vitamins. The Goji Berries are a essential part of the diet.


Grassfed Beef

It is considered as one of the super food as it is filled with amino acid which is a bio-active substance. Grassfed Beef is good for health also. It has another hybrid family which is been used in a different way.



Yogurt is an organic compound and is essential for the growth of hormones in the human beings. There are so many different dishes in which yogurt is present in a very large amount. Yogurt is rich in L-Glutamine, which is a type of amino acid responsible for the human growth hormones.


Raw Chocolate

It is not the chocolate that we eat in our daily life. Tryptophan is a substance which is famous for manipulating the pituitary gland. Raw Chocolate is rich in tryptophan, and also it improves the quality of your sleep.


Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are full of fats. After the workout, you should eat sweet potatoes because it acts as a catalyst.



Usually sprinters eat banana after their practice because it’s natural sugar provides you instant energy and helps you in building your stamina.



It is the combination of energy and minerals which provide you constant energy. It is a complex carbohydrate which digests in a slow rate. Only a cup of Oatmeal is enough for providing you energy for a day.



The omega-3-fatty acid is usually found in the fishes but if you are vegetarian then you should eat Walnuts. Walnuts are also good for your brain power and  increases your concentration power.



We all are aware with coffee. Most of us drink it in winter season but do you know that coffee provides you with an instant stamina and energy? Coffee contains caffeine which is helpful in manipulating the brain and its nervous system.