Top 20 Ice-cream Outlets in Bangalore.


When the Sun scorches above your head, heat waves are just passing around you everywhere and those sweat drops just trickle down your forehead, all that one craves for is an Ice-cream. It not only quenches your thirst, it also calms down the mind and reduces the temperature within!

So to spread the chilled vibes to you, this article presents to you the Top 20 Ice-cream shops in Bangalore.

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt:

This place was originally started by a couple, Danna & Adam Caldwell in Los Angeles, California in 2007. The parlor was a result of their first date, where the lady fell in love with Frozen Yogurts and wanted to start off an outlet  with her man! As you enter in, the colors of pink, white and green welcome you and adore you like a kid with all its might. They offer over 15 flavors of Yogurt and a variety of ice-creams; few  of them are Spicy Mango, Chocolate chip etc. They have 10 locations across the globe. The approximate cost is Rs 400/ 2 people.

ADDRESS: 7, GI Complex, 100 Ft. Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore.


2. Haagen Dazs:

It was opened in Bronx, New York in 1961 by Reuben & Rose Mattus. They started off with just three basic flavors, namely, Vanilla, Chocolate & Coffee and now it seems as if they have infinite number of them. The attractive ambiance will give you the blended feel of old school & modern thoughts! A special mention to their Ice-Cream Cakes & Ice-Cream Bars. A point to be noted is that, they do not use Stabilizers like Guar Gum. The approximate cost is Rs 800/ 2 people.

ADDRESS: They have 2 locations:                                                                                 1: 2981, 12th Main, 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore.                                                   2: Upper Ground Floor, Phoenix Market City, Whitefield, Bangalore.


3. Stoned Money:

This was the outcome of the dream of a group of budding entrepreneurs. The success they have achieved is due to their novel inventions in their varieties of ice-creams which include Mr.Rocher, Chikki Bang, Red Romance, Lavalicious & Caramel Hiss among which all of them have to be tried. The zealous ambiance and the very humble staff will leave you with no complaints!  Wi-Fi is available. The approximate cost is Rs 350/ 2 people.

ADDRESS:  They operate in multiple locations:                                                Banashankari, JP Nagar, New BEL Road, Basaveshwara Nagar, HSR Layout.


4. Corner House:

It was originally started by Mr.Narayan Rao in 1982 and due to the exotic flavors he prepared, he was fondly called the ‘Hot Chocolate Fudge Man’. Years have passed just as a number without any change in either the taste or the service. Constant new flavors are added to make the menu as long as possible! A special point to their Sugarless Ice-Cream & Sugarless Chocolate Sauce! The approximate cost is Rs 250/ 2 people.

ADDRESS: They have 16 locations across the city.

cornerhouse5. Milano Ice-creams:

After a hectic day and heaps of work done, if you want a stress buster place, you must rush in here! The simple looks and the attractive ice-creams will calm you as well as your mood! The specialty of theirs is the Italian-Crafted ice-creams which is a must try. As you eat the combination of fresh fruits with a spoon of Ice-cream, you might shift  into another world. The approximate cost is Rs 400/ 2 people.

ADDRESS: 460, 2nd Cross, Krishna Temple Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore.

milano6. Movenpick Ice-creams:

As you walk into this place, you will be taken straight into the cities of Europe. The decor is poured in with red and white colors which gleam out to welcome you. The lights of bright copper suspended from the ceiling give you the warmth you always needed! They serve a range of ice-Creams which might confuse you as to which to choose! Rates are high but worth the taste. The approximate cost is Rs 1300/ 2 people.

ADDRESS: 4/1-1, Lavelle Heights, Near UB City, Lavelle Road, Bangalore.

movenpick7. Cream Fudge:

Inspired by ‘The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, Fred Mouawad founded this place. Though a small place, it offers the best flavors with that lip-smacking taste! The subtle colors give the mind a soothing sensation and so do the ice-Creams they offer. Your pocket will definitely love this place as you will be spending very little here! The approximate cost is Rs 200/ 2 people.

ADDRESS: They have 2 locations in the city:                                                                1: 507, 2nd Floor, Phoenix Market City, Whitefield, Bangalore.                                          2: 898/1, 80 Feet Main Road, Koramangala, 6th Block, Bangalore.


8. Swensens:

It was started by Earle Swensen in San Francisco in 1948. His mission was represented by these three- Quality, Quantity and Value of money. Setting his goal straight with these things in mind, he climbed the ladder of success and became famous shortly and so did his ice-Creams. Presently, they offer over 180 flavors of ice-Creams. The unique artwork on the walls enriches the entire look of the place. A special point to their very cooperative staff! The approximate cost is Rs 500/ 2 people.

ADDRESS:  They have 8 locations across the city.


9. Natural Ice-creams:

It was originally started by R S Kamath, who is the CMD of Kamaths Ourtimes Ice-Creams Pvt. Ltd, in 1984 in Mumbai. As the name suggests, no artificial flavours are added and the Ice-Creams are purely natural. A highlight is that they do not add stabilizers. They have a lot of outlets all over the city, but the taste does not vary a bit nor does their service. The approximate cost is Rs 150/ 2 people.

ADDRESS: They have 11 locations across the city.


10. Stoners:

It is a very young parlor which was started in 2014. The decor personifies a beautifully dressed girl who welcomes you with the most pleasant smile. It’s a perfect place for a peaceful chit-chat or to listen to your favorite playlist while hogging onto that yummy cup of ice-cream. The menu is way too long and will confuse you with your choice! They offer delicious pizzas too. The approximate cost is Rs 500/ 2 people.

ADDRESS: They have 2 locations in the city:                                                                1: 50, Zatakia Centre, 100 feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore.                                          2: Ground Floor, 5th Block, Elite Building, Industrial Layout, Koramangala.

stoners11. Pabrai’s Fresh and Naturelle Ice-creams:

A young duo, Kunal Pabrai & Nishant Pabrai commercially started off their outlet in a partnership, as a unit of K.N. & Co. in 2008, under the guidance of their mentor, Anuvrat Pabrai and is witnessing success without bounds. Their family heritage has a successful history in the field of ice-Cream  for the past 25 years. They do not use artificial flavors & canned fruits. In the very long menu given to you, the special one to be tried is the Nalen Gur Ice-Cream. The approximate cost is Rs 200/ 2 people.

ADDRESS: They have 3 locations across the city:                                                              1: 6, Wood Street, Ashok Nagar, Brigade Road, Bangalore.                                              2: 964, MR Complex, 27th Main Road, Sector 1, HSR Layout, Bangalore.                          3: 439, 6th Main, 7th Cross, Mico Layout, 2nd Stage, BTM, Bangalore.

pabrai12. Amrith Ice-cream:

If you walk through the streets of Malleswaram and go around the 11th cross, wanting for an ice-Cream badly, each and every one you meet will guide you only to this shop, for sure! It was started by Late M. N. Sarathy who studied ice-Cream Making in Denmark and worked as a Technologist in National Diary Research Institute. Presently, it is run by his son. The Ice-Creams served here are prepared professionally with the homely touch as the owners run their parlor on the ground floor of their house! The place is always filled with its loyal customers because of its unique & lingering-on taste. The approximate cost is Rs 100/ 2 people.

ADDRESS: 51, 5th Main, 11th Cross Road, Malleswaram, Bangalore.


13. Art of Delight:

Two people, Ayaaz and Zainab Hameed, themselves being great foodies, started up this place in 2014 in Bangalore. The ice-Creams are made in-house and in small batches to retain the freshness of them. The must try ones are Chocolate Hysteria and Nutella Cheese Cake. If you are an aspiring photographer, quickly run in here, as they organize photography exhibitions too! The approximate cost is Rs 350/ 2 people.

ADDRESS: 44/1, Residency Road, Bangalore.

artofdelight14.Bella Mooz:

The icon of this place represents a girl- Bella and a cow- Mooz who are in the travel mode to pick up various flavors from all corners of the world to serve you the best tastes. They offer a huge number of varieties in an almost endless menu, among which the unique ones are Cakey Sundae which is a beautiful combination of ice-Cream Cake, Nuts, Gooey chocolate fudge and scoops. In case, you are not a fan of chocolates you have the combination of fruit based Ice-Creams and fresh fruits called the Tropical Sundae. A special mention to the Smoozies where you can have the experience of drinking an ice-Cream! The approximate cost is Rs 250/ 2 people.

ADDRESS: 16/2, Phoenix Arcade, Church Street, Bangalore.


15. Redberrys:

If you are that calories-conscious person who believes in nothing except diet, this is your adda! This place prepares ice-Creams which are 93% fat-free as they do not use milk and sugar. They offer mostly fruit-based flavors. The Coffee Flavored Ice-Cream here has a unique name called ‘Brahmins Coffee’, go find out why, there! The special mentions are Sultan Rose, French Vanilla and Horlicks flavors. The approximate cost is Rs 200/ 2 people.

ADDRESS: 30, Surveyor Street, DVG Road, Basvangudi, Bangalore.


16. Cream Stone:

The exotic pink and purple interiors shine up and personify the pansy flowers swaying in sunlight! This place was started in 2009 & prepares ice-creams by hand-mixing and beating on a frozen cold stone, which is a highlight here. They also provide you with homemade waffle bowls and cones which add to their already excellent quality and service. The approximate cost is Rs 300/ 2 people.

ADDRESS: They have 5 locations in the city.


17. Hokey Pokey Ice-creams:

Are you interested in tasting that particular savoir you prepared on your own? Then drive in here! This place is where customized flavors for customers are made on a cold stone slab, hence introducing the concept of live dessert kitchen in India. Keeping health in mind they provide low fat products which are rich in proteins. They also present India’s first Greek Yoghurt, Epigamia. Wi-Fi is available. The approximate cost is Rs 350/ 2 people.

ADDRESS: 8,1st Cross, 5th A Block, Koramangala, Bangalore.


18. Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt:

It was originally started in West Hollywood, CA in the year 2005. From then on, their splendid taste & quality has spread worldwide; presently they have over 230 stores worldwide, which definitely speak volumes about their success. The fresh fruits cut, adorned with irresistible toppings complement each other very well, which is a must to taste! The umpteen number of varieties can leave you choosing from the menu for hours, so go pick your favorite one quickly as many regular visitors have too many favorites! The approximate cost is Rs 300/ 2 people.

ADDRESS: Patel Nanjundappa Road, St.Thomas Town, Kacharakamhalli, Bangalore.


19. Ibaco:

If you are bored of the mainstream flavors and want your taste buds to feel some out-of-the-box taste then pack your stuff and rush in here! They present 36 different varieties from every corner of the world to make their customers experience some different delicacies. A highlight here is that you will get to taste some never seen or never heard before flavors like Madagascar Bean Vanilla & Ghanaian Chocolate! The approximate cost is Rs 150/ 2 people.

ADDRESS: They have 17 locations all across the city.


20. Berry D’ Alive:

As you step inside, the pure white walls, spreading peace and serenity all over, will embrace you! They serve various  types of ice-creams as well as cakes. The simplicity in their presentation tells loads about their quality and oh! Don’t go by the looks, because once you taste them you will drool on it forever! The Lounge-like comfortable seating makes you feel at home. The must try one is the Hazel Nut Pot. The approximate cost is Rs 400/ 2 people.

ADDRESS:  They have 3 locations across the city:                                                           1: 1079, 12th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore.                                             2: 139, Jyoti Nivas College Road, 1st Cross,Koramangala 5th Block, Bangalore.                 3: 46-1, Opposite Empire, Church Street, Bangalore.