Top 20 Hygienic Places In Gariahat, Kolkata

Top 20 Hygienic Places In Gariahat, Kolkata

lGariahat is the shopping capital of Kolkata. It has shops selling everything and it is impossible to leave the place with empty hands. When there is shopping to do, there are restaurants as well. Gariahat in Kolkata also has beautiful places to eat. A nice area for you to shop and eat so don’t forget to mention this in your itinerary when you visit Kolkata.

1.Hot Spring Kitchen And Lounge

The most happening lounge in Garihat. It has relaxing seating to enjoy your food and good live music after a tiring work day. The ambiance is stylish. Hot Spring Kitchen And Lounge serves Fast food, Chinese and Italian items.

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Plaite offers a high level of cleanliness in its service with well-presented food at an affordable price. Their menu is made for everyone with a wide variety of options, including gluten-free. Everything is just delicious here starting from the evening snacks to a full meal. The decent ambiance is hygienic. Visit now.

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3.Bedouin – Sher – E – Bengal

Bedouin – sher e Bengal is recommended for a good food experience while shopping. The food and ambiance are both very good. It has a wide variety of choices with pocket-friendly prices. Chinese here is very good so remember to give it a try.

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4.Roastery Coffee House

Roastery is a family-favorite cafe in Gariahat. Aesthetic and Instagramable that serves the best coffees and snacks. Whether you visit in the morning or the evening, the ambiance never fails to be aesthetic. It has the best coffee ambiance and outside seating. The vibe, enjoy and chillax with your family and friends.

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If people are craving some Crispy Chicken then Hatari is the place. It is affordable and has a cozy ambiance. The food is stomach-filling and delicious. The staff is pretty much customer center oriented. All in all, it is a fine place to take your family for meals.

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6.Tapaste — The Spanish Cafe

Are you bored of monotonous meals every day? Spain is now in Kolkata at Tapaste – The Spanish Cafe. Tapaste is the hub for all the Spanish delights for you to enjoy. This cafe stands out from all the other restaurants and cafes in Garaihat. The decor and ambiance will transport you to Spain or any European country. Delightful music and the food are much to one’s liking.

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For all the South Indian lovers out there, Ramanee is your next destination now. Good experience and a great variety of food items are at your service now. Yummy chutney, sambar, idli, and vada are available in the City of Rasgulas. Decent ambiance but true taste.

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Marbella is the typical aesthetic and photogenic place to have your food with pretty decor that gives you a Spain-like feel. It has a varied menu with sandwiches, sweet and savory waffles, flatbread, grills, and meal bowls with a few beverage options. The Hummus bowl is pretty good and healthy here.

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9.Sienna Store Cafe

You can now shop and eat at Sienna Cafe. It is a Quaint ambiance cafe with a store selling beautiful handcrafted items. A cozy ambiance with soft music gives the customers a good vibe. The pretty decor, courteous staff, and fine hospitality will make you feel at home.

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10.Biryani By Kilo

Biryani is one of the most loved dishes in India. This biryani is pot-style with rich flavors to spice up your meal. The rice is fine and long, the spices are well mixed with the white rice for you to experience the mind-blowing flavors with every bite. The best part is that it is cooked in a handi made of mud for the flavor and aromas to remain intact.

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11.First Flush- A Boutique Tea Coffee Shop

First flush in Gariahat will get you the flavors of hills to you. They collect dried tea leaves from old tea gardens of the colonial period places like Giddapahar. 20 selected Varieties of tea and 200 different food items are on First Flush’s menu.

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12.Mirch Masala Restaurant And Bar

Mirch Masala is known for its unique ambiance that is loved by all. It is a themed restaurant with a blend of ambiance and food. Chinese and North Indian food with specials in each of them. EK JINDHA DIL HAI MIRCH MASALA MEIN.

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13.Noodles And More

As the name says, Noodles And More, the restaurant offers a range of affordable dishes, noodles, and other tasty dishes. The staff at Noodles And More are courteous, ensuring customers have a great dining experience. Noodles And More is the perfect choice for an evening snack or for a full meal with family and friends. Char Siu Bao, Crispy Fried Potato are must-try dishes. This restaurant has a good rating which makes it popular in Kolkata.

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14.Hong Kong Bistro

Hong Kong Bistro is an ideal Chinese place to get your family for lunch and relaxing dinners. The place offers a casual experience with a warm and inviting ambiance. This place has comfortable seating. Some of the USP dishes are Triple Schezwan Rice, Fried Rice Chicken, Pepper Chicken, Garlic Chicken, and Prawns.

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15.Club Aeries

The rooftop deck of Club Aeries offers breathtaking views of the city and provides an enjoyable ambiance. The sunsets and the city lights are just splendid to watch. A combo of delectable food, lovely rooftop ambiance, and live music will make your experience memorable. Tandoori Platter, Mocktails, Drink, Pasta, Soup never miss eating these items here.

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16.The Yellow Turtle

The Yellow Turtle is a new go-to place for sumptuous continental breakfasts and Asian meals. It has a super cool ambiance with an impressive variety of food items on the menu. Must-try dishes are Sankhya and Chicken Raw Mango with Mustard Salad.

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17.Gusto Cafe And Kitchen

This restaurant has a unique menu serving North Indian, Continental, and Chinese cuisine. They also include some international dishes with a variety of wines and mocktails. The ambiance is warm and inviting and there is modern decor. Pesto Chicken, Stuffed Potato, Shanghai Chicken, Chips, and Pizza are USP dishes.

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18.Cafe Koffee Kotha

Cafe Koffee Kotha is a small yet cozy cafe that is a perfect place to hang out with friends or for a romantic date. Good concept with the ambiance. Famous for continental and American cuisines. Food is under the best budget and this place is known for branches that you have on the weekends.

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Mint is another good joint that serves healthy food, salads, Mexican food, and fast food in Kolkata. Both veg and non-veg options are available with beverages that complement well with the food. Pocket-friendly and good staff to make your experience even better.

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20.Karma Kettle

Karma Kettle is another highly recommended cafe with beautiful wooden indoor seating and a cozy ambiance. White Tea, Walnut Cake, Chicken Ham, Quiche, Vada Pav, and Cappuccino are some popular dishes. This cute little place will take you mentally to a hill station. They have a tea room where one can buy a variety of teas.

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